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Every knife needs a sheath.

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Hello everyone, I'm sure by now you all know that when you consider yourself a prepper or a survivalist, knives are sure to be in your gear if not on your person at all times.


Many knives come with sub par sheaths and some with no sheath at all. Nylon sheaths are destined to fail, and plastic has its downfalls. Sheaths are important for multiple reasons. Just think about having a knife without a sheath...surely disaster would be imminent.


The first thing a sheath is for is to protect your tool from various things, such as being lost. Where would you put a fixed blade knife if not in a sheath? In your pocket? Think again.


Another issue sheaths prevent is damage. If your just carrying your knife all the time your bound to drop it, causing the blade to get chips and knicks in it. It would also be out in the elements..moisture can attack a blade very quickly. If you just kept a knife in your backpack it should be fine right? What about the contents of your bag? What about the bag itself? What about when you reach in for the back and pull back a nub? Not good stuff, which brings me to my next point.


Your knife should be very sharp, if you expect it to do its job. If you don't have the blade covered it will most likely cut you at some point. If you keep your knives like I do, you won't even know your cut until you feel that strange feeling of blood dripping off of your hand.


What good would a knife do in a backpack if you found yourself needing it this instant? Not much..with a good sheath your knife will be right there at your side, safe and sharp awaiting its next task.


In conclusion, your knife is a very important tool. Which makes a sheath a very important tool as well. So sheath those knives, and they will work alot better for you.


PS, yes this is a shameless plug. If you need a sheath, I can provide you with one.

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