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I seem to remember that if we were to pull away from the middle east that we were reactionaries and not taking responsibility in the


world and being a leader that was the lefts view by the way .


We were suppose to be involved and help those who called on us for help in becoming a democratic government BOTH sides told us that


bedtime story.


As I was watching the news or what passes as new I sow that we are closing 20+ embassies all in the middle east, well gee wizz I thought


we had that all fixed as least that is what we have been told 2 times first off the deck of an aircraft carrier and the left made fun of that


now the left has said theya re on the run and we have injured their ability to recruit and cut the head off {drone kills of leaders}


and just the other day I heard we are no longer going to use drones.


Well as was reported by FOX news more of an opinion by one of the cast the Rudy Gulliani method was ignored our leaders allowed


middle easterners free access into our country and on 911 the only thing flying was bin ladens family out of here...


Then we have TSA hand up your wifes skirt groping your children and making people all BUT safe.


As I recall for over 200 years we made the offender pay the price today we are the problem we started this we America has


murdered people and cause all this HORSE SH*T.


millions of Americans the day before and decades before flew without incident traveled by train hiway and on foot by bike and


without a lot of stupidity well there were a few but we did not punish the whole country now we are.


So noe I am suppose to live the rest of my life bending over a huddling quivering mass afraid of my own shadow I though that was


our enemies job.


Political correctness is killing our future and our spirit AND I MEAN SPIRIT a direct attack on our soldiers and sailors right to freedom of religion


and the expression thereof I am sickened that Satanists are considered a religion and now our soldiers are not allowed to


speak about Jesus and or display a bible.


In one incident a officer told another lower rank that Christians were just as dangerous / the same as the KKK and Nazi's REALLY




I guess we will have to fix that and erase all that history in fact let us just not be America instead just 50 countries or is it 58


anywho yea it is a burden and some of them damn states are full of Christians and we don't want to have anything to do with them b@stards


but in Georgia the Koran is being taught not much but phrases from it are incorporated into educational books while the bible


is ignored and dismissed.


Well boys and girls the Bible is being made True by the very people that do not believe in it as it states that evil will become good


and good evil it states that in the valley of Meggido there will be a war the last war and all the nations of the world will be involved


fast forward to NATO all the nations of the world !!!!!!!!! they are wanting more power and a larger force {army}, we have


Russia Iran Egypt Syria Libya Lebanon Iraq Afghanistan and others all in or on the verge of civil war and or infested with alquedites


so OH NO THE BIBLE IS A COLLECTION OF STORIES NO TRUTH IN IT, so turn over and hit the snooze button one more time.


A warning here people if you fail to raise a stink about this then your right to feel or believe or not will be shoved up your AZZ


as in Seattle some nimrod is saying citizen and brown bag are bad words in his work place these little Hitler's are popping up


everywhere and they need to be run off and not allowed to force his thought police mentality on others.


Being a Christian I do not try to be a pain about it there are appropriate times to speak about it and then there are times when




not everyone want to be a member of AMWAY or the Kiwana's or a Tupperwear set or have Adult toy parties in their homes


but just as important It is their right to do so if they choose not my call not my business as long as it is not forced on me


or vice versa, it is called FREEDOM! I like it not everyone is going to Heaven and not everyone is wanting to be a stay at home


MOM or DAD 300 million people in this country not everyone wants what you want get over it or yourself REMEMBER the last time


A hole lot of people thought the same thing it could have been BAD or GOOD but until the history book is written or the body count


most won't know like Hitler's Germany for years they thought it was a a beautiful thing then it turned into a nightmare.


For over 200 years Christianity has co existed in America but now it is being attacked at a time when an alternate religion is


attacking us and trying to force us to accept their laws and rules and killing our children and family members.


On and After September 11th if you cannot see that they are against us and hate Christians I have no words for people that hate


their neighbors for what they think they think now that is CraZY right there because there are many types just like the mooslims you


apparently love so much they have about 250 sects only 10 are in the majority they try to kill off the others as they can so they are


no bed of roses but we don't want to expose {talk about the that} Hate it whats for breakfast dinner and supper it's at work at home


it is in you medication it is in your head in your mouth it is a religion and it's leader is Satan and his biggest and best trick was


to make the world believe he does not exist nor that he is the father of all lies his hooks are envy jealousy sloth greed pride gluttony lust.


If you think you are immune from them then you need to look at pride very closely IMHO.


If you hate your own people like the army thinks Christians are enemies then they should allow them to leave TOMORROW ALL OF THEM!


I guess they don't think that the Waco / fort Hood killer is an enemy they are still paying him and kissing his azz.


and not according the victims any status {I guess they are Americans or Christians} it seems as if both are hated anymore


A nation divided will destroy it self.that is all I know.

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i hear ya snake it just doesn't pay to be a christian anymore, but God will repay them on the final day. i'm somewhat but not quite an isolationist i guess i am an american first kinda person.

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Well wally isolation of our money is what I want as every dime we give them they use it on us or to pay their soldiers and give aid to terrorists


we have supported the PLO for 30 + years they have no oil or any other commodity we need or buy but the money we give them they pay


the 50 % unemployed nutball turds they call freedom fighters yea free from having to work for a living oil money from here is funding all that crap over there.


that is my issue.


I have said it plain enough they are to stupid and poor to get here the ones with money do not want to die they can travel and act like a rock star.


so it is real simple if they are not allowed here and we are told not to go there and spend out money on our oil natural gas etc etc. we will no longer be


funding our murderers we don't need them and they hate and blame us for everything except the food we send the medical aid we give and the


cash money they accept but hey we are a bunch of infidels and kill children so let us agree to disagree and leave them to their own ends


no money no food no guns or ammo no medical no tanks planes don't sell it to them or give it to them they talk all that sh*t about how great they are


let them make their own medications and weapons and ammo all that stuff came from Russia and China they are so busy killing each other and


plotting and planning and most do not work those that so make money from the money we give to the ones that don't work freedom fighters.


and they kill each other all the time so let us quit the charade and all the manure spreading get out stay out and the ones here need to


go back as we were told everything is wonderful there now remember only a few months ago!


south America is about to explode again we have problems on this side of the world we need to address as our border is wide open


OH except for that 60 miles out of 1,897 we have 6 gun boats for that ROTFLMAO Wahoo we got a brown water navy again and that did not work


very well the last time a lot of money wasted {the men were great} it was the political and policy that ruined it.


no policy now either I guess we will make it up as we go along AGAIN! insanity is defined as doing the same things and expecting different results


DEJAVU all over again IMHO.

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Isolationism is one way to go and I think we are going to have to take that route at some point whether we want to or not as the spending keeps running along at a breakneck speed with neither party willing to bite the bullet and make the necessary cuts. Balance the budget and use tariffs to protect our manufacturing- oh, wait, that boat sailed twenty to thirty years ago. Now what?

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I am afraid that the isolation will be a result of our monetary policy or lack there of. Value cannot be created from nothing but that is not the way the Elitists see it. I am sick and tired of politically correct tree huggers with no real world experience trying to create an utopia of their smoked up ideas. The only good will be that most will starve and hopefully there will be enough sane people left to get things back on the correct track.... although I have doubts about that as well. Considering our "friends" and certainly our enemies the old Chinese saying ... My you live in interesting times..... seems too true .... makes my skin crawl.

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well this morning on CNBC it was stated theat for every 10 points on the bond rate we loose 100 points on the dow



we are also seeing that damn kyoto treaty thing repackaged as a global warming or carbon footprint bad coal issue


and the EPA is being used as a bludgeon on ALL businesses what bothers me is I am all for clean everything.


today we have more non toxic / environmentally friendly replacements for previously toxic ones.


fly ash from coal fired plants could be used for concrete and tires etc it is what is in volcanic soil it is a useful product


and needs to be used sulfur is a great mold and pest deterrent but the left would have our children ignorant and believe


that all by products from human endeavors are poison and we need to crush business and instead of looking at these


as challenges to find alternative uses natural or make inert those chemicals and things we use to make our lives better


plastic is overused common sense would show we need to have a water dispenser system and use stainless or glass


water bottles OH SH*T that means that huge chunk of cash fro water sales would go bye bye LMAO well them yuppies


and tree huggers that buy new computers phones and remodel every few years but hey that's ok they are fighting for


a cleaner greener world wearing poly blend Tee shirts and shoes from man made materials that leach toxic gasses


as well as cannot be recycled like my leather boat shoes danner boots and my other gear natural fur and leather


are the only real green products like us when their lives are done we go back in to the soil well not any more


if these greenies are so concerned they should find a better embalming chemical / fluid as we are really screwing up the


environment using chemicals like formaldehyde I think common sense has left the field and our teachers are turning into


morons by drinking the koolaid.of the leftist green agenda our chemist and engineers are very capable of meeting the


challenge if they are allowed to meet the problem head on not skirt it and try to destroy a whole industry like coal


or internal combustion engines the new electric vehicles have batteries are extremely dangerous this will be more


obvious as more enter the market but we can over come that too one day the chemicals we use will have no more


impact on the environment than vinegar or cooking oil as long as we strive for progress and stop this quitters attitude


as if we cannot overcome these problems that is counter productive thinking IMHO.

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