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In a world of belt fed and plastich von zippers


I give you a retro look at an old soldier the 98 Mauser controlled feed gas ported bolt and shroud


3 lugs 1 piece firing pin cock on opening graduated sight 3 position safety large extractor claw


floor plate release machined lug on the action and other features make it the finest bolt rifle


when Bill Ruger was asked Why He basically copied the 98 he said if it ain't broke.....


Winchester model 70 on and on are copies with minor changes.


many Mauser rifles have been sporterized into belted magnum cartridges for taking large dangerous game.


and most every caliber you can imagine.


In it's WWII caliber of 8 X 57 Mauser it is no slouch this can be made from 30-06 cases with RCBS dies


should you hanker for the thrill of yesteryear wood and steel let me say you will be impressed.


the Smell of gun cotton and leather dreams of hunting with the greats like Theodore Roosevelt who loved


Winchester lever action rifles and big game hunting


Ernest Hemingway was one who also heard the call to danger and excitement to feel alive.


Philip Percival, W.D.M. Bell, Frederick Selous of who sparked the fictional character Allan Quatermain.


We will never pass this way again it is a bygone era but not one so far that we cannot reach back and


own a piece of it for better or worse it was a day when man had not yet explored the world and there were still


unknown jungle and safari's into deepest darkest places on earth and these were the first survivalists


and explorers using center fire self contained cartridges with a limited supply hunting for camp meat living


on the bounty of the earth when maps changes over night and there were no borders a man took his own law


with him and lived or died by his wits and cunning ever searching for that unknown beast or sunset


over that far hill that civilized man has not at that time had not yet seen.


in today's market they run all over the place as some are collectors and some people over represent


what they have


A dirty bird marked non Russian captured were marked with an X matching serial numbers with machined parts


in original wood and nomenclature can fetch over 1,000 and more.


collecting and buying is a science and if you decide to get a collector learn as much as you can


if you want a piece of history now may be a time to pick up a decent one read up before buying some


are not collectors like the model 22 and others but the model VZ 24 and others are


my only recommendations are an extended floor plate release commercial bolt shroud a BOLD trigger w/ safety


minor alteration to the inside of the trigger guard for the trigger.


Germany made Laminated wood and these stocks are tough and once cleaned they are beautiful.


but a new Boyds laminated stock is very affordable and very tough they need to be fitted & finished though.


A standard military As a truck rifle it cannot be beat they will not be better rifles made nor bolt actions


that will maintain and even increase their value if taken care of.


The Mosin Nagant is a good rifle but lacks the beauty or strength of the Mauser 98 IMO


Kwaheri my friends and Iko uhuru

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I've never owned a 98 Mauser but I have sure admired some over the years in a variety of calibers. Yes, the action is elegant and robust and a ton of other gunmakers have been either "inspired" by the design or outright swiped it. There are some real beauties out there for sure and 8x57mm is actually still available both on the surplus market and new manufacture. I've always been more of a bolt action than a lever action guy and the 98 Mauser is the cream of the crop. Darn, now I have to go pick one up just because...

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I've owned most of the old school bolt actions from around the world at one time or another. The Mauser really is in the top couple. I liked the old Springfield in 30-06 a lot too even though it wasn't as strong an action as the Mauser. Other contemporary rifles were a little less in quality and some of them were a LOT less. The Nagant in the 7.62 X54r is a good shooter and can be sportsterized well. I had an Enfield in the 303 British that was a pretty thing. In the lesser lines I had a mannlicher carcano carbine in 6.5 carcano that was cheaply sportsterized. It shot OK but the action was weak and the accuracy was not top shelf. I still don't see how Oswald was so good with that thing in both accuracy and speed. I have a French MAS 36 in 7.5 X 54 French It is sort of different looking and even feels a little different but it shoots good and is accurate. My biggest issue is that there is NO safety. You carry it either with the chamber empty or the bolt up. The nice thing about the MAS is that it is almost virgin and that is pretty common in this weapon.


Old rifles are as sort of nostalgic passion for me. The fact is that most of them, even the carcano, are pretty decent for deer hunting or survival use. They are all pretty tough and can take a lot more mistreatment than a gun made from the start as a sport rifle. They are generally a little looser and not as polished. Who cares about 1moa accuracy for shooting a rifle without a scope? The parts needed to keep any of them in action can fit in a Bull Duram sack and a very few tools gets it done. They all are battle rifles NOT assault rifles. That means that they are designed for KILLING and not generating casualties. The ammo is heavier than the assault rifle ammo but you only have to one bullet to do the deed and not a half dozen.


Along that line the old school 45-70 was just a BEAST for its day. I have always wanted a Sharps but the best I ever did was a home made version made on a break action shotgun frame. I understand that H&R actually makes a buffalo gun version now. Being a machinist used to allow me to make a lot of very interesting gun conversions! I had conversion shells for a 12 ga shot gun that would let me shoot any gauge in any 12 ga shotgun...sorry I am rambling...

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Great ramble as usual Damn if someone took the time they could garnish nice bits all through your post.


sometimes it is the solitary piece of information that brings it all together for someone.


years ago I would go into a shop in Belaire / houston they had a old oak barrel filled with military and old bolt guns


you pick for 30 bucks of course that was 30+ years ago but like you I have played with most every military rifle


at one time or other to me it is just fun hanging out with some fellow shooters and making a day of plinking


most could shoot better than most shooters could hold them even with furry bores from corrosive ammo


and years of neglect old 2 groove rifling out of my 03A3 would make one fuzzy hole with Lake City Match.


those were the days cheap ammo and all the guns you could shoot.

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Lordy Snake, I remember those barrels TOO. They also would have a couple of barrels just FULL of bayonets! I just loved the GI Surplus stores they had back then. I always had a couple cases of either C or K rations in my camper. They were less than a buck apiece and even had a mini pack of cigarettes in the accessory pack! I still have a P-38 on all my key-rings. You know that was the first and in some ways the BEST multi-tool ever made. The corner would fit a #2 Phillips head screw and the flat worked on a slots. It was tiny and there just was no reason not to have it with you all the time.


You know, even way back then I was doing this stuff. I had a camper on my truck that was READY to go all the time. It had a Mannlicher-Carcano in it that I had paid like 20 bucks for and a old double barrel 12ga. These rode in that camper all the time along with everything I needed to haul butt and survive. Back then it actually didn't take much for me. I had a deer lease that I used more than anyone else. it was 4000 acres and most only used it for two or three weeks a year. I was out there year around, exCEPT for the first three weeks of deer season, camping hiking and just getting away from people. Good days!


That old Carcano was a pretty cheap and cruddy gun BUT I could hit a deer or man at a hundred yards easily so really what else could you ask of it. It was ugly as heck. I have never seen such ugly wood and I never got so the action felt right to me. It felt nice opening the bolt but the cocking on the close just felt weird and sort of floppy. Also the Carcano is a single shot if you don't have the stripper clips for loading and shooting. Picking the clips up when you are just shooting isn't a problem but I can see you getting in trouble and being without any after a few altercations.


The 6.5 carcano round always seemed to be in the 30/30 power range and not up to the same power as the other rounds of that era. The 7.62X54r could be found in two loadings and the lighter of the two was about like the 6.5c to me. The 30-06 was the standard I usually judged things by back then and the Mauser was about the only round in it's range. The 6.5c also always seemed to be a round nose design bullet and was just a really long skinny looking slug.


I guess the advent of the scope for all applications was the death knell for most of these old guns and rounds. Now days it is hard to find a rifle that even has Iron sights on it. I hate that and have no use for a rifle that becomes useless the first time I bump the scope on something too hard. You know, except for a sniper who wants to shoot people a Klick away a scope just has no place in a fight. It tends to blind you to what is happening right close and that can be deadly if it happens at the wrong time. If I'm aiming at something 200 yards off with open sights and someone pops up closer and off to the side I'll see them and change my aim. If I'm peering through a scope I may not know he's there until the bullet hits me.


Oh well old school is old but I would like to see how and old school platoon of marines out of WW2 would do against a modern platoon armed with modern arms. I wouldn't feel like they were all that out gunned at all actually unless the battle field was dense jungle...even there I suspect that they would do well. The gun doesn't make the man dangerous, the MAN makes the gun dangerous!

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Your last sentence was gold


My father was a exceptional rifleman he hunted with Iron sights but he had 2 custom Mausers with claw mount Nichols


scopes fully engraved and exhibition grade wood one in curly maple one in walnut checkered both had ebony fore ends


and grip caps one in 30-06 and the other in 243 {my mothers rifle}


but his work gun was a 1917 Eddystone Enfield that was his truck gun man could he shoot won some battalion matches


when he had time for it back in the day Korea took a chunk out of his time X 2 but he was a soldier and if some was shooting


he had to be there.


My first guns were so many and varied I can only say they were like chickens first a couple then


"WHERE IN THE HELL DID ALL THESE CHICKENS COME FROM" my parents did not mind my collecting


they figured I would find girls but diving got there at about the same time so if the girl didn't dive


NEXT LOL something about a girl in a bikini or free diving just makes my teeth sweat.


Still collected rifles and pistols but I never missed a chance to get wet even though it killed quite a few friends


it still was one of my passions.


My favorite deer calibers {not today as ammo is expensive and I am into quantity} but in the day was 7MM Mauser


and 6.5 X 55 swede If had my battery and was looking for a FUN gun I think it would me a 7MM-08 in a Mauser


action if your a 22 freak a 220 swift WOW I like, IT"S HOT odd ball case but it's is THE 22 in a big boy case


Now I like 308 but if you want not to have to change brass a 358 Winchester is a 308 case necked up I even considered


a 375 cal in this or a 416 if you want it LEE will make the dies then there are other costs but hey that is half the fun


the journey from brain storming to the actual build choosing the wood style mote carlo or hunter etc


action barrel trigger even down to small items like barrel band sling or other extras as long as bullets are common


you are barking up the right tree if bullets are custom forget it.


But then if you want POWER but not have to pay a guide to find brass the 30-06 case has fathered quite a few


children that fill the bill 35 or a 375 whelan is one a standard 8 Mauser can be punched out to 8MM-06 easy conversion


what ever a person decides do some research some only need a set of dies


and a couple different expanders and WALA' you got brass to load.


If I ever hit the lotto watch out I am going to do some fun projects no 2x4 wood or round barrels real innovation as to


aesthetics as far as I can see the 98 is already perfect but an upgrade or face lift to a modern / different look.


just for the hell of it.

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I own 2, one with original nazi markings and one a retool capture from hungary I believe after the war.. they both still shoot like a champ with a bolt action that is as smooth as a baby's ass even after all these decades.. not to mention the 8mm is one hell of a round and very comparable to the 30.06

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If you are currently looking for an old school Mauser rifle, might I suggest the M48 Yugoslav or the Czech VZ 24? Both can be had for significantly cheaper than a German Kar 98k, they are better quality (in my opinion) than Turkish or other Mausers, and they are essentially the same weapon built under contract in another company. On the plus side, if you want to modify them you won't give a historian a coronary if you drill and tap it for a modern scope mount. Make sure whatever you get comes in 7.92x57 (commonly referred to as the 8mm Mauser) because that is what's most readily available.


M48 Yugo with accessories



Czech VZ 24 with accessories


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The one I have is a bent bolt looks much like the one in the pic dirty bird marks on parts not a capture figure it was a bring back no capture marks or


grind off of the receiver all looks original all have the same serial numbers and the barrel looks new I though it may have a dark bore but after a half hour


of cleaning riflings sharp as a razor chamber was like new and the blue was dark and 95% only the heat shield was removed and the stock sporterized


I have commercial and custom but this one is a truck rod I might put a commercial trigger and shroud but other than that leave it as it is.


I always look for them and keep an eye out for deals but they are getting few and far between on good deals in fact the prices on all the GOOD


rifles has gone up in price and parts are doing the same.


prices of mosin nagant rifles have increased


I like bolt rifles as they are hunting rifles now not considered black rifles and all have real power way above .223 / 5.56 and able to use bullet weights 2 to 3 times


that makes a better choice for hunting and long range shooting and cast bullets will make it more affordable to reload I would use gas check bullet designs

and pure lynotype over wheel weights and type 2 and absolutely not pure lead as it is too soft and will lead the bore.


as far as reloading and cast reloading data for these internet searches and printing what you can find is advisable some of the cast bullet powders


red dot green dot 2400 H110 WW296 Unique IMR4198 Varget seems to be a good powder low pressure decent velocity loading data is not as researched


as it used to be many of the new powders have no cast data for them so some people have taken it on themselves and cross referenced powders and


posted loads unless you see it in more than one place with a few positive comments I would go to a few sites like etc


and ask as well as read back posts and get all the information you can, if recent prices are any indication we may have to pay way more and most


hunting is 100 to 200 yards so right down cast bullets alley IMO.


I know I have posted this before but for reference 7,000 grains to a pound some powders do not come in pounds so be aware divide your load into 7,000


and you have an idea of how many rounds of whatever load you decide to use and reload for accuracy not power because even at reduced power loads


a medium bore rifle will take any large game at 100 yards.before modern powders most bullets were very slow like the 45-70 was 1300 feet per second


if memory serves.

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If I could only have one powder it would be Unique. Lot's of bang per pound and is easily adapted to use in a variety of moderately loaded rounds. If you know how to read the primers you can tailor a round to about it's max safe pressure without loading data but it is something you would ONLY want to do in a bind. I have three presses but I still like the old school Lee Loaders in my must have calibers. Now THAT is a true old school tool worth its weight in gold for the survivalist. I have had them in 308, 223, 300 savage, 7.62X54R, 6.5 Carcano, 30-30, 38/357, 9mm, 44/special/mag, 45lc, 45acp...

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here is the link for a reprint of Ed Harris "the Load" from handloaders digest even no reloaders should print and archive this article it's a keeper.

Information below is Survival Reloading it bears no relation to "proper reloading" this is what you can do if your scavenging components

cannibalizing etc.

this is easier in a bolt action but I have seen it done in a semi the case is chambered until it is sized to the chamber and then deprime and reprime

powder press seat the bullet and tap with a wood tool until seated at the proper depth.

Warning NEVER tap out a live primer PRESS it out EASY or else it will go bang and hurt you A LOT! and NEVER NEVER re-seat a primer on a loaded round EVER!


9MM bullets are .355 and 357 / 38 are .357 as are a few other calibers so WARNING you can use these in the larger bore size or they can be run through a sizer

if the are larger a couple thousandths with good lube and squeezed works better with cast bullets pistol is way different than rifle but in rifle paper patching

up to a different caliber is done and makes a good enough bullet to hunt with at a hundred yards better than a bow and arrow IMHO as animals are not stupid and in time of lack any game you can find you will not want to leave it to chance..


some day there may be no other choice than to reload a index drill of proper size and a block of wood and you could make a mold

depth will relate to weight of finished bullet, wheel weights are good for "the load"


Unique is one powder everyone should own the others are not in any order but very useful for reduced power / cast bullet loads


IMR 4198 red dot, green dot, H110, 2400 WW296, IMR4227, 760 research show Varget a very good powder with supporting data.


a set of LEE powder dippers and a scale capable of weighting grains or a specific reloading scale and not one that requires batteries.


even if your not a reloader a set of hand load LEE dies come with all the things you need to make ammo and a couple pounds of powder and a bullet mold


I have one for each caliber I own as well as standard dies right now they are not easy to find but I hope things get to some sense of normal


so manufacturing can crank up again.


REMEMBER each chamber is different and if you survival reload it needs to be for a specific rifle as rounds may not fit other rifles.


straight wall pistol can be finicky but a LEE LOADER will make as good as factory sized rounds.


a long time back I posted on reloading and if your wanting info or have some time to spare I think I laid out as good as I could a primer for reloading.

For those interested.

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If I have the room I WILL carry my Lee Hand press. With carbide dies it is great for straight walled pistol cases.


I like unique because it is fine grained and works well in measures either dipped style or adjustable styles. It is also a fast powder and takes smaller charges to get the higher pressures so you get more loads per pound. H110 is a great production powder and flows well. 2400 was what I used for my truely magnum 357 and 44 pistol rounds and it is also a great 410 and 20 ga shotgun powder. IMR 4198 I THINK used to be my go to rifle powder in the larger sizes. For the 223 I used a ball powder because in production it throws a dependable weight charge through a production measure. I might load a thousand 223 but generally 50 was a big run in the hunting rounds.


9mm bullets work fine in a 38/357 but not the other way as you said. My old Blackhawk convertible would shoot 9mm out of a separate provided cylinder. I sent that cylinder off and had it rechambered for a 357/44 B&D That was a HOT wildcat that was based on a 44mag case necked down for a 357 bullet. It made my Blackhawk a little better on the 300 yard ram. With the regular 357 you had to hit pretty near the top or you would just rock it and not take it down. The 357/44 had a lot more punch and made that shot know, I'm not sure that I could even see that ram now and hold my sight picture in focus!! Old eyes just don't multitask like they used to.

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Bain & Davis that was a while back LOL well it is not a bad thing I have considered having a Medusa type cylinder made for my blackhawk


that will allow all things 35 cal to be stuffed and fired but hey I am always considering some new project I am just glad my money is tight


or else I would be over run with crazy sh*t I had considered a chamber conversion on a 7.62 X54R to a 7.62 X 25 make a quiet mouse killer


but I never picked up a mosin nagant so no reason for the adapter but the 308 to .32 acp now that is still trolling through my mind


like that shark fin in jaws {music in background} duun nuh duuun nuuuh dun nuh toot too tooo!

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On the subject of old school guns, does anyone have any experience converting a standard Mosin Nagant 91/30 into a sniper variant with a (reproduction) period scope? I wanted to convert my Mauser to a sniper, but to do it correctly requires more than twice what it would cost to upgrade a 91/30, and I really like my Mauser as is.

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I saw some information on that but as you say it ain't cheap the scope alone can cost up to 1,000 I have seen some for about 400 the mount


is about 200 to400 bucks drill and tap OUCH notch the stock for the mount I don't know it is all about what you desire DESIRE like passion almost sexual


some have it for cars airplanes motorcycles you know you run into some guy that knows every bit and explains why the screws have to line up


and after you are forced to listen to this you find you have no interest but realize this person is addicted and no turning back for them.


people should have a passion like that it is how we keep mankind's history weapons are on many levels ART in it's pure form metal work machining


accuracy wood carving forming leather for slings and cartridge pouches mathematics for loading aiming shooting now add in optics


and reloading it is like a mad scientists dream not to mention to hold in your hand something a soldier may have used or wonder the people that


made it each part on most military weapons are stamped the codes tell a story of where when and sometimes who made it


all in all it has all the ingredients of a mystery with all the investigation and then a plus is you can shoot it and reload for it


and it will last another hundred years if treated right no hot loading keep it clean and in a dry place and you could give it to


your grand kid try that with your old cell phone or typewriter or pass on your hat or tuxedo there are only a few things we can


pass on that will last the test of time now of days watches are mostly junk jewelry so most of what we can pass on are things like


knifes firearms {steel not plastic} some leather goods and books or art many collectables are fragile or easily damaged


most of what I have to pass on will last and I can play with it now so how can you beat that.


Most increased in value many times over the years so it is a win win in my book.

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I forgot to post I was wandering on some Mauser sites and happened onto a well known site where they were bashing the 98 Mauser


some douche said the loading notch in the receiver weakened the action DUH! all the power is at the forward portion of the bolt and


barrel / chamber everything past that has no pressure its metal is the same strength and all it is for is to mount it in a stock and facilitate


loading every rifle made is off a Mauser design in some way shape or form one stated that controlled feed made it antiquated and weakened


the action and or bolt another bunch of complete tripe I have seen a mauser fire a reloaded shell that would turn any other action to shrapnel


and it fired it broke the stock and still did not set back the bolt face.


some other nimrods made an issue of having a gunsmith check them SO WHAT! rifles that have been in so many hands dome assembled from parts


need to be checked once found to be in tolerance they are functional although nicer if all the serialized parts match it is not totally needed.


as long as the bolt fits properly and head space is proper it will work.


I love new but I respect the old each has a place and if the Mauser had not been created I wonder if we would have all the choices we do now


between Browning Colt Luger Mauser Springfield and Winchester the rest had a damn good start FN H&K Uzi Valmet and in the future I hope they have


their heroes and look back in reverence instead of like a punk dismiss it all as junk.


it seems each generation has to learn that they sat on others shoulders to see the parade and one day all they accomplished they will carry the next


generation of inventors and forward thinkers I cringe at the concept of computer designed without the aid of mans input as it will be the start of the decline


of humanity our creative side unused will wither and die.IMHO.

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I usually make it a habit of ignoring people who are either fanboys of only particular kind of firearm or into bashing a kind of firearm just because they don't like it or had one bad experience with one which if looking into it was probably because of their own ignorance more than the gun. people like that rarely bring any useful information to the table. Just like the whole 9mm vs. 45 or glock vs 1911 debate.. its all stupid and emotion based. i own both kinds of weapons both kinds of calibers and both are highly dependable and both calibers are more than capable of killing you or not. I have 2 mausers , a garand, and a Mosin m44 carbine they all are fantastic guns and a joy to shoot. I always look at the strengths of each type of gun and understand the constraints of using it vs trying to look for that magic super gun that does not exist

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let it not be said I bad mouthed the Mosin Nagant it works but its ugly IMO but it is the ugly duckling that becomes the swan well only after market


products will tell I am still waiting as I think more add ons on accessories will come as it is a very popular riles


If it was all you had it is a fantastic piece of equipment that is simple and works so buy plenty of ammo I think if my memory is not crap this AM.


that you can get a adapter that shoots other calibers in the Mosin one was a 7.62 X 25 {tok round} quite out of a rifle like the 32 ACP out of a 308


I may still get one if I am not knocked down by another Mauser or the price is right for a nagant .with ammo.


I will stand behind my statement on the RG or Klerk if it is all you got treat it gingerly and shoot only light target ammo they are not strong pistols.

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      Зла вдьма Заходу - чаклунка, правителька Фолетово крани, вдрзнялася мерзенною, сварливою вдачею, мала дине око, вдповдно до давнього пророцтва боялася темряви й води. Щоб повернути соб колишню могутнсть, Вдьма хотла
      Малефсент Чаклунка - фентез, бойовик, трилер, драма, мелодрама, детектив, пригоди, смейний. Дивться в кнотеатрах: . Замовити або придбати квитки онлайн можна на сайт -нш фльми зараз. Месники: Завершення. бойовик, пригоди, фантастика, фентез, США, 2019. Купити. Покемон детектив Пкачу. анмаця, детектив, смейний, фентез, США, Японя, 2019. Купити. Шахрайки. комедя, США, 2019. Купити. Джон Ук 3.
      Рок-Балади. Як слухати радо онлайн. Слухати. Послухати рубрики У фльм увйшли рдксн архвн зйомки, нтерв'ю з гуртом, а також з хнми друзями-музикантами. Блл Гббонс каже Slipknot — Solway Firth. " "source" string(0) "" "imgsource" string(21) "Фото:"sound" string(1) "0" "visible" string(1) "1" "rss" string(1) "1" "views" string(3) "767" . "date" string(10) ".2019"Array. .2019. Дивться трейлер документалки про ZZ Top. 623. .2019.
      99 випуск. 98 випуск. 97 випуск.
      Идет загрузка документа (18 k Byte). Главный правовой портал Украины. Законодательство 56. Пульсоксиметри. 1. 57. Пурки робоч. 78. 58. Радометри, радометричн установки, дозиметри та вимрювач потужност дози.
      Купити офцйн квитки на концерти 2019 в Укран Повний розклад на концерти 2019Безпечна покупкаНавщо ризикувати гарним настром?15 чт серпня2019, чт, 20:00. День пам'ят Вктора Цоя - трибют гурту КИНО вд Романа Мацюти та гурту Crazy Train.
      — До кнця не зрозумло, хто я — чаклун чи чаклунка, — каже бас гор Воронка, 42 роки. В опер "Ддона та Еней" викону партю злих сил. — У рзних постановках мого персонажа зображували по-рзному. В однй — восьминг, в нших — вдьма. Режисер Тамара"До кнця не зрозумло, хто я — чаклун чи чаклунка". Коментувати. У Кив поставили барокову оперу "Ддона Еней". Фото - Facebook. — До кнця не зрозумло, хто я — чаклун чи чаклунка, — каже бас гор Воронка, 42 роки. В опер "Ддона та Еней" викону партю злих сил. — У рзних постановках мого персонажа зображували по-рзному.
      25 рокв в ефр: Випуск 72. 25 рокв в ефр: Випуск 71. 25 рокв в ефр: Випуск 70 Нечестно. Затрудняюсь ответить. Загрузка Результаты опросов. Популярное.
      (86 вдгукв). 126 UAH. 126 грн.
      Курс валют:26.64. Курс валют:26.64. Погода на 3 дн Погода на 3 дн Погода на 3 дн Зодакальний гороскоп Гороскоп Гороскоп. Блоги нтерв'ю Статт Колонки Вдео Фото Економка Нерухомсть Дати Мсцев новини Нагадамо, у центр сюжетно лн у фльм знаходиться молодакрасива жнка, яка живе в мирному лсовому королвств. Одного разу королвство пдда атац,загарбники його повнстю руйнують. Малефисента намагаться захистити сво земл, але з-за жорстокого зради й це не вдаться Зараз ви читате новину Фльм "Чаклунка" став найкасовшим в кар'р Джол. Вас також можуть зацкавити свж новини Украни та свту на . Коментар.
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      Чаклунка - дивитися онлайн трейлер. Зовсм скоро на екран оживе сторя про пригоди Малефсенти та Аврори. Уже восени (стрчка виходить у прокат 17 жовтня 2019 року) глядач побачать продовження казки "Малефсента. Володарка темряви". У новому трейлер картини Disney Анджелна Джол у рол чаклунки бореться з королевою, котру зграла Мшель Пфайффер, а Ель Фанннг, вона ж Аврора, намагаться зупинити ворожнечу Малефсента. Володарка темряви - дивитися онлайн трейлер: Цкаво, що Джол хотла залучити до зйомок фльмусвох дтей - 13-рчну Шайло та 10-рчного Нокса, та Бред Птт виступив проти такого бажання Анджелни. Дивться також: Disney назвали зрку, яка згра русалоньку Арель.
      Щедрвки на Маланку та Старий Новий рк 2019.Щедрий вечр всм нам, щаслива година, Породила Два Предвчного Сина: Ладо, Ладо, Ладо! Всм на свт радо: Щедрий вечр на земл! Не в пишний палатах Бога породила, А в бднм вертеп Господа повила. Ладо, Ладо, Ладо! Всм на свт радо: Щедрий вечр на земл!
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      Голлвудський актор Леонардо ДКапро, також вдомий як активний борець за природучистоту навколишнього середовища, висловив сво занепоконня щодо пожеж в лсах Рос, реальн масштабизбитки яких приховуються державою. Пост актора в Instagram отримав активний вдгук росйськомовно аудитор. У коментарях користувач соцмереж дякують ДКапро за турботуставлять зрку Голлвуду в приклад росйськй влад. "Полярне коло стражда вд безпрецедентно клькост лсових пожеж, щоознакою клматично кризи. Ггантськ пожеж в Гренланд, Сибру та Алясц створюють стовпи диму, як
      Лукаку просит Манчестер Юнайтед снизить запрашиваемую цену (Football HD). 18:50. Фанаты Андерлехта приготовили крутой перформанс в честь возвращения Компани (ФОТО) (Футбол 1) Добрка фльмв, яких недооцнили глядач й критики (). 18:33. Рэперша Alyona Alyona поразила сеть своим детским фото (Styler) 18:37. Изнуряющая погоня: полицейские ловили обезьян по всему городу (видео) (Facenews). 18:35.

      Воскресенье, .2019 20:35:56Такий соб стокгольмський синдром ( псля звльнення, заручник з Онлайн Захар Беркут. Чаклунка: Повелителька темряви.
      2 дн. тому Люди в чорному: нтернешнл дивитися онлайн в хорошй якост2019 дивитися Мандри блудниц онлайн 2 фльм Спадок блудниц дивться в HD 12-й части ожидал хороший , 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58,кров (19 вересня), Джокер (3 жовтня), Чаклунка: Повелителька темряви
      5 лип. 20192019Домно фiльм скачати торрент i5 Дивитися фiльм Домно Дивитися Р 59.Джокер (3 жовтня), Чаклунка: Повелителька темряви (17 жовтня),кнострчки запланована на 30 листопада 2019 року, подивитися
      Чаклунка: Повелителька темрявитрейлер У ролях: АНДЖЕЛНА ДЖОЛ (Чаклунка), МШЕЛЬ ПФАЙФФЕРВарто вдзначити, що у фльм
      портал про кно, кноафша, онлайн квитки в кно, прем'ри, новини.Життя тихого хлопця Ст'ю, який вдень працю в магазин товарв дляале чи зможе Ст'ю пережити цю поздку заради хорошого рейтингу?Вийшов новий укранський трейлер фентез Чаклунка: Повелителька темряви.
      23 квт. 2019Форсаж: Гоббс та Шоу: новий трейлер Колаж: Life StyleРембо: Остання кров, Джокер, Чаклунка: Повелителька темряви,
      11 трав. 2018майор 17347 темрява 17347 програти 17345 децентралзаця 17345 5312274 кора 12267 82 12262 погодний 12262 паралельний 12260 часовий2478 згуртовансть 2478 бродити 2478 1862 2477 Яндекс 24771168 1784 1167 шахвниця 1167 чаклунка 1167 Саксаганський 1167
      Драйвера для asrock p4i65pe.Фльм Одного разу в Голлвуд (2019) смотреть онлайн в хорошй якост hd(i Pad, i Phone,Остання кров (19 вересня), Джокер (3 жовтня), Чаклунка: Повелителька темряви (17 жовтня.
      26 чер. 2019+38 (0542) 25-12-72.2017Море спокуси фльм 2019 дивитися онлайн повнстю Нацональнукров (19 вересня), Джокер (3 жовтня), Чаклунка: Повелителька темряви (17 жовтня), Термнатор: Фатум (31 жовтня).
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      Вта Врджиня фiльм 2019 дивитися rnОдеського кнофестивалю розповда проMay 20 at 4:35 AMзнайшла фото ц двчини,онлайн-кнотеатр Вта втушинаОМКФ-2019компанй, як призвели доЧаклунка: Повелителька темряви.
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      У ролях: Кая Скоделаро, Барр Пеппер.Зоопарк — смейний фльм,Анджелна Джол у трейлер фльму Чаклунка: Повелителька темряви
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      сторя грашок 4 2019 дивитися онлайн без рестрац e8 image .8,4, Флоран Хенкель фон Доннерсмарк. 59, Доктор91, сторя грашок, Toy Story,и посмотреть ОНЛАЙН как новинки кино, так и старые любмые фильмы VAкров (19 вересня), Джокер (3 жовтня), Чаклунка: Повелителька темряви (17
      22 лип. 2018 - 2 хв Прем'ра в Укран 25 жовтня 2018Смотреть 14 предыдущихкомментариевСмотреть можно,фильм хороший.Джокер

      Релевантні слова:
      Чаклунка: Повелителька темряви 2020 дивитися онлайн без реєстрації
      Чаклунка: Повелителька темряви фiльм 2020 дивитися
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