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Simple modifications for survival post your MODS here

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Simple modifications for survival


Having noticed that people are considering or buying a bolt action military rifle


I have decided to post about making it a stand alone piece of survival equipment .


Many have ports through the stock to mount a sling or aid in maintenance using this for a


thread hole to weave or braid 550 para cord do not over weave the grip will afford 10 to 20 foot of cord.




and depending on the butt plate this may be the best time to change it to a commercial rubber one


You do you need to know your pull length cradling the rifle butt in the crook of your elbow holding it by


the grip your index finger should be able to pull the trigger without more than the first pad of your finger


protruding past the trigger any recoil pad added on should have that overall length in mind.



Remove the butt plate using Forstner bit as it makes a flat bottom hole measure width of your stock at


the place where the bottom of the hole will end they need to be 4 + inches deep to accommodate needed


survival gear drilling with the angle of the buttstock 2 to 3 holes 7/16 to 3/4 inch in diameter leaving


enough area on all sides so as not to make the stock weak as we are probably not going to be butt stroking


or bayoneting as a normal course of survival SO this will not cause a problem.


Items I have are a Swiss army explorer as it has a magnifying glass or champ


a magnesium fire starter of some kind.


Bore snake to clean your rifle


Water treatment tablets I would use the NON iodine chlor-floc or chlorine dioxide as many are allergic to Iodine


Next the Rifle Sling


these can be personalized to carry at least one reload of ammo I would opt for 2 as many military weapons


use stripper clips they are compact maybe add another pouch for a cut brush and an oiler or DEET


bug repellant or a emergency blanket or both it is your rifle sling as long as it does not interfere with


the use or add too much weight.


if all you can manage to grab is your rifle it should help sustain you too many slings today are merely a


noose to hang yourself.


I have posted about a BAT BELT {like batman} to hold all your possibles {mountain man term for accessories}


something you should never take off as many people are injured falling out of deer stands or on hunting


too many do not carry enough to keep them from suffering hardship in an emergency and if you don't have it


as you hung it on a limb it is not going to do you any good while your flat of your back on the ground.


or piled up at the bottom of a hill as if it is not attached it will get scattered.


water containers of stainless are preferred as they are antimicrobial in nature plastic is not worth the


weight savings as it cannot handle being cooked to the temperature needed to sterilize water


even if you have tabs save them for when you cannot make a fire waste not want not.


have a stainless cup that fits the bottom and a belt holster for them.the bottom of both can be polished


to make a signal mirror both can stand extreme high temperatures and the cup can hold burning tinder


or cook small food items like clams etc..


you need a small tarp it cab be rolled up and tied to your belt it is a minimum shelter.


food ration bar emergency blanket they are fragile so more than one is not out of place


a head net I harp on this as your head is for most of you an important piece of equipment any bites


stings cause infection or dirt in your eyes keeps you from breathing in clouds of insects like noseeums.


small pouch first aid kit with antibiotic ointment and bandages


A large Bandana


an L.E.D. light one that stays lit not a push button as you may need to have continuous light.


what ever you have seen or decided you want or need many posts have touched on this topic


I keep a scaled down BOB in my belt and I have more than one each rifle has one on the barrel


if i reach in and grab ONE I have enough to survive for 3 days or more.


under each a "can" full of ammo and accessories for that particular piece of equipment.


My idea of GHB and BOB's are the same I have no clue what I may encounter or what may happen


so I like to think I am prepared for most anything.


If anyone has MODS for arms or gear


There are lace on cheek pads that offer shell holders these can be filled with the proper plastic bottles


some plastics decompose / deteriorate if filled with certain chemicals so use original bottles / buy bottles


that fit I use campers plastic match holders for bore brushes medications spices they are very durable


and come in different colors.


Most WWII cartridge pouches will hold 308 30-06 7MM 8MM 7.62X54R and others on the proper


5 round stripper clips as well as numerous pieces of survival ear and fit on military web belts.


so scrounge your local military surplus store online or in person look for sales and bargain bins

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To me the one must have tool is a pair of vice grips. They are just too useful for too many things. I like the 4" and 6" and one of the things that I do to them is to take a dremel and grind a thin notch in the top and bottom jaws that runs parallel to the length of the pliers. In a bind I can use the pliers as handles for all sorts of tools. I carry saws, knife blades and even a 4" crescent wrench with a 6" head that the pliers will hold and give me more leverage for. It will hold a razor for scraping and make a small vice for all sorts of filing on other tools. I have several of the small vice grips and they co in almost every sort of tool or survival kit. I even use a pair for handling the pot I use for a mess kit.

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