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New storage devices

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I see new power storage and data storage devices coming to market. Have any members tried them out and/or do you have devices that you feel have what it takes to go the distance? With the advent of affordable solar and thermal power generators it looks like we should be able to keep our data available as long as we can avoid an EMP event. Here are some sites I found interesting.....please feel free to suggest others and let everyone know of your personal experiences with electronics.

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there are solid state hard drives available no moving internal parts if kept in a mylar bag wrapped in paper it should


have no effect from EMP pr static if you want to go one more level of protection a metal ammo can.


events may happen should they it would not be world wide it would be spotted and depending on the part of the earth facing


the sun and the coronal effect of our own magnetic field would repel much some spots would still leak past.


a large event in the 1960's it hit the eastern seaboard north east and a small area of Canada.


as you stated as long as your just trying to safeguard data you will find it is not that expensive but I go a bit further


and copy everything to DVD and put it in the carrier they came out of dvd's last 25 to 100 years.


I am also into hard copy printouts by laser printer ink jet is not long lasting as the fade quickly.

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