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Demonetization of certain groups just another step to pigeon hole you

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Demonetization of overweight or obese people is the national past time here is the problem with it.


It can segregate people to pay more for their health care and it has not and never has been a factor


in health or longevity some fat people live as long or longer that thin people.


If this becomes a Bar then so will everything else there are thousands of diseases and drugs that


cause weight gain steroids do and these are the go to treatments for many common problems


if you accept that weight is a health factor well so is age Randy Travis {sorry to hear he is in the hospital}


is of proper height weight and appearance and yet he like many people who try to maintain there appearance


fall to health problems as anyone else.


What I see is another race war instead of race they are trying to put us against each other on a NEW and


IMPROVED issue as long as our leaders and healthcare supposed professionals when it suits them they


PRACTICE MEDICINE when they are manipulating you they are PROFESSIONALS they can no more tell you how


well you are than a witch doctor doctors have checked their patients and they have died shortly after.


If Americans allow this it will be used as a standard on insurance costs we hove obummer and his group


stating they only want to help and everyone deserves health care BUT every indication is YOU will be


placed into another tier of cost as soon as some anomaly appears diabetes cancer of any sort if you have


melanoma you will be classified as a abusive sunbather any breathing problem is being touted as stemming


from smoking and that is hogwash many people are dying from mesothelioma and other lung injuries


from working in unclean facilities black lung from coal recurring pneumonia from dust and heavy particles.


If your silly enough to fall into this trap you will find one day you will be crammed into a pidgin hole and


charged excessive health care costs for hundreds of problems that strike people at 40 years old and up


Annette funicello from the old surf movies had M.S. I believe and numerous healthy looking stars have died


perfect human specimens proper weight and some very concerned with animal issues and are vegetarians


yet still have numerous medical problems I know many people with diabetes that are not and never have


been over weight.


Of our nation intends to have a health care system for those who are not insured {like car insurance}


have a pool then it need to cover everyone as they are because the world biggest lie is that only fat people


die because later they will like in New York try to have a sin tax on anything "THEY" think is unhealthy


as we have seen they accuse Bar-B-Q of being a carcinogen eggs are bad only eat egg whites every damn


day some idiot has a study that brings to light some other part of our diet is deadly.


Fish well just yesterday they stated that too much fish oil caused prostate cancer ROTFLMAO


Japanese people have a greater instance of GUT cancers stomach colon esophageal etc.


each body type each race and culture has some inherent medical probability factors due to their genetics.


If we do not stand and fight today we are all going to suffer.


Only a few factors need to be considered and risk alcohol and drug abuse severe obesity


and those who refuse standard treatments and go with non standard or holistic remedies.


or those that choose to engage in extreme sports and even then it should be a stair step cost not


an multiplied cost.


I know a lady right now that has increased her weight by 50% in a month from a botched emergency room


treatment a family member died 1 week after they were tested for heart function and with no previous


symptoms and a full checkup died from a heart attack.


Doctors know a lot but it is what they don't know that will kill you.


If you allow them to divide us then they will crush us under way worse rules than obummer care


just because one side or the other proposes something does not make it good or better it is


something we need to examine as to how it will effect us in our future.


by the way asthma and downs syndrome are through the roof chances are greater that your or


your grand children or their children will have to deal with that and if they are looking to stick


someone for a cost increase they will be on the top of the list and soon if we let them all of us will


have DNA testing and all our genetic flaws will be priced like additions to a new vehicle


satellite radio extra per month heated seats more leather interior MORE bluetooth everything MORE


custom paint HOLY SH*T keyless entry OMG! SUN ROOF @%#^& HOT DAMN!


Anyone who has lived a long life will tell you one day we were healthy the next seemed like everything


bailed on us and also that is when many are disabled or have limited ability to work as they did


and then if we are in a tiered system your or your children will have to make up the difference


as there is no way a person on a fixed income can or could make it.

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Snake, one of the things that people these days don't seem to get is that words are NOT actions. I've tried and tried to make people understand this but without any real success. Example...during an election I NEVER watch or listen to speeches or mess with the debates. These are WORDS and mean NOTHING. I usually instead look at what the candidates have DONE in the past. I especially like to find the places where they did things that might not have been popular with their party. THAT is how you find out what they truly care about.


Liberals are all about talking about feeling other peoples pain and doing things for them but the fact is they don't like to DO much of anything. Instead they will take YOUR money and try to buy the problem away. It usually only makes matters worse in the long run.


Conservatives aren't any better though. They think too much about the bottom line without ever seeing past the next quarterly dividends. This has just about ruined America. Sending jobs overseas might be good for this years prophets but down the line who are you going to sell your products to if your policies put everyone out of work.


The US USED to be the place to be if you wanted top level health care. It still is IF you are one of the super wealthy. If you are a regular person you are more and more out of luck. We are a third world country in so many areas of medicine now. Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate as do nearly ALL of the major players in the world. The Liberals want to give everything away for free not understanding that there is nothing that is free. What you think is free is either worthless or the hidden costs are greater than the true cost would have been. The far right is a lot simpler...if you are not rich please die quietly. It is a sin before God that our children in this country suffer from simply fixed problems that would never be allowed in other countries. ALL children should have GOOD health care until they are out of school.


Americans seem to have a NEED to have someone that they can kick and spit on. Let's face it the ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL means that all American citizens are equal. How m,any times do we need to go there. Why does every generation have to say it over and over with a new scapegoat. Blacks are men, Indians (Native American's) are men, Even Women are men! Let's be done with this crud. Gays and Fat people are men TOO!


Americans just seem to NEED someone to poop on. The fat thing is just the latest because the other minorities are slipping away. The Gays won't be a good target much longer so they are getting a new group ready. Even the determination of what is fat has changed. What is considered ideal weight now is way more about style and fashion than health. Just a VERY few years ago a mature woman was not supposed to look like a prepubescent child with her ribs and clavicle showing. Adult males didn't look like teenagers and didn't want to. As a man or woman ages his body changes. You can fight this as a losing battle and be miserable or you can accept it and be happy. There is NO money in happiness so guess why thin is so in! "Helping" people try to look like what they are not has become BIG BIG business. The more pressure they can put on people the more money they can squeeze out of them.


A few REAL facts...Size and weight is in part determined by your ancestry. If your people came from areas that were prone to famines and food shortages you will put on fat VERY easily AND you have a larger stomach so that when food IS available you can put it away in MASS. Also when food is short your body will slow your metabolism making you able to hang onto that fat longer.


Where my ancestors came from skinny people with fast metabolisms usually died in the famines. Those genes just died out. If you came from a place where there was usually plentiful food but a lot of predators...well fat people usually are not the fastest and when you are running from a predator you don't have to be the just can't be the slowest. Black people are less than 15% of the adult population in America. Look at pro sports and figure it out for yourself. NONE of this makes ANYONE better or worse. It just reflects on the evolutionary pressures that made our ancestors different.


I am a BIG boy and until I started getting older I was in GREAT shape. I regularly walked 5 to 10 miles a day and at 250 I could get my hand over the rim on a basketball goal. I didn't run marathons but I could throw a 50lb pack on and walk a marathon runner to death. Problems arose and I gained a lot of weight. They finally fixed it but it was as if my body was fighting me. I have a mensa level IQ and walked away from a 4 pack a day cigarette habit when I was 40. I'm not dumb nor without will power.


There is a huge difference between fat by today’s definition and morbidly obese. Obesity is now classified by the AMA a disease! Something is wrong. It doesn't mean that you are stupid. Nor does it have to do with will power. Your body is doing things wrong or you wouldn't be obese. Fat yes, obese NO. Telling someone that is sick or different that it is because they are crappy people is just WRONG...unfortunatly it seems to be the American way...

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Snake the majority of Americans right now are trapped between the extreme left and the extreme right. They tend to be heard and run things for a rather simple reason. Can you HAVE a radical moderate; or is that an oxymoron? Every revolution everywhere has come about when the middle shifted one way or the other. Pressure forces it slowly right up until suddenly like the straw that breaks the camel's back it moves and BAD things happen usually. Later the winners will romanticize it but the fact of the matter is that it sucks being there when a society collapses and then reforms into a new form. Look into the history of Germany and Russia. Both were pushed to this point. One went one way and the other went the other. Neither was a good move but once a culture collapses nearly anything can happen. The French and American revolutions were similar they just came off a little better from our perspective.

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Damn "IT" that is the word I could not for the life of me remember MORBIDLY LOL I am glad you used it


one health problem I had altered my memory filing system I had an extensive vocabulary but now it is more difficult


and thank God for spell correction feature.


but a excellent post yes it seems as if Americans need a whipping boy to pile all the societal ills on or maybe a better


analogy is a judas goat.

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