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Tent recomendations

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Check the normal places like Walmart, Costco, etc. for some bargains. I'm assuming you want something light weight and easy to set up?

When all else fails there are always garage sales but the new ones are getting pretty cheap.

Good luck with your search. Just match to Arkansas weather conditions.

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Tents are a 2 edge sword i go without one but I can understand why many would want one.


First they are not water proof over time a couple of days after they get some age on them they leak like a sieve.


or even if they do not the floor seeps in water.


but in a dry climate they are excellent preventing you from eating dust in snow they are great too as snow is a great


insulator of heat but you need a cover if you don't want to build a igloo or if the snow id dry it has a tendency of not


holding together.


I would not be too worried about the height as out in the bush you won't be spending as much time in it as you may think


BUT if you are there are larger tents that outfitters use but you are best to consider a pack animal like a burro or donkey


they are great watch animals at night anyway it is better to do that anyway as it takes a lot of gear to really camp


even with the technological advances of lightweight equipment it is still more than one can carry if you take some


canned drinks and a cooler or if you hunt or fish you need to bring back the catch / game and I in a YETI cooler lasts a long time


But over all it is between the 2 of you to try to work out if your going to ues it as a bug out or just for fun.


I do not like not being able to see so a tent is not a priority but a good rain resistant cover is a must but I also have


a folding chair they are worth their weight in gold you stay dry and off the cold or bug infested ground.


depending on your area sometimes a hammock is a better deal as long as there are decent size trees and close enough to


make it work.


each climate and terrain requires different equipment I even though about one of those folding small boats if I were to be in a


swamp area as you could use it as a roof / cover and then as a boat they fold flat there ares some kayaks and canoes


also normal ridged ones are great if your in a water bound area and intend to live close to the bank.


there are numerous ways of looking at camping bugging out and or survival but it comes down to weather and terrain


some people are considering the mountains then you need some other equipment.

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I would recommend that you go to REI on-line and use their tent tutorial/selection pages.

Then it would be to buy the best you can afford. Also think about getting to small bivy type tents, this would allow you to spread the weight equally. And if you are separated you each would have a shelter.

I think the biggest advantage is the protection from insects.

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If I am going to go through all the trouble of a tent much less 2 of them I would opt for the davis tent


I have and will choose canvass over any other material it has way to many uses as a material than rip stop nylon or


any other man made fabric IMO here is a synopsis of this companies material and their efforts to make a quality product.

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A bit pricey Jon but they look really good. I guess quality does cost a little

I see some really good lightweight tents for packing.

Yea, they are a bit pricey, but actually not that much more than some of the ones I've seen at the local stores, such as Dicks Sporting Goods. And when I think about the huge amount of weight savings I'll get, its worth the extra money, to me anyways. For now, I just have a huge double person hammock. Its nice and heavy duty. In a pinch it will work perfectly as a rain shelter.

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