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Buying a property?

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Can i buy a property in another country where i don't have a citizenship?And what document i need when buy property in that country.And what was the ownership transferring process after my death?

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it depends on the country, but yes you can buy almost any property anywhere you want you generally need a passport for some and a visa for others and in a few both a passport and a visa...i don't know what the process is for a death but i am sure there is something you can setup with a lawyer from said country, there maybe other documents that you need i would speak to a lawyer if i were you.

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I agree with vonBayern


you need to check out each countries laws and also how they treat foreign owners the history of their political and religious wars riots / problems


in many countries the government is only in control of the capitol barley and every where else is a wild west scenario.


one event someone leased some land for 100 years built up a business and then was harassed by the police and military burned out buildings


shots fired at night theft as soon as the person left the property to shop or do business phone lines cut etc. etc.


this was a supposed "friendly nation" complaints to the proper powers went unanswered so it all depends on the history of that countries treatment


of foreign nationals I would rent a home if things change you loose nothing if you get bored you can go elsewhere or if things get expensive.


I have done the fun in the sun and ski bunny chasing thing seemed like places go in and out of popularity so if you invest a bunch in one area and the


world decides that over there is the in place to be your stuck and so is your property value not to mention if your an owner all the repairs are yours


try getting a hot water heater in the hills of Italy or on an island what we go to home depot and pick up they order and wait like 50 years ago


order from sears catalog and wait for the truck. or in island living the boat and they are not fast or cheap to freight forward well it is but still added to


the cost freight and importation taxes dock fees and then add the delivery and obligatory TIP and you could have just moved and had hot water in a few days.


not to mention if your an American your rich that is what everyone thinks if they make a buck less than you.


should our government do something the country your living in feels is unwarranted will you get the evil eye and in some cases they won't sell to you and unlike


here the police may or may not side with you.


OH YEA living overseas is great until it is not and as here there are fires earthquakes typhoons hurricanes etc etc and not the emergency infrastructure as we


do so if your sh*t burns down who ya gonna call! that is another thing insurance not too difficult but like here it can be a real pain to get paid.


no I have liked renting it may seem more expensive but like a boat it is a money pit as soon as problems start and if you think it is bad here to get a permit


whoa you could have to have a contractor for even minor repairs as each new political group changes so does the sentiment toward foreigners or


it could be just more taxation increases in transportation and utilities and that could be very stiff over all. 1/2 of South America is similar if one country


get pricey move to another if they go communist move on how would you have liked to have a beautiful home in one of the islands that was struck


by a tidal wave WhOOPS I don't think that insurance will cover that and it happens more often than you think land slides etc


Homes in other countries depends on when they were built may have no engineering basic building safety requirements a heavy snow and OH NO


went to eat breakfast and a 3 story house was blocking my way {snow} been to many places where the whole town went BY BY flood or land slide.


unfortunately the most beautiful views have the most dangerous terrain and then that brings up health care and emergency services, and


I don't want to disparage any of these countries because they will respond and risk their lives to help but they are way under equipped


and hospitals are hit and miss in more affluent regions all the amenities in bordering areas you have to be transferred remember the old song from


HEE HAW gloom disrepair and agony takes on a whole new meaning broke leg over a road that has ruts you could loose a pig in.


well they say travel broadens the mind but in most places it is nothing like here just watching in the Philippines 300 people killed in a boat incident.


love the PI I don't think they allow those not married to or are a citizen to buy property.


but rent is dirt cheap but your wife won't like it LMAO as with many other countries and maybe vice versa mama may find a cabana boy well


have fun.

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From what I have seen, no way would I purchase property anywhere else even if it were allowed. I've seen was passes for law enforcement in third world nations (Central and South America and pretty much all of Africa, Middle East and parts of Asia), not to mention that in the event of a catastrophe, you are even more of a target for the locals. In Europe, well, fine as long as you are down with converting to Islam, obeying Sharia law, the praying five times a day or becoming a second class citizen in the next twenty years. I'm not even kidding-if you don't believe me, check the birth rates. Just my two cents.

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it is even getting dicey here after last nights Ted Stossel report and a week ago on no knock police attacks of the wrong homes last year 80.000 no knocks


also it seems that the threat to take your home over any and I mean ANY felony and that is easier today than ever everyone says you have recourse


but try to get a lawyer when your money has bee confiscated / stopped and you in jail 80,000 that should never happen a warrant need to be served


if at all possible a phone contact to come in why all the ball busting because they CAN if you blink they kill you.


My neighbor was no knocked for a failure to appear traffic ticket if you think that only happens to other people your a moron as last I saw


ignorance of the law is no excuse and with 40 thousand and 170 thousand fed laws I think you better get reading it is complicated as to net


anyone they want to and they do not care if the entry boys get butchered they will label you as a nut job and hunt you down and shoot you like a dog.


up until the last days there were people fighting for the RICHE to NAzI party so that should tell you that stupid takes a damn long time to come to a halt


cops are funny they want you to walk the line but everything they do is OK the whistle blower about the minimum tickets found out that no one backed him up


LMAO people think more of their jobs than what is right wrong and legal or anything else they will do to you what they would kill someone for doing to


a member of their family I have seen it fought it and have almost been killed over it stick your neck out and get it cut off a good friend / was a good friend


turned on me over this same crap then because he could not suck enough azz he got canned ROTFLMAO once they pimp you out then they want to see


if you will do all the tricks then that is never enough then they want you to do gangbang parties NO my friends there is no middle ground on right and wrong


there is never an end to doing what is right and your expendable because there is always some dip sh*t to take your place that thinks the powers that be


will cover them as long as they keep sucking and they end up in prison or dead ruined on the street without benefits broke with nothing.


how many times have I seen it LMAO hundreds how many new hot shots hundreds more meat for the grinder.


Your my witness when that killer got 2 district attorneys they call out all the state police to guard them if you witness a major crime and they want you to


go to court if the person your witnessing against is connected you will be found with your throat cut or full of holes and they know they are connected


and they won't tell you.


there ha never been a time in this or any other country where the power game has not been bloody and given to eating it's own sacrificing or back stabbing


their own and killing off the ones on the other side that can talk or know where the skeletons are buried.


look at what is happening legal drugs??? but the fed can and will still arrest and prosecute if they choose WTF this is a wild attempt to kick start a dead


economy by any means now they want to release thousands of fed felons NON violent DRUG DEALERS oh sh*t LMAO OMG really no kidding yes it is for real


and your the meat on the end of a stick you mean less to these people than a dog turd on the bottom of their shoe.


People that see all this and do nothing are worse than sh*T I have been called everything in the book to cover others corruption ineptness failures and


called a liar when before hand I had posted reported in writing my views and through all the hell half the time the person was advanced transferred


or a minor demotion only to gain back everything in record time while I and others who tried to hold on to our self respect and decency and not saying


we were perfect but still wake up and fight with all we had to do the best we could and get nowhere because the system cannot use a person it cannot


blackmail if your not afraid if you do what is right your a threat because they know all the evil sh*t they have done and will go to any length to hide it.


this is still the best country in the world but what is that really saying not much because the rest of the world is a sh*t hole corrupt bunch of whores


there are only a few and I mean few like 3 if you fell out of the sky butt naked you would be cared for helped to get on your feet and treated like a


human being the other 197 places you would be beaten jailed or shot and I am not including here as a good place depends on who and where you come from.


and I am not telling the 3 if the sh*t hits the fan I may go to one of them at least I have friends those places and more than a human I would be treated like family


sometimes I wonder why I am still here but hey it takes time but a sewer worker gets use to the stench eventually.


so have fun and take lots of Imodium monkey on a stick iguana rat dog cat snake intestines even fresh fruit can give you worms LMAO spiders as big as your head


snakes as long as your car flies and mosquitoes that look like a black fog bank rolling in open sewer in the ditches and or washing into the creeks and rivers


AHHH the smell of the dump across town on a breezy day hookers on parade drug dealers in Europe it is cleaner and back rooms but way more expensive


if the locals get busted no problem if your in the building you go to prison.


I have gone to sleep in a free democratic country and woke up with a military coup and armed military on every corner "where are your papers"


and then want to take them especially the money you have count on all your mail getting gone through and all your packages in some places


and local banks are not that trust worthy if there is a discrepancy and you get annoying you will probably get arrested in fact I can guaranty it.


I always wondered how many people owned that house and now are MISSING local swamps quick sand and oceans swallow a lot of tourists.


fast moving buses and cabs get the rest. RIO is nice a swarm of street kids with knifes swarm you and steal everything to your underwear


Remember your mom telling you to always wear clean underwear that's why.


send us a post card but leave a code so we know if your being held captive and being systematically robbed of your money as it comes in


you know like one means definite trouble 2 means ok same same ,,, means I have a venereal disease .... periods means holy sh*t and or a long line


______________ means all of the above and send lawyers guns and money the sh*t has hit the fan.

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