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EMP - what is effected and when

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Cool thanks. Downloading now. Looks like an exciting read (yawn) haha. I will def read though. I dont think it is likely that we will get a nuke EMP, but a solar flare is a decent possibility.


"Exciting read" is exactly why I haven't gotten all the way through it. I'm not reading it word for word but am gleaming it for the information it does have. I agree with you that a nuclear EMP is unlikely compared to a solar flare; however, an EMP is what it is no matter where it comes from.


Enjoy the read! :D

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keep electronic gear in metal ammo boxes wrapped in non conductive / paper t shirt

no foam or Styrofoam it can relay a charge.


fresh batteries too in their packages if you have a metal building ground it.

ammo box you items and don't worry but the problem is all new electronics

If plugged in or connected to a cable or other means of connectivity also

are always on if they have a light on when they are off or an internal antenna

or wifi welcome to the friars club it probably won't matter as a stored regular radio

will only pick up emergency broadcasts from planes telling you a bunch of

B.S. as far as your personal walkies they should work fine as ham will but will be getting

overseas and safe zone broadcasts.


I would really consider this as there is a place that has rock kits that only fly max 300

miles hummm and I hear that they got the hot stuff to load them with wonder what

they are up to? GUESS.


Say Adios dudes and dudetts you are about to become part of the stone age...

or at least the middle ages.


and we have no authority beyond the 12 nautical mile limit we are more concerned

about illegal gambling revenue than some little ol' emp thinggy




Old news I have been telling people that one for 10 years now.....

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