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How horrific would it be for non-prepper?

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yes I think we have all hit on one if not all of these subjects here it is good to see it elsewhere


thanks P2



you takin notes snake in case we have to meet up when SHTF??? Use a pen or pencil in case you have to leave the computer behind.............B)

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I personally agree with what he said will happen as far as the infrastructure and such but in general in a total collapse like that most of the unprepared and clueless will find a way to die pretty fast. Fires and the dogs of war and disaster will make short work of the stupid and the weak. There are just so many easy ways to die at times like this and without any preparation the people we are talking about will mostly be unable to mentally adjust after the fact. They will be in denial and keep thinking that things will be better won't. They are like the people that just sat and watched a hurricane come in and wipe them out or the people that lived under the shadows of a rumbling volcano. It has been a long time since Americans have been winnowed. Even a small scale disaster could wipe out half the population because we have carried the weak and the stupid for so long that the chaff almost out numbers the grain.

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you takin notes snake in case we have to meet up when SHTF??? Use a pen or pencil in case you have to leave the computer behind.............B)


Hey I learned how to operate one of those {pencil} back in the day on a BIG CHIEF notebook and I think I have an


abacus and a slide rule packed away I remember reading in search of the castaways {note in a bottle} the movie was nice


I got to second base as I recall.


All I know is that I broke my promise and watched that show naked and afraid survival show and in less than 3 weeks


both contestants lost all their fat and into muscle mass one had a foot infection that I think without the intervention


of the crew would have been a death sentence for him and then her as it takes 2 minimal it also shows that testosterone


is of no consequence nor is estrogen each has it's chances to get a au' natural can of woopazz opened up on them.


Bad JUJU is out there this world is not your / our home death is not the end we fight it only to insure a way of life


good or bad it is up to us as to how we fulfill what we have been given and ultimately judged on religiously this depends on


what you believe, if you think beliefs have no value consider every concept was a belief the Wright brothers believed they


could fly too many sticking points in history and fact make me a Christian science is catching up but not as fast as agnostic


thoughts it is hard to further science when it refuses to deal with facts but they have decided to anneal them to their PLAN.


It is hard for me to watch a group of people try to build a jeep into a mustang it can be done so that it looks like it


but it is not these Frankenstein's have been built like Lego projects off of partial or conflicting information.


I only bring this up as it has everything to do with what comes If you avoid the Biblical rendering your running on


partial information or a heads up if it goes the way of the agnostics if your not a believer you can beat your chest


and yell I was right.


If and I am using IF is contraindicated we have been in the last days for almost a hundred years probably since WWI


Things mentioned in Biblical references including the Bible have been happening and they are increasing in severity


duration and diversity one salient point we can now alter DNA and grow humans life they cannot create it only replicate




This is one of the pivotal points in human history BUT this is not the first time it has happened before and it did not bring


US it was them and they were destroyed in the flood science now evades the "flood" and states it was a comet or assholerhoids


misspelled for your enjoyment.


As I see it through Biblical teachings technology will increase to a point that everyone and everything will be numbered


cattle and personal pets are soon to be required to have ID chips soon people will follow then not long after that


a purge and attempt to kill off all God believing people as an ultimate dictator will not accept anyone over himself.


these times have happened on a smaller scale in mooslim nations but eventually exactly what the atheists fear will happen


a world church all encompassing no right or wrong no left or right no skin color no sexual orientation AND NO FREEDOM!


MUCH WORSE THAN NOW governmental powers will know your every move everything you say everything you do as there


will be cameras more so than now companies are doing it now a badge lets them know where you are on the property


who you are with and what you are doing as they can coordinate cameras in that area and they have already been


lawsuits filed for eavesdropping by all means including all emails fax and telecommunications.


It is coming it is already here but not in full effect test beds around the nation for cameras digital commerce only


and testing on convicts populations this technology has already been used to track our VIP's of government and military


for 40 years if your not believing me WAKE UP it was reported and has been in print read about the red brigade and general Dozier


much of what we are posting on is coming just not in the context of a non Biblical scenario.


certain groups other than Christians will be targeted especially those who for other reasons will not accept a chip


YOU WANT PROOF well here ya go


the NSA tracks all phones all criminals are in a data base if they are talking they can be traced using digital voice


recognition software they use this in Columbia and have for years!


so now you know that the NSA knows how were and when drug deals go down money transfers and check in from


associates on the road or vessels such as aircraft and ships boats etc..


did you know that the drug cartels have submarines? well they do and have you heard of them getting caught?


we have a network of sensors that track the sea bed for earthquakes and tidal waves you think that is all they do?


I am NEVER surprised by the human condition of STUPID even when it has been reported and printed then a FU@KING


TV special and no one knows about it HOW FUNNY I guess dancing with the lefties was on that night!


Here is whats really really funny they think there is no GOD that they popped out of an apes azz and they are still looking


for the missing link first we came from pond scum {some do} and then we were fish and then apes and then had sex with


a extraterrestrial and WALA! SH*TSO BAMO a baby human and we survived HOW? no clothes no hair oh that's right over the


billions of years we went bald and the first would have been seen by it's parents as a mutation and would have raised it?


ROTFLMAO people today are aborting babies because of eye color.


If I am crazy for being a Christian then if you don't then your taking on a whole lot of baggage up to and including a alien


geneticist from the future or past either is as good as the other.


What I really love is the explanation of how oil was formed and pooled I guess while all the animals in total fear and panic


all ran to one spot and died NO NO they were trapped by land masses or ICEBERGS NO NO they were killed by the ice age


that is COOL except that DNA soes not survive over 5,000 years but yet they get DNA from many bones so there goes your


timeline shot to sh*t.


Now bring in the Chicxulub crater or K-pg boundary I guess the K-T one dried up Chicxulub crater was only 66 million yeas ago


and would only have the earliest vertebrates so DUH where did the more evolved vertebrates come from?


how about the mammoth you know the Hairy elephant we still have elephants so if they all died were did these come from?


Chicxulub crater HUMMMM seems like science loves to push that CHIT sound in your face but now try to find


all the timeline and match it up.


A synopsis on the Biblical view


there were other earth ages this included animals with and without people think Atlantis not the vacation spot the ancient one


the fall of satan and his angels the fall of man the interaction of them both and you get giants and in 5 places on the


earth shows mans and dinosaurs footprints together now a flood then the Jewish finding a homeland and pushing out


numerous tribes they went around the world think Kon Tiki now we have Aliens but they are not Alien they are


Satans crew realizing time is short and in order to get their quota they are going to have to make man believe there is no God


and that there is no Satan or angles or demons or good nor bad.




Most people do not understand that the change in the axis of the earth changes the seasons also it's elliptical orbit


but they do seem to grasp CLIMATE CHANGE because it takes no intelligence no study it is the lazy mans answer


for a lazy and stuttering backward hat wearing pants dragging texting while driving dope smoking MTV watching


morons with a 1/4 mil in education debt a degree in dumbazz and a new car 3 kids from 3 women or a woman with 3


children from 3 guys and next week they are going to be on Morie or Dr. Phil or they are going to be in the audience.


Now if you do not understand why I know without a doubt we are going to be tagged like cattle I am powerless to do so


and if they did not prep then die like a damn dog.


I have other theories and evidence but I am restricted by 1,000 words and the challenge of people with the I.Q.


and ability to sit still of a rubber ball in a dog kennel.

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We are already little more than numbers Snake. If this were not true how could identity theft happen. I'm still me but now that can truly be stolen. That is because the essence of identity has become about THINGS and not about honor and the things that truly define who you are. Only material things can be stolen. The things that count can only be given away.

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You have a valid point ut some people need their credit rating to get or keep a job as well as to live in a


world of their choosing {the American way}


I am only questioning why they cannot track and convict people that have the ability to infiltrate our nation as well as


the structure to help others do so drugs is a sideline money is the goal.


the information that NSA gleans could be put to better use tracking our enemies that are not citizens and leave us alone


but strangely enough Ex military and Americans are considered more of a threat than foreigners that run drugs and guns


kidnap Americans and extort money murder for hire and prostitution of Americans and infiltrate others through our border.


so are these groups using pur tax dollars and spying on us helping? I think not in fact quite the opposite they are


doing damage to our trust of them and their duty to WE THE PEOPLE that in it self is sedition and inciting / fostering


a sphere of mistrust defiance or worse it in essence it entrapment.

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The problem Snake is that the criminals and illegal aliens have more people standing up for yheir rights that regular people do. There is a reason people like us are called the SILENT majority. Until the American middle class nuts up and DEMANDS their rights we will continue to be treated like the redheaded step kid.

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I agree with your thought but I also had a crazy idea that our elected leaders were FIRST and foremost suppose to LOVE


and respect us protect us and inform us not what they have been doing and that is accusing us {without proof} that we are


extremist we that are Christians are the problem with America and using divisional politics getting race involved as


we are all {that are} Americans.


in the last 20 years I have felt like my values and everything I have done such as work for a living go in the military


go to church try to be a positive in my community and not a drag on the system and they {the elected officials}


run to everyone else throwing money at them and gushing over them and treat me and my piers as if we are step


children from a whore.


They pander to us during elections after that, they vote their pocket book or look to select groups attempting to


call on them like the pied piper in other words they are just like another politician we complain about always in


election mode but to the WRONG folks NON Americans and foreign ambitions.


When they speak to us they have a different message for let us say the Rotary club and the different "GROUPS" in their


district, because I thought we were all Americans I was not against medical for the uninsured but like the car insurance


industry they have a pool it is competitive and you have a choice of who you have coverage through and they are motivated


to get your business this Obummercare is crap there is no incentive for a bureaucracy to gain your trust or business


and efficiently serve its customers.


As we have seen our government feels we are a threat NOW I HAVE NO EVIDENCE OF WHAT I AM ABOUT TO POST


But it seems that recent events like the supposed CAMPS and the buying of ammunition and white papers that list


many churches, conservative organizations and ex military are rated higher as a threat than our enemies WOW!


Think tanks in D.C. must be infested with anti Americans you do not win friends by accusing them of treachery.


when they have done nothing to deserve it.


In fact it inspires hate groups of every race creed and ideology because they feel left out and having to pay for


those that don't want to work for it or out of a warped sense of being excluded.


I watched the Wisconsin teachers act like drunken truckers it sickened me to think the world was watching as these people


who are trusted to teach our children act like anything but ladies and gentlemen these are suppose to be educated


taught to be well spoken able to debate and be seen as grownup well mannered individuals.


What I saw and will never forget is the pure venom and hate screaming vile and hate of people that make twice the


amount of their piers with better retirement and benefits and demanding more at their neighbors expense.


and then I see IRS and NSA officers that are suppose to be fair a responsible thumbing their nose during examination


and defending outrageous acts against Americans while allowing or ignoring the trashing of our constitution


all the while giving protection or avoiding action against groups and individuals that are not citizens or have


either religious or actual contact with groups that are subversives there are countries that give million of dollars to


setup and build religious buildings that are proven jihadists. we have always have had problems with organizations


seeding groups here the American Nazi party is one of hundreds cultivating relationships and recruiting members.


If all our leaders where taking care of business and exposing these leaches on our society defending our constitution


and protecting decent Americans we could be in a heaven on earth but they pit us against each other and many fall


for it and that is what really upsets me that Americans are so willing to fight against their neighbors and choose outsiders


over their brethren and are willing to take from others that which they will not give themselves.


If anything happens in this country it is their fault because they have fostered this division and stoked it to a roaring


inferno and if you have ever seen a furnace so hot that any small thing like coal dust it explodes because it is consumed


on contact and we almost saw that in Wisconsin I was surprised that like the truckers strike years ago that people were


not murdered and terrorized and the capitol burned down it was getting there and some other event is waiting in the wings


that may do just that and like riots of the past overflow city state and then the country the more polarized we become


the more likely it becomes and it is the responsibility of our elected officials to keep government and citizens from


baiting and inflaming each other IMHO.

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quite a read...excellent post!! i've suspected some of these facts for some time but also chose to be a part of the silent majority. and when the us government considers it's own people a greater threat than enemy combatants the future is bleak indeed.

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