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Major Krisis

Raised bed gardening

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An excellent article from Popular Mechanics website on raised bed gardening. This is my late-winter project which I am currently budgeting for.


Any of you expert gardeners, I live in central North Carolina and the whole area is overrun with ants. I've been using some off-the-shelf ant killer that's been working well, but it seems as soon as I kill one ant hill I find another 15 yards away or so. Any suggestions?

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I love using Terro Ant granules. You just sprinkle on and then add water. You do have to watch the rascals that pop up other places. Sometimes the bed is deep and wide with only the main entrance showing but i'm no ant expert. Terro works great so hope you can find it. It's usually at Lowes or Home Depot.

I always wanted a raised garden. My drawback was the price of the boards to use that wouldn't be toxic like treated lumber. I guess I need to find some wood that I can recycle or something.

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ants hate dichotomous earth mosty bugs don't like tobacco water {save cigaret butts or get them from your buildings cleaning crew}


filter it so your sprayer does not get clogged you need to spray every day in the evening


as far as pesticide new ones are Pyrethrin this is made from chrysanthemums it is not poisonous to humans now don't drink the sh*t like a dufus


but is is safe and many animal soap and sprays use it and it works great one version is called Demon WP {wettable powder} put it in a pump up sprayer


and it kills all bugs I LIKE IT. in the orient people drink chrysanthemum tea so I figure it is not deadly unless you drown yourself in it.


we have some caterpillars that are unaffected by anything else as they crawl on the leaves their slime kills the leaves and that


stunts the plant and reduces your harvest.


My garden is 15 gallon planter buckets and I plant 9 okra or 2 yellow squash and grow watermelon vertically and use web sacks to hold it


only a very few plants need more soil that 15 gallon pots every year they need to be re-potted I add rabbit manure and that is as good a fertilizer


as any I also sprinkle Epsom salts as it is magnesium etc and plants love it you can add whatever you use.


I like this way as if one group gets infested by a bug it does not mean all will and you can control it also if you have too much rain it will not drown your garden


as easy I put mine on a couple of concrete blocks so it makes it real easy to weed and care for you can also use regular fencing and make a cage to keep wind


and weight of fruit from damaging your plants use 5 foot fencing my tomatoes grow over that tall and keeps them contained.


also it is a good frame for bird netting as here my blueberries get swiped before they are ripe by the birds also many people will want to catch the seeds on


certain plants and you can net the tops before they burst. for next seasons planting


it also makes it easy to drip irrigate and or cover with a pergola or whatever during the winter I roll them into the green house as time goes on I think


all utilities will cost more so spot watering and your ability to move plants to or from sun and start your plants in a hot house early will save money


for you on watering fertilizing and yield look and ask large landscapers to buy their nursery pots if you have a lot of wind bricks or blocks in them will keep them


in place.

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I started getting into gardening a few years back but still consider myself something of a novice. This year, I decided to go with raised bed gardening. I can’t even begin to tell you the difference it makes!!! It was a little expensive getting started. The concrete blocks weren’t that expensive but the wire cloth for underneath the beds and the dirt (my acreage is mostly sandy) cost a little. I think I spent around $700 total for everything to get five 4'x15' beds. I had zero issues with critters this year. Deer, voles, rabbits, etc... were within 15-20 feet of the garden and didn’t touch it. Of course planting marigolds and onions around it helped alot. We’ve canned enough vegetables to last us until next spring while enjoying it as well. Shoot, we gave away TONS of zucchini, squash, tomatoes and cucumbers to friends.


As far as ants being in the garden, I think they actually helped me some. It seemed like bees were in short supply this year and the ants helped pollinate some of my veggies.


My mom and grandma always used white vinegar to rid ants in the garden. Pour some down in the hole and then around your plants. Grandma also said that back in the day boiling water used to help control them as well. They would come back after a few weeks and she would do it again.


Hope this helps.

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Just finished pulling the Zucchini , squash and cucumber plants from the garden. All I have left right now are tomatoes and beans. They have been producing since mid June and are still going strong. On a sidenote, I have a friend who works at a grocery store. They have some high speed compost system that turns produce into compost VERY quickly. She is bringing two truckloads over this weekend. Talk about gold!!!

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I might have to look into the compost thing. One of my winter projects is to actually build the beds and get everything set up for the 2014 growing season. Of course, that's after the other 20 or 30 little projects the fiancee want's finished are finished :P

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