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Helloooo..... is anybody out there..........!


Last one, turn out the lights.......


just in case anyone has noticed beef is over 4 bucks a pound gas is going higher more people are on food stamps and welfare


a cheap burger meal is 5 bucks for a kiddie meal with a small drink but you can get free condoms needles and the morning after pill!


interest rates are creeping up and now student loans are linked to the interest rate.


home prices are up but at the lowest turn over in many years.


Prostitution Arrests Jump 21 Percent in San Fernando Valley but that is just to show that it is up everywhere


159 people arrested and 105 children rescued from prostitution ring


An Explosion in Part-Time Employment makes the employment rate look good but can you live on part time money???


The rate of illegal drug use rose last year to the highest level in nearly a decade meth and cheap street crap way up?


Mental Illness Soars In Prisons, Jails


Medicare could soon pick up tab for STD testing for seniors


The number of cases in rare food-borne illness has doubled


Gang membership nationwide up to 1.4 million up 40% in the past three years.


Unemployment Is Double for minorities


100 cities are in economic trouble


400 to 700 banks are in trouble hard to get a real number as it is not easy to find and I don't think THEY want you to find it.


Al-Qaeda attacks on prisons and releasing enemy combatants about 750 in 4 attacks


FBI is hunting Al-Qaeda members in 40 states.


2.5 million people have served in Iraq and Afghanistan NEAR 7,000 DEATHS 139 were women this does not include civilian contractors.


News and media want us it seems to enter into Syria and Egypt






You may not be political but so you use gasoline? buy food?


have you lost anyone or any thing in the sand?


Is that STD itching burning or recurrent hell say something before it is too late how is your electric bill are you afraid of UFO Aliens?


are your whites white enough do you want to change your toilet paper to a softer brand?


I am pissed that macaroni & cheese is a 80 cents a box when last year it was 3 for a buck I know people are out there we can see


the number of readers.

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Awww Heck Snake things aren't all THAT bad. You need to get your burgers off the dollar menu. Gas is up a little but so is minimum wage. When I was making $1.65 an hour gas was around 40 or 50 cents now minimum wage is over $7.00 and gas is $3.50. It has gone up but not as much as it seems. My Grandfathers comment on inflation always comes back to me when this sort of discussion is going on. He said that he remembers when gas was a nickle so was a loaf of bread. He didn't have a damn nickle. He much preferred it this way. High prices but at least he has some money.

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Damn I understand that inflation or price rises are a normal pendulum movement of the economy.


as there are the same movements in weather tiddly winks and card counting I just have more faith in the pendulum


than in the people trying to control it.


wally: yea i got you! I was wondering about the less obvious members that are in the shadows or if people have lost interest in prepping


there may be a curiosity factor and those who are counted as readers of this forum are not regular posters or members I do realize work and


life are all engrossing and most people just don't have the time.


I was just looking for a roll call to see if some of the old gang was still around.

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I still check in when I can. Like you said Life is all engrossing - I work too much. I am no less terrified that our government is up to something horrible - I still put away food and try to keep plenty of ammo on hand, but I don't have as much internet time as I used to. Been doing a lot of gun shows though so I get to catch up with a lot of preparedness minded people there.


I enjoy your posts snake.

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I'm still out here...


Been thinking about water more and more lately. Not happy about my current location, but at least we have/had a spring fed pond just down the road. Now I find out the county just sold water rights to someone. Great...just f#cking great. Now that water source is doubtful and I can't help but wonder how many sink holes are caused by pulling all the water out and leaving voids underground.


The mountains keep looking better and better.

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I got you vonBayern no place is perfect but I know this area well and the other areas I know are very libitard


so it is a non starter I like the beach and the bays rivers here but they are easy place for ambushes,


and unless your dingy is waterproof it is not a good idea all the old runners counted on speed and competitive




high ground is a good choice as long as water and game are there I wish everyone the best no matter where they choose.

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I think its a combination of people not having enough time or just moving on. Personally I'm a member of a few sites. I've also been feeling that things are accelerating and having only been prepping for about 2 years. I will say the dollar does not stretch as far as it used to.

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Oh...people are still prepping....I just think they may be keeping a lower profile. I just got an e-mail from one group looking for people interested in a NRA pistol course. They have previously discussed doing a camping test and tune get together as well. So hang in there folks and if you get hold of a good idea or find something that really looks interesting .... SHARE IT ... OK. The more info we get the better we can prepare.

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Oh I'm still around, busy as hell and spending time on other sights as well. Prepping is very alive and well, even somewhat socially acceptable all of the sudden. As for the world, we all see the spiral toward the drain, I tried to paddle for the side but the current is too strong so I just concentrate on dodging the flotsam now.

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Shawn after my soiree to the local wally world I have sticker shock all beef is priced like it is steak


pork prices are up even chicken is up I noticed the package has less in it but the same size bag


whole chickens and many prepping canned goods like the small canned hams etc. are up.


gas is all over the place and I am thinking if that Suez canal threat has any substance it could double in price


over night on that reasoning I bought extra stuff because as soon as price of fuel goes over the normal high prices


on food will follow.


This new gas won't even last the summer before it goes bad in my mower it was sputtering so I replaced it and WALA


runs like new NOW AIN'T THAT A CROCK OF SH*T I had gas stored for 5 years with stabilizer and used it through Katrina


now whats the point it is crap to start with IMHO.


and DonDon good to see a post from you hope your well as the rest of you

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This summer has been really crazy and that is just in my little work world. Outside, I see Egypt flying apart and Syria using war gases on their own population, while the violence runs unabated in Iraq and the Taliban is already preparing to take over Afghanistan as soon as the last American serviceman departs. Pakistan is earily silent during all of this, and back here on the home front we have seen the beginning of the end of the middle class. The sad thing is we are squabbling over raising the minimum wage when already all our paychecks will be tied to the lowest dollar possible.


By the way, any one else's irony meter go off when Donald Rumsfeld accused Obama of rushing off to war? Whatever you think about our Dear Leader, hearing Rummie make that accusation just makes me shake my head.

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Texas Bill


you got it Rumsfeld McCain General Keene and a few other nimrods talking crap like they know whats going on


obummer and his crew are no less out of the loop as to the middle eastern situation as was Bush jr he listened


to basically the staff that Lyndon Johnson Nixon Reagan and Bush sr. had what a waste all that knowledge and


all they could do is NOT THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX Viet Nam we followed the path that the french failed at from years before


for every one killed the surviving family became a new enemy not unlike now the firebase principle is disaster


and yet we still work it like it is a new YOYO we go inot Afghanistan after Russia got their azz handed to them after 14 years


of fighting with us on the other side supporting them with arms food and medical aid not to mention


boxtop / get out of jail free bunch helping now the rolls are reversed and even an idiot could see that coming


but not Bush or rummy dummy.


now advisers are nagging at obummers heels like the previous president so no matter what party nothing changes


as I saw today the same Kerry that was so horrified and hated the Viet Nam war and said it was a waste of human life


wants to do the same thing he was against before OH BUT NOW IT"S DIFFERENT? oh pray tell me how.


If this was a bear trap it was set on a concrete slab with a warning sign with an arrow saying DON"T STEP HERE.


reminds me of a Willey coyote cartoon doing the same things expecting different results .


placing so many ships in that area is not a good idea we have gotten away with it for many years but my personal


thoughts is that one day they may draw us in.


As far as I am concerned we need to strike Iran Syria is nothing without them and they are or have built a unit by now and


are waiting for enough material to make enough to make them feel superior how many I have no clue but neither does anyone


of the buffoons on either side we can strike and cause anyone or thing to be trapped in those bunkers as entering or leaving


would not be a plan but hey I am only some joker from Texas don't listen to me make it complicated like


every bureaucracy does as was stated by General Patton fixed defensive positions are a monument to man's idiocy


or something to that effect having their "equipment" buried under the ground is stupid as you have to get in and out


if your trapped in a bunker it is only a matter of time before you starve or run out of "water the 3 day solution"


if a president can invade or fire on a country for any reason why not fire on an enemy that is the strong man link


why shoot the imbecile next to him ????


Irony OH YEA the circle of stupid continues and it is not just a democrat thing the republicans started it and now the


dem's are doing the same thing bigger and better spending more money I think if kerry thinks he is doing the right thing


then what the hell was he doing during Vietnam calling out against the war now he want to start one Irony just does not


cover it stupefying is my term for it.


maybe my problem is I remember all those things said years ago the democrats love to call the republicans war mongers


well last I heard we were suppose to have gotten out in obummers first term was suppose to be his first act


and we have been sending diplomats like flies to a picnic or a turd and it has culminated into this debauchery.


We have no idea who's in charge no idea what the percentages of groups are radical or not or will be and on top


of that they are split between Shiite and Sunni but each has connections with factional groups and other factions of


mooslims it is like a salad with one rat turd in it no one should touch it much less eat a plate full.


if you do not like that analogy try dog hair lollipop the whole world has said HELL NO and we are going to lick it


and say hey it ain't that bad, try it!

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