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we all want to stay as healthy as possible.....the how to is often a problem.

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I have been a member of LifeExtension for several years. They present a solid documented approach to staying as healthy as one is able. Some of our site members may be able to glean useful info from their site (forum)


The have published their 5th edition of Disease Prevention & Treatment. Some may be interested in getting a copy. If so you may want to consider becoming a member as at this time the price of the book is $69.95 to non-members and only $24.95 for members. Just a thought.


The member magazine has well written and documented articles for those interested in looking after their health. They offer a line of supplements if one wishes to get them from the organization.


An example of their concern is an article in their September 2013 issue on the failure of the FDA and state regulators in the NECC debacle that resulted in multiple deaths from contamination of drugs they made and marketed. GlaxoSmithKline also failed in their quality control and were warned in 2002, 2005, and paid $750 million in criminal and civil liability fines in 2010.


It is a sad situation that those who should be looking after the health of the nation are asleep at the wheel. We as concerned citizens should raise Hell with our representatives and keep a close eye on both them and the medical establishment as it would appear that none of them are doing the job they should be doing.

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a very fine post Partsman


although it will never happen as money trumps everything the doctor here in Texas has been chastened by our government although he can cure cancer


they have drug him to court numerous times for tax evasion and questioning his license and failed to prove him guilty of anything and still they wrangle ways


to get him to court for things about 20 years of this and they have stolen his pattens for his medication THE GOVERNMENT stole his pattens.


I wish I could remember his name he ha a 90 minute special about his work and life very eye opening that a cure for 6 out of 10 cancers


more as he is not able to use his method unless they are stage 4 and been put on hospice.


recently a friend has been diagnosed with cancer one of the things I found is that cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment PH 7.3 to 8.5


one way I saw people are doing this is a raw vegetable and fruit diet as well as take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of molasses


in 4 ounces of hot water to dissolve the 2 3 times a day it brings up the PH of the body, look up this information on youtube Dr. lorrain Day cancer cure.


It is obvious to me that millions die and survive from cancer every year the pain and suffering has made no dent in the hearts of the FDA or


officials in fact they will pose with them and use it for election advertizements these people make a sociopath look like a amateur they have allowed


people to die smiling all the way to the bank taking money for failed or completely erroneous treatments when tried and true are right inn front of them


if these pioneers would be allowed to have access to patients earlier or patients would have the right to make their own choice.


yea whenever some nimrod tells me it's a free country makes me want to puke.

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