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Pet bug out

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After reading about Bug Outs for dogs I knew I had to step my game up. After all we have two Italian Mastiffs that are our security dogs and I would want them to make the trip with us in the event of something happening. Even if nothing happens in there lifetime we will not be without a pair of large dogs as home security. Even if we are forced to eat them. lol But they could carry there own weight and carry much more even. But if your out there on the road or buggin out in the woods heading towards your location and you have your pooch with you. I would recommend a dog chest plate, brought to my attention by fellow survivalist Rick. Dogs jumping over trees messing around or barreling threw the bushes to scare off a would be assailant they could easily catch a sharp stick right into the check or neck. Who wants to deal with that? I would be heart broken if one of my dogs got hurt out there. It would be like one of my kids ( one of my kids I could eat ) getting hurt. So in preparation I found these

post-1372-13851497679613_thumb.jpg from EXTREME COLLARS


You can see the hog hunters use them on there hunting dogs which are usually mean ass pitbulls. So there eazor sharp teeth dont hurt the dogs. So they have to be well made. It says the product is made out of Fire Hose and Seat Belts. Apart of me thinks I can make this. But why not leave it to the people that already do it for a living. We shall see.

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