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What you see is not always reality...

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I put this in this forum because it IS about survival. Just as you need to know about the poisonous snakes in the area you inhabit. Just as you need to learn about the weapons that could be both brought against you or used in your defense. You need to learn and understand the ways and methods of your enemies. You don't want to be fooled or taken unawares so things need to be looked into that you might find troubling.


The truth of the matter is that there was never a shred of evidence that Zimmerman was guilty of any form of murder or even manslaughter. The AG filed the case because of political pressure and KNEW when he did it that it was a lost cause. If they had wanted to they probably could have made a case for some form of negligent homicide or something along those lines but there just was NO case for murder. Murder requires some form of premeditated malice. They tried to make Zimmerman SOUND like a racist but it just wasn't there. Hell he took a black girl to prom according to reports! He was guilty of stupidity and I guess in his case it WAS sort of like that old stupid commercial. He let a good boy go bad... BUT do good boys attack people for just looking at them wrong?


The media CREATED this mess with biased virtually false reports and by ignoring anything that might lower the anger their reports caused.


Facts that they didn't report...


Did you know that George Zimmerman's great grandfather was black.


Did you know that from age 6 - 12, George Zimmerman lived in a household with black kids.


Did you know that George Zimmerman's high school prom date was black.


Did you know that George Zimmerman's business partner is black.


Did you know that George Zimmerman's wife's best friend is black.


Did you know that George Zimmerman tutored black kids after school for free even after the program was canceled.


Did you know that George Zimmerman advocated for a homeless black man killed by

A white kid.


Did you know that George Zimmerman voted and campaigned for Obama.


Did you know that George Zimmerman has black family members. Some of George's black family members lived with him, at some point.


Did you know that George Zimmerman also mentored young black males.


Yeppers, he sounds like another of those ni&&er hating white guys to me!!!!


We need to wake up!! This is an active attempt on the part of the Government through the media to stir up enough anger and violence to allow them to declare martial law and wrap it all up. Over the last few years we have seen more and more of this sort of thing. The tensions between blacks and whites are at a point not seen since the 70s. The entire thing is fabricated and intended to be divisive. The media is little more than the propaganda arm of the Government now. Take ANYTHING you see or read in the media with a pound of salt and don't go for it until you have researched it.


The anger is going on both sides and we all need to be aware that it is possible that there are enough stupid people on both sides of this to bring us all down. If some bunch of black punks kill a white kid in retribution you can bet that some Klucker types will respond in kind! Once it is started it can snowball faster than you could ever imagine.


Those of you in the bigger cities need to be on alert. If things go up you may need to bug out FAST. In the past fires have been a big part of such affairs and the fire department can't do much if they are getting shot at. Once the swarm starts to move it may be too late for you to evac through normal channels. Your BOV could be useless if you allow yourself to get caught in a bumper to bumper traffic jam that just never loosens up. Watch what is going on around you. Do NOT depend on the media or the police to warn you or protect you.


If the National guard is called in you can't be sure which side of the fence they may be on! Most of our National Guard is over there guarding folks in Afghanistan, Kuwaiti or Iraq. It would be awful easy to just see to it that the units from the more conservative regions were “busy” and the ones here and active more of a palace guard mentality than a “National” guard sort.


I'm not predicting this, rather I'm offering this up as a possible scenario and just asking you to look around and be alert. This is only one of many ways that things could blow up in a hurry. Learn to watch the news but rather than doing it to get facts look at it as a way to watch what they WANT you to see. Then question it and examine it for possible ulterior motives. The media could have laid this Zimmerman/Martin thing to rest at ANY point by simple reporting BOTH sides of it. They didn't! WHY, and why didn't the government make them. They have the facts too and could have disarmed it easily with a televised press conference.


What we got instead was our President informing us that he also had been a pot smoking punk that would attack someone unprovoked if he didn't like the way they looked at him! A proud moment for all Americans.


BEWARE of snakes in the GRASS!!!

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Obama's motto: Never let the truth keep you from exploiting a crisis. He and his ilk love exploiting bloodshed. It' fun. It' very profitable and it helps them infringe upon our rights and destroy the Constitution.

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I was not in the grass I was in a lawn chair with a glass of tea.


As you know it is not truth anyone is interested in apparently not on Fox news as they could have reported all this not and on the left as they need this to change


the gun laws and not the social self appointed referees for a fight they hope to initiate as they keep fanning the flames like the old adage." it will never get well


if you keep picking at it" and they damn sure won't


If anything happens I blame the media for an abysmal failure to report instead of distort the truth all of them especially Fox they talk a lot of sh*t but


the last few mornings it seems Kate's baby watch is more important than anything going on here I mean after all if our social fabric goes to hell it will be OK


as long as we have baby pics.


I am to a point of taking a nap as what has anything anyone has said or done has changed any talking points Bhonner or however you spell his name could have


made your same points and yet he said a mouth full of mush AGAIN it is our leaders that are suppose to cool down the rhetoric and explain all the facts


Have you heard them try to counter all the emotional vitriol from the people trying to make mileage out of this? I have not but then again I have only


watched a few moments of TV as it has been awash with bullshize and when something serious happens they are going to blame US.and not themselves


for their inaction basically I see this as a public cry for the assassination of of Zimmerman as all the rage and hatred is aimed at him so what do they think will




Strange all the ills of race relations over the last 60 years placed on one man Zimmerman he is the reason why racism still exists he caused all the problems


since the 1960's no matter all the evidence that showed his police statement was true and a jury of his peers gave a verdict of not guilty NONE of that matters!


not the people that could be harmed not if there may be riots or new hatred as long as they can use this to gain power and rule over us like this is a kingdom.


of course this is just an opinion and observation and I may be wrong but it sure seems like it to me.

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Personally I don't think that things will get simple reason is that the liberals are playing chess and the conservatives keep playing checkers.


The liberals plan ahead to create a crisis, the conservatives then have to catch up and try to deal with it...usually its set so that its a no win situation for the conservatives.


My view on Fast and Furious is that this was going to be a stepping stone on their plan to halt the sale of all military style rifles, and either repeal the second amendment or cripple it. Unfortunately for them it blew up in their face with the death of a border patrol agent and the weapon being left at the scene.


The current president does nothing to unify us, in fact he does everything in his power to make sure that we will not become unified. The media over the past few decades have all become more and more liberal in their views and their outlooks. The shit they try and pass off as news is ridiculous...all I can say about it is that YELLOW JOURNALISM is alive and well on all the major networks.


The Zimmerman case in another example. Danm stated the facts and none of them were really reported until after the verdict had come out. That's when most of the crap really started...Holder wants to try Zimmerman again, the race baiters were out fanning the flames to try and get a bonfire going and their paychecks comming. I had wondered myself what would have happened had some of the wanna be vigilantes tried to dispense some of their version of justice for Treyvon on someone with concealed carry. Holder is already laying the groundwork to weaken stand your ground. Since when does a victim or potential victim have a 'duty' to retreat?


Danm, I also could easily see TSHTF as a result of a group of attackers picking the wrong victim, and martial law being declared as a result of the ensuing chaos.

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I never thought i'd live to see the day that I have to go outside the US to get a glimpse of our "truthful" news.

The media has been bought and sold. Puppets....................anyone know who's pulling the strings????

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koch bro and soros as well as a hundred or so others what the game plan is must be money or control / power as they can afford anything else or it is given to them.


then there is all the banking families at least a dozen of them a few power mongers in the U.N. and the oil consortium loosely working with anyone who helps their


agenda do we all remember global warming shaking hands with al gizera lot of money changed hands there.


it is not organized but as the world gets smaller so will the pool of power and money like water and soap scum swirling down the drain If we scan the


philanthropic groups and correlate them with individuals you can start to see a pattern problem is it takes a lot of time and Americans don't have


the time money and resources as well as knowledge generally and if you happen to collect any information you end up being called a conspiracy theorist.


or just a nut.


during the market crash I hope everyone noticed that all the major players were bailed out how about YOU LOL yea that little clique is not about to


let their buddies loose money and then of course they got to move the BAD investment off the books on to another now if you did that you would


be running 2 sets of books and would be sporting prison orange for many years but THEY CAN!


Of course the companies they are heavily invested in had to be bailed out as if they went under how would THEY be able to make or hide money?


strange how hundred of corporations are going to get taxed out of existence but GE probably won't pay the first dime in taxes.


some people are forgiven for millions in taxes and how about you?


America it is suppose to be fair I have never seen that it is suppose to defend it's citizens NOPE it is suppose to defend the defenseless well


it seems they have seeded that to the ACLU and other organizations.


people need to remember we are being led and dealing with lawyers rather unscrupulous ones on the one hand they will break your arm


but when they are asking questions in a congressional investigation all the union backed supervisor has to do is plead the 5th but you do not have


that option guilty until you prove your innocent.


I have seen references that show family lines in the media and sources in the white house as well as other friends family and college chums


as the e-mails and other communications show as these investigations grow so does the circling of the wagons.


there is so much nepotism and insider cavorting that it would be like trying to untangle your fishing line after hanging into a eel { one hell of a ball


line about the size of your fist} if you add in love relations and business as well as foreign liaisons We the normal citizen cannot hope to figure this all out


that is why we had journalists and news men and women with staff to ferret out these enclaves of illegal activities.


insider trading, free or underhanded deals, systematic failures and out right illegal actions it is their job to break the news and expose people that is why


the first Amendment is so important and now they use it to lie steal and cheat in the service of what they support the outrageous lies and disinformation


cover stories and throwing expendable people to the wolves is sickening.look at Dan Rather he was ousted but not for what he did and because he


threw himself on his sword he now has a NEW show he was caught red handed as I recall and look at him now bigger and better than ever.


This is why I advise no young person go into the military it is all bull recently a general was TOLD to get rid of the bible on his desk he has had one there ]


for 23 years if he does not have a right to religious freedom then just who in the hell does?


if some higher power IN GOVERNMENT is to cherry pick what parts of the law, constitution or bill of rights they are going to enforce what if my friends what if...


it is time for Americans to put their foot down and say no more no more foreign money support to and I want you to swallow this whole and think damn it


Egypt Iraq Syria Lebanon as well as all the other OIL PRODUCING NATIONS we are giving free money???? these countries make BILLIONS selling oil they have


the population of Maine if they bothered to give 10% of their wealth to the population every person in that country would be worth a million EACH!


and we still give them money HAS THE WORLD GONE NUTS!


we are paying the people that flew the planes into the towers Hamas and other organizations we have been supporting them for years!


And allowing their agents to come here and solicit donations and rub elbows with our officials influence our lobbyists.


Go to your knife drawer and get your dullest knife and stab yourself right in the eye that is what YOU by your vote and your elected officials are doing to us.


If you have never read a newspaper and wanted to beat your head against a wall or throttle someone for a REAL not imagined atrocity your in the minority.


I could get into the weeds on this but I realize my posts are mini novels as they are I have only so much time in a day I try to limit my time here to a couple of hours.



If all of you want to do yourself a favor do not go anywhere no travel this year make a vow to stick it to the oil and gas companies no movies as 90 % of these


azzholes are so out there and willing to give your money {not theirs beyond the limits of tax deductible limits} save your money because I think your going to need it.


and keep your kids out of the military service I do not say not to support those in and on duty we must look after them and back them, in fact I want them home


protecting us here on our border posse comotatus is about American citizens not foreign nationals and drug lords trying to illegally enter our country.


and even legal shipping into our country needs more man power and port security as well as our power plants certain factories and plants etc.


I cringe every day at just how naked we are and how far away our children are who could defend us here IMHO.


Oh by the way we are all equal but for 85 dollars you can get express security waver and bypass TSA / airline security LMAO inalienable rights


now only cost 85 bucks and it is only for citizens ROTFLMAO some want to make 11 million citizens tomorrow 11,000,000 X 85 dollars wahoo


we can give more money to the middle east so they will like us again................

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Understand up front that the President is JUST a figure head that is controlled by puppet-masters that you never see. I'm not talking just about Obama, I'm talking about ALL Presidents. Look at what it takes to get elected. Even money won't buy you that backing that you need to be even taken seriously. You have to basically sell your soul or you won't ever even get close enough to sniff the White House!


I personally think that our elections are basically just horse and pony shows put on now for the entertainment of the masses. When was the last time that there was a serious candidate that was what would have been your FIRST choice. One side promotes an EXTREME Right and the other promotes the extreme left and MOST Americans are NOT extremists. We go, year after year, mostly unrepresented.


Who is pulling the strings? that's simple. The strings are always pulled from the top on a string puppet. I'm basically talking about people that have gone beyond money and totally deal in POWER. You get power when you control things that people MUST have to continue on. First level, you need protection from the elements, water and food. Why do you think there is an ongoing unsupported end of the world global weather warning going on. If it isn't global warming it is a man cause ice-age. According to Al Gore we are about to run totally out of fresh water...I guess he's never seen the Great Lakes or the Mississippi River. If we ever do get short all we have to do is totally dam off the Mississippi and divert its entire flow into pipes and pumping systems. A few locks and dams and the river traffic can even continue.


They aren't talking this trash because they are worried, they will use this threat to take control of the things you just HAVE to have to survive both physically AND economically. They are using the Global warming to make it ever harder for businesses to operate in America. Think how much easier it will be to control a person when they are dead broke and can't even afford weapons or Ammo. Why in the world would a people basically disassemble their economy and ship it overseas?? CONTROL!!!


A Government is supposed to be there first and foremost to take care of it's people. Instead we take care of everyone else and ignore our failing economy. Other countries protect their borders. Other countries make sure that their business are protected from outside interests that can come in and sell for less. Why do you think that American made cars are just slowly fading away? Why won't the government let us drill for oil here? I assure you that it is NOT to protect t he environment. I was RAISED in the oil fields and they are so far from being polluting thing it isn't real. First off all a well is, is basically a 10" hole in the ground. Once the hole is drilled it is no more polluting than a water well. By making us totally dependent on foreign oil they CONTROL the oil. Oil that is pumped here doesn't fall under their full control until it crosses a state line.


The primary drive and purpose of these people is to control things. They are so wealthy that the money game has become of little interest to them. Let's face it, once you are worth over a billion dollars you have NO NEED for more money and probably couldn't spend it or give it away as fast as it is coming in if you hired people and tried. There is a drive that the money has nothing to do with. EXAMPLE, Do you really think Payton Manning is playing football because of money? Take ANY big name star in any sport and after they make it to the top they have more than enough money to live like a king for the rest of their lives...yet they play on and take a physical beating to get what it is that they really want. To play the game and be the BEST!


The people that want the control are like them but just playing a bigger more deadly game. They work a lot like a sheep dogs generally and try to herd us in such a way that we generally THINK that we are going where we wanted to go. A sheep dog doesn't BITE the sheep they move them through threats and intimidation. They only bother the ones that fall out of line or stray.


The Government encourages divisive acts between people. They INTENTIONALLY treat people differently to create envy and anger. They NEVER try to ease tensions, rather they escalate things whenever they can. Zimmerman was tried and the case was brought by the State Attorney General DESPITE the fact that the locals told them that it was a clear case of self defense. Without that outside intervention it would have just faded away.


The race problems are ALL cause by the Government. If you take ANY group of people and ENCOURAGE them not to work and not to support their own kids you will see that they are pretty easily convinced.


For a lot of my life I actually would have probably had more money, better food and a nicer place to live if I had just chucked it and gone on welfare. I used to drive by the projects near my lower-class neighborhood and look as the new cars and all the kids wearing Air Jorden 100 dollar shoes. I was driving a 10 year old truck and my kid was wearing shoes from Payless Shoe Store. We ate mostly hamburger meat and since I shopped at the same store as the welfare people from the projects I saw what they were buying. HELLS BELLS their dogs ate hamburger!!(you can't buy dog food with food stamps you know) They ate steaks and roasts.

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JESSSSSS How am I supposed to write the worlds greatest manifesto in a thousand words or less? LOL.


Wrapping it up now though. The Government traps people on welfare. I've BEEN dirt poor before. All I had to do was sell my home for less than I owed on it, sell me means of transportation, sell my tools so that I could never work again and presto I could have moved into the high life. Once there though it is a life sentence. If you get a job they will throw your butt out on the street. It doesn't matter that it won't support your family. They don't care that you have gotten only one check and that doesn't even cover the deposits on a place and utilities much less the first and last months rent. You and yours just became street people. The ONLY way out is a clandestine relationship where they don't know that you have a partner that is working until the money is saved up for a new start.


Guys(Not the nice kind I assure you) have figured out that these women will give them most anything for a little hope. Mostly after they get all they want they move on and leave her and the kids in the projects. In the end EVERYONE is unhappy. They live without pride or control and the people like I used to be a unhappy because I work hard and in the end my lifestyle is not even as good as theirs. WHO IS TO BLAME?''


All the government would have to do is change a few policies and things would change. They KNOW this and the fact that they perpetuate this mess is proof that I'm right.


Simple moves to fix the problem. Same welfare program BUT if you don't work you don't get. Free daycare and you will work for the community unless you find outside work. If you are female and want on welfare you HAVE to get a contraceptive implant so no more kids that you can't support. All recipients are tested and then trained in something that will hopefully support them. If not they can live in projects and work in Governmet provided jobs.


Something that people need to understand is that there actually are quite a few of what I call disenfranchised Americans. Tell me now, what does someone that WOULD have been a field worker a hundred years ago do for a living NOW in America?? These people are Americans TOO. To turn your back on them is just WRONG. They are like a special child that is born into a family. They will never be able to support themselves but they are family and you have to love them and take care of them anyways! These people ave a disability and it is NOT laziness. Laziness needs to be discouraged NOT encouraged as the Government does now.


THINK, what does encouraging this sort of thing do for them???????

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The global warming goal was to create "energy credits" that can be bought and sold much like the derivatives scams that we just suffered greatly from. (short version)

The largest companies would still be able to pollute based on the spreading out of the "credits".

Fresh water is another story and there is a scramble for aquifers and land above them. You tube the Great lakes and see how much China is carting off across the ocean.

When you find the football field size bladders fifteen deep you'll see this might put those in control with much more power and control.

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You don't have to look at the bladders. Realize that every ship load of grain that leaves this country is actually taking water and more importantly TOP SOIL. If we feed the WORLD until our cupboards are bare who do you think is going to step up and feed US?? I'm not an isolationist BUT I also don't put a sign up in my yard saying "Come One Come all. My door is open. Take what you want!"

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Well I am always glad to hear that some of us GET IT I have been howling about the creep for years many states making it illegal to catch rain water


NEW threats at first it was a rumor that they may be putting meters on your personal water wells but as many rumors it is only a test flight of an idea.


now we are seeing they want to tax the internet but how about duty free shops how about births of animals and people cashless society


how about these laws we hear about preventing people from growing a garden think it's a joke it is NOT!


no more untraceable money it is coming it you attempt to trade then a purchase of some "different goods" will put you on a list and if you cannot explain


you will be fined and or punished it is coming I can see it as plain as day.


people have been busted for growing pot because a spike in their electrical use who fingered them? if you think you can surreptitiously grow a garden your


smoking weed just like the growers that got caught by using to much electricity a garden needs water so now your water bill will rat you out.


the noose is tightening we have gone to a point of no return it will take a herculean effort to turn this tide but it will not happen.


the reasons it will not happen is because of Americans they have a sense of selfishness each is only concerned with their issue such as


union work, gay issues, ethnic or race problems politics and non / religious issues the pit us against each other like fighting dogs


if we were to ever raise our heads and see what the real plan is to enslave us and have total power and control we would raise up.


but like has been quoted here you ask a question and you get as many different answers as people giving them.



I see something coming but if I said it no one would believe it it will supplant many ideologies and people will run to it and it is not that they are gullible


it is just so powerful and ingrained in the human imagination.


Psy warfare tactics that our country will not use on an enemy they are using on us manifesting problems out of thin air the Zimmerman trial


is one out of 100 murders that one day they seem to know what one will polarize the country and then use the media to raise it to a roaring inferno.


then like a good magician they pull the rabbit out of the hat "WE GOT TO CONTROL THESE GUNS AND CHANGE THESE LAWS" They did not give a damn


about Trevon if there is not a crisis they will create one now Mexicans are white and racists LMAO I love this country it is so entertaining.


On the one hand they want to make 11 million new citizens on the other they call them racists WTF is going on and who actually believes them


These people are lying b@stards that would screw a chicken to get elected.


let me give a parallel scenario retired white folks move to Mexico because their money goes much further and it is like vacationing instead of living in the sates.


NOW why won't rich people of color that say we are so horrible here find a place somewhere else and make or build a friendly nation and go live there?


There are many people of color that realize this is a great nation and do not feel like a fish out of water here and in fact love this country.


like a family Bar-B-Q if we could just get rid of that bit@hy always arguing couple the rest of us could have a good time as usual it is the dumbazzes that


make it hard FREE SCHOOL AND LUNCH and can't seem to get there and when they do show up make a mockery of it get or make their peers


pregnant or cause it. do drugs and drink don't study or do their work and piss and moan how they are disenfranchised or cannot compete in


today's working world ROTFLMAO no sh*T your stupid and cannot compete why does that not surprise me.


These talking heads never mention this that the schools are OUT OF CONTROL they will not allow corporal punishment and then turn around and blame


the rest of America for their problems Take Detroit it is a city that is run by ethnic power and union power with a minimal non ethnic influence and yet


it is going broke have more murders of same ethnic group against itself than anywhere with very strict weapons laws knife gun and a police force


made up of more ethnic than other and yet instead of being a heaven on earth it is a sh*t hole so who's fault is it?


Someone throw me a bone here tell me I am misinterpreting the evidence or just tell me I am wrong and why I will read every word I promise.


I have lived in areas that are 100% white with severe problems I have lived in mixed populations and it was almost like fu@kin mayberry RFD


I have been in areas that were totally ethnic and absolutely no problems I can tell you what did strike me was the amount of churches and how


full they were compared to snot slinging hate filled murderous towns.


So from what I could see and understand ethnics had not a damn thing to do with how clean cultured and peaceful a place was 0% nada in this country and others.


some places were poorer but that had nothing to do with how they acted toward visitors and each other I did notice how the elders dealt with drugs and drunkenness


as to how well the area was in general.


If you vote in heathens and freaks so not expect to have a fairy tale town or state or country for that matter.when you allow illicit activities to happen


on your streets expect it will come into your home when you fail to rule your children they will rule you.


Only some observations of a old fu@ker who does not have an axe to grind or a angle to shoot I just want to get along with my fellow man and vice versa.

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