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Guns and carrying them... thoughts and observations

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There is no "like" button on here, but I'm with you there Wardog.


Since we're on the topic of carrying, it wouldn't hurt for everyone to do a little self-analysis here. Are there situations where you have intervened because you were armed and/or had training, where "normal" people wouldn't have? I know for a fact I have. Danm does make a point that perhaps as being more prepared than most, we may tend to put ourselves in potentially harmful situations helping others.

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War dog I in no way am impugning the character or person that is Zimmerman. I am simply saying that he was ill prepared for his roll and so when he went from just watching to a more active role his ineptitude got him in SERIOUS trouble.


Everything that I can find about Zimmerman indicates that he is an exceptionally nice and socially involved person. The first sighting of him since he was exonerated and then went into hiding was when he camp out of hiding to help a family get to safety after they had rolled their SUV. Have you read my piece on what the media didn't tell us about Zimmerman??


This seems to be one of the big problems in America today. If you say something about someone then you are automatically in the wrong no matter how true or inoffensive your statement is. This is no different from the crud during Obummers two runs for office. If you pointed out that he had never actually done any of the jobs of the offices that he held prior to his run for the White house then no matter how true and factual your evidence is you were automatically branded a bigot and prejudiced.


I had hoped that people here were of a little different character. Whether you like the fact or not Zimmerman made several grave tactical errors. He was ill prepared in the art of self-defense or he wouldn't have been worried about a scrawny 17 year old kid beating him to death. Hey I'm old and I KNOW that I'm slowing down and wouldn't want to go hand to hand with a kid now. That is why I ALWAYS have some sort of equalizer these days. I KNOW my weaknesses and limitations and so adjust my tactics accordingly. Zimmerman didn't do this well.


Just because you make mistakes or are not prepared for a situation doen't make you a bad person. We ALL do stupid things but even that doesn't make us stupid people. You analize your mistakes and the mistakes of other so that you don't have to make those mistakes. If you think this is wrong then I feel sorry for you because it means that you are doomed to endlessly replete the mistakes of others and even the ones you make.


Since this discussion has left the discussion of the tactical situation and moved to a silly debate of my right to observe and try to discuss the mistakes made I will leave this topic now and let the crows pick the bones of it. The meat is about all gone anyway. Peace out and try to learn that to observe a fact about someone is not the same as condemning someone.

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i dont see how he was ill prepared since he was Armed. that means he had already taken steps to defend himself. not everybody is a fighter, and not everybody should be expected to be able to know martial arts. it isnt hollywood where 2 fighters square off and best man wins and they go home. in the real world hand to hand will more than likely lead to death or permanent injury for one of both parties involved especially for untrained people. I know fighting techniques and trust me if it comes to that i would still for the gun because i don't want to fight him and take that chance.. I want to go home to my family and the gun is the quickest and most efficient way to ensure that I do. there is no "fair fight" in the real world. when it comes down to what zimmerman was facing he made the right choice both by using it and by making sure he left the house with it earlier that evening.

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Without taking sides


I am a cheater a dirty SOB I bite gouge kick skin shins scratch spit head butt carry all manner of things in my pockets and items of opportunity.


i have trained in many arts but like old Z boy anyone can turn a corner and get caught off guard or whatever, numerous police and trained military


people find that out sometimes to their permanent amazement.


Z boy decided to act instead of bitchin" and whining to the cops which is ok but some places it is a waste of time {Detroit} so like being armed some people want


you to be a victim they don't want carry laws they don't want guns or knifes even sharp objects go to New York and get attacked and stab someone with a nail file


and see who goes to jail !


Thi is a free country of someone want to be a wannabe they can as long as they follow certain rules it is not illegal to follow someone I have done it we all have


in a place we are unfamiliar with we follow someone who looks like they know the area I find elevators like that all the time I have also found the lunch room


and the smoking areas BIG DEAL if at night or day.


instead of attacking someone I personally think it is better to turn and ask if they need help or stop and let them pass if you live in sh*tville you have a right to


walk anywhere not POSTED any time if there is a carry law you can walk and carry if it is a nudist colony you can still do it.


I cannot see where Z did anything wrong but try to make his part of the world better a cop could have been in the same fix if he was a plain clothes officer or


off duty.


I do not like the intonation that only police can do X if so why are we suppose to aid the police if they call on us??????


what they are not BATMAN? I guess not if anyone give me that then I will certainly NOT help EVER period if only a cop can then they better have a good


ONSTAR program because I wont stop render help aid or call screw them that I am a cop you are sh*t is horse crap and a big load of it if they are so damn


clairvoyant let them figure it out "CALL IF YOU SEE ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS" why would I do that if it is a gang banger or a biker his little gang will kill my azz


the cops are nt going to give you 24 hour a day protection like those judges when that ex con went on a killing spree.


SO if I see a peeping tom how do I know it is not a kinky couple roll playing? We can get into the weeds in any and all possible events I will not help


anyone anymore I am done just because of this sh*t right here well he should have done X or that or this or not IT IS WHAT IT IS NOT WHAT COULD BE.


I guess neighbor hood watch are suppose to be like Curtis Sliwa's Guardian Angles unarmed and use numbers well that is stupid as recently 3 cops were shot dead


in a restaurant so what is to stop a crazy person from killing a group of neighborhood watch people?


just because it has not happened does not mean it never will and if you want to test it go skin off my butt!




T is dead because he was ill mannered, I am almost certain that if you wrote to any etiquette column they would disagree with the jumping and beating


the sh*t out of someone before asking them what their problem was, in fact I am positive of it.


at over 6 foot tall like the degree of atrocity of the crime children are dealt with as adults I have seen a 15 year old in prison and he deserved it.


I do not care who are what a person thinks they are once you make your move it is OVER you cannot take it back EVER!


blaming Z for defending his neighborhood FINE then I ask everyone to NOT do anything never help or call just mind your own business because your not a


cop a psychologist engineer or God so butt out shut the fu@k up and go home and forget it! because that my friends is the alternative we either are engaged


and doing all we can to stop crime or let the cops and the judicial system handle it an d you can see how well that is working.


I have made my choice I am not doing anything because of crap like this THIS RIGHT HERE and the trial is exactly why it seems as if your a wannabe or


a looser if you do and a sorry piece of sh*t if you don't well I will gladly be a sorry POS because it cost me nothing I don't go to trial or jail have to pay


for a lawyer NADA nothing my conscience is clear as if you want to you can carry and protect yourself instead of after saving someone they tell the cops


I did not want him to kill them or they were not trying to kill me and your on the hook as it is the person being attacked idea if their life was in danger not yours!


I love this post it has enforced my view but I did post before that if in a mall or other scenario I would not defend anyone else and right here is the reason


You are never right your never good enough your never going to be forgiven and people will hate you because because you have guts and they never will.


nothing drives a coward into a frenzy like reminding them they are chicken sh*t and useless.and a jury is a crap shoot Z could just as well be in jail for life.


no matter the evidence or the law as we saw during the O.J. trial.


So I don't care who you are police security guard stay at home mom preacher infant or a puppy on the side of the road you better have your sh*t together


because your on your own and my eyesight is not good enough for a sketch artist or I.D. and my give a sh*t is broke and my conscience is clear because


YOU have exonerated me I am no longer an authority I have no powers that prevent me from being accused of acting beyond my scope or sphere.


like a doctor "first do no harm" what a chicken sh*t attitude but they get away with it if ever you have a problem with a doctor that is their go to defense.


If a college graduate and a professional esteemed in the community can get away with it so can I I have a circle of friends I am responsible for and the rest of


you are strangers.


Every yells help even Z or T did how ever you believed that testimony all drowning people all injured people and those being attacked so how am I to know


if your a bleeding hart liberal commie POS or a child molester thief etc etc. AS a Christian I have been told I can't judge {by non Christians} so I wont


I will let fate run it's course and if I do get stupid and run in and help I will be fighting the urge to ignore the whole damn thing with every fiber of my being IMHO!

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Just the an observation about the MMA "mount" and Martin's "intent". I learned a really long time ago (as in 45 years or so) that you don't base your actions on your potential enemy's 'intent' but you base your preps and actions on his capabilities. Whether or not Martin "only" intended to beat Zimmerman up a little, pound him into the ground, or kill him is irrelevant to my thought process. Martin WAS in a position to do fatal harm and that is sufficient justification for Zimmerman's response, especially given the injuries already received.


A 4 year old saying "I'm going to KILL YOU!" is not a creditable threat and is therefore not actionable. An 18 year old moving toward me saying "I'm going to KILL YOU!" is creditable and is actionable. A 17 year old sitting on my chest (how in the world did I let THAT happen?) pounding my head into a sidewalk? Oh, yeah; I will use any force I can apply to stop that action.


Zimmerman made several tactical mistakes and one major strategic blunder. Tactically he should NEVER had been that close to Martin nor should he have allow himself to be put on the ground. He did not plan a "Plan B" for holding Martin for the police and it nearly cost him his life. It did cost him a fortune. Strategically he should NEVER have pursued that confrontation without backup. Had there been a second neighborhood watch member present, Martin would most likely still be alive. All that given, Martin still, apparently, started the physical confrontation so the fact that he is dead is HIS fault.


Just my not so humble opinion of course.

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