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Why I "collect" guns.

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I wrote this a while back. I did post it before somewhere else. But, I decided to use it for my first post here. It is self explanatory.



Almost all of us are collectors. I once knew a man who had 35 1972 Dodge Darts. Some people collect things that are pure junk to me! Some collect coins or stamps. My wife likes dolls.

I like to collect firearms. I especially like having military guns that were once used to protect my freedom. But, I have never met a gun that I did not like! Of course, I prefer some over others. I also like having guns that I could use to protect myself if the occasion was to arise. And, I have more than one of some tactical types. I also like having ample amounts of ammo for these weapons. A day may come (and maybe it already has) when you won’t be able to go to the store and buy all the ammo you want.

My wife sometimes asks me: “Why do you have so many? You can only shoot one at a time!” I reply that I like them and I don’t mind spending my money on them. It’s my money and I can spend it the way I desire. I once knew a man who said: “If a man wants to spend all of his money for soap, he’ll spend it all on soap!” And, that’s how I feel.

But, I don’t tell my wife the other reason I want more than one of certain military style firearms. I feel that this country is “going to Hell in a hand-basket.” There is no way that things can continue as they are. Our economy is in shambles. The government has destroyed the value of our money. They are running monster deficits which can never be paid. Most of our manufacturing has gone to Communist China. More than 40,000,000 people are on food stamps. The true unemployment rate is probably around 20 percent. Millions more “immigrants are coming here from Mexico and other countries to get on the “gravy train” which is straining the countries resources.

I see a day coming when society will break down and we will have to fend for ourselves. In other words, I believe in PREPPING! I want to be a survivalist! I have been planning how to survive the day that TSHF for more than 30 years. I started in the days when Mel Tappan was the survival “Guru.” So, in addition to many other survivalist items that I have acquired down through the years, I have a few battle rifles. And, I think that I know how to use them.

But, I cannot say the same for some of my family and friends! They think that there will never be any changes in our society. They believe that they will always be able to go to the store. Some of them ardently believe that the government will always be there to protect them. They see no reason to “waste” money on guns, ammo and storage food. They live for today; let tomorrow take care of itself.

Now, I recognize that I am only one man, that I can only do so much. I know that, as an individual, I have short comings. I realize that just me alone-with one rifle-won’t amount to much. I need someone to cover my back. I need to sleep sometime. And, I am getting up in years. So, I don’t want to try to survive alone. Therefore, I have extra guns and ammo stashed away to provide to my relatives and trusted friends. I also have stored some food for emergencies. When the wolf is at the door, a lot of people will suddenly become believers, but, it will be too late to go out and purchase the items that may be needed to survive. So, I have extras that I can let others use. It will be better for everybody. There’s strength in numbers. That is why I have more than one firearm.

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