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Government & truth .... polar opposites.

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In the news once again..... are they like ducks and wake up in a new world everyday with no memory of what they said the day before?


Several have suggested that every one should research these two items ..... I would suggest public and school libraries, business and local coffee shop systems as they need the exposure.

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It is funny as sh*t who knew what the keywords were now we know I feel all warm fuzzy and safe now ROTFLMAO


I wonder if they are Alien Ducks from the planet dumbazz which is actually a moon or a larger planet called Imbecile they have had to flee their planet


because the asteroid stupid is on a collision course with dumbazz due to the time continuum the planet has already been destroyed well really combined


they are waiting until they can reestablish life they are already calling ti stupiddumbazz but fear is mounting that the gravitational pull of imbecile may


create a mega planet combining all three into stupiddumbazzimbeciles hence the S on the end to signify there are now 1 from 3.


they have taken human form the only way they can tell themselves from humans is the big azz and chicken wing stance so now you know where


Chris Christy and McCain are from I always knew they were Quackers.


I would go on with this story but I have lost interest already..............

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I appreciate the common sense used in this forum by the members. I force myself to review the news online from more appropriate outlets and also watch a few specific Fox programs for their content. I have to watch my BP as it can instantly go through the roof when I hear the political whores and pimps spout their rancid effluvium from their own lips. These people do not care what consequences we taxpayers have to pay, they continue to exempt themselves from "normal" taxpayers then callously wonder WHY we are so pissed off with their hypocrisy.

I believe in term limits enforced at the end of a rope, or we can teach the non-compliant representatives, senators on the state and federal levels "how-to-fly" from a tall building. Either way works for me at this point. Their steadfast recalcitrance to identify with the people (other than the race baiting hucksters from the Congressional Black Caucus-who are nothing more than Progressive Plantation Pimps so willing to continue enslaving their own "people") show us all, by their actions what and who they really are. It's time to call these politicians exactly WHAT they are and damn their feelings.(for the record, the NSA knows where I am and who I am I just don't care)

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you know it is the first priority of a leader {any all from bottom to the top} to maintain calm instill peace and confidence, Has anyone seen any calm peace


and confidence from either side? I do not want to confuse anyone I am generally a conservative republican or independent BUT it is hard to find someone to


get behind with all the either lack of fortitude or honesty.


they may seem earnest but one wonders what planet they have been living on when they get in depth on any subject like Social Security the debt food stamps


immigration spying on U.S. citizens NO KNOCK police policy undermining the fourth amendment etc etc TSA policies Taxation on top of more taxes and hidden


taxes stealth law passage, the blatant exemption of supporters from obummer care and now the congress and staffers.


yea the deeper and wider this sink hole opens you quickly find left or right neither has your well being in mind.


I have been against all and any war or action in the middle east and African continent since the 1970's for very good reasons


I support our troops and always will because they are not the ones making policy and I consider it a shame to disrespect them by


cutting services or giving them the run around from gulf war disease etc etc I see where they are working to help the vets from Fort Hood


we will see how they handle that and I for one will remember when I vote or NOT.

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