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You are what you eat.

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we are living longer than our forefathers due to medications and genetically modified food & treatments so it is a trade off


you never get something for nothing people rage about GMO food but without it millions would die from starvation


it is a matter of how much alteration and reasoning as well as future considerations.


We are always in a race humanity has fought disease pestilence and new viruses and every other manner of death.


polio is rare because Jonas Salk decided the risk was worth the effort People today do not realize that he risked his


life had he failed or created an outbreak he would have paid with his life.


other diseases have been minimized or defeated now we are staring down the barrel of the corona virus and others.


As we have moved to industrial farming and ranching cutting out the independent farmers and ranchers our


grain and livestock has become a fertile ground for modification for profit it also trashes the purity of animal breeding lines


as well as original Heirloom seeds as a modified crop of corn near a field of Heirloom corn will alter the on modified one.


We have seen where in Mexico and other countries that use human fertilizer people have become sick one thing that


has not been mentioned {well it has but not specifically enough] that the human fecal matter also contains all the


drugs that the people take including drugs that are for mental patients and or specifically for males or females


and are detrimental to children and animal life like birds and small animals we hunt like deer, rabbit, squirrels etc.


years ago the battle started against DDT it was said to cause the thinning of bird eggs etc but they failed to tell


you how many millions have died from mosquitoes since they made it illegal.


YOU GET NOTHING FOR NOTHING! dengue fever is now in Florida west Nile virus is most everywhere and in years to


come so will dengue fever the child that died from an amoeba that eats the brain lasted 12 days before she succumbed


to it's ravages.


our lakes and rivers have become infested with animals not indigenous to those areas and there are consequences.


and our agencies have been stealing money as if your not going your job and taking the check in my mind your stealing.


Allowing exotic animals and fish into our borders is about to explode on the scene we have only seen the tip of the


iceberg like the Titanic it was not what we initially saw that is the danger it is what we do not see underneath


it is going to rip out our guts and drown us in order to appease the gods of the EPA we are using our bare hands to


swat at a rabies riddled bats like its fly's if the powers that be don't quit worrying about coal and fracking we are going to be


up to our azz in boa's anacondas and Asian carp as well as numerous other competitive species like Gambian rats


they are dicking around and an Island in Florida infested with them we have cats in animals shelters and we could


sump a few thousands fixed ones on the island and let nature take its course the bridge that separates the island


from other land is not patrolled by anyone with weapons to keep them from invading the rest of Florida.


sounds like I am building it up to more than what it is but ask any Australian how they like them rabbits and rat


infestations that destroys crops and infects their livestock the rabbits were brought in by pioneers and the rats


are a problem as they do not have the dingo to keep both in check,


what I post is very sanitized if I told you all I know and fear most would crap piss themselves and fall dead and I ain't lying!


I will say it again get right with Christ because it is coming if you can't see it don't worry you will like the tidal wave


some will watch from the edge of the water and wonder or doubt the power others will feel uncomfortable and ease


away fear rising others know instinctively that death is coming Christ is coming not for what he has done but for what


we are doing to ourselves we have free will and like a kid with a screwdriver and a wall plug we are in for a surprise!


I like educated people the more letters before their name the more likely they spell moron they remind me of a kid that


spilled koolaid on white carpet, "I can fix it" NO THEY CAN'T all they can do is make it worse.


I point to the rash of medication warnings on TV I have no illusions about taking medications it has allowed me


some more time but eventually death is going to find me most all have taken antibiotics the one main reason


that we are living past 45 years of age and you crap and piss it into the sewer system now IT'S OUT THERE.


most if not all water treatment facilities do not remove medicinal elements from the water and with 7 billion


on the planet water is going to become very precious fairly soon IMHO.

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All true ....Snake...I remember reading that the medics could tell when the vet changed the meds they were giving the animals people would start coming in with different complaints within a few weeks....the time it took for the farmers to take their stock to market. I will give the Docs a small Hu Ya as they have improved if they would come up with real cures instead of a treatment program. Think about the percentages for mental defect illnesses now as opposed to 50 years one in their right mind thinks it is better detection. We are killing ourselves even if we do not know it. The sad thing is the government is doing nothing substantial to stop the poisons being added to the food supply. We are what we eat and if we do not change what we eat we will pay the price in some way.

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