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Naked & afraid the new series on the discovery channel

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I thought why not sounded interesting like our ancestors they had to start from nothing.


Now I doubt I will be tuning in after the first commercial I had come to one conclusion that


the Producer or director has no taste that woman's azz looks like 2 pigs fighting under a wagon sheet


I mean as far as azzes go and I have seen a few that is one ugly azz in fact I would hope they use tight shots


more in the series as not to scar our children for life.


my other hope is that the front is a vastly more improved landscape than the posterior if not look for deflated


horse apples and more cottage cheese than the dairy section.


my fear is that if this series last very long then weight loss will make for more loose skin and fugly that


anyone could bear and that would ruin market share.


If there was anyone I would rather see in a burka bag she's it, the discovery channel needs to rename this show


the bride of Frankenstein's azz and run it as a horror show.


I will leave the male critique to one of the ladies

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Well I ran out of stuff to watch and did watch


It was very enlightening in 2 episodes the men were injured and the women held up OK one the mans foot was punctured


and became infected.


the other the male got sun burned severely to a point where he could not function and water he found he drank without


treating real mistake


That should lay to rest that anyone and no matter how strong or trained some unforeseen event can take us to the brink


or kill us if any saw these shows it was very evident that emotional factors had a effect now this is in a situation where


they know that if a life threatening event occurs they will be an intervention and they can quit at any time.


yet they were pushed to almost the breaking point.


I am not meaning this a a condemnation of any of these people but it is very telling how in less than 100 years we have


changed form self sufficient farm and ranch / common sense nation of explorers and adventurers to a pampered


society and I am one also I love my AC the convenience of ice and running water and bathroom facilities and toilet paper.


I have had to do without these luxuries and will say THAT SUCKED!


I do not like my beer with ice but in some parts of the world that is the only way you get cold beer so drink fast or you will


have a watered down mess.


Consider not being able to go to the freezer and PICK your meal or having to wait months or a year for fresh lettuce


where everything is canned {mason jars} this should be very apparent that each family needs hundreds of jars


1/2 pint to quarts as well as plenty of lids rings and stainless pots pans and equipment to sustain their lifestyle


ground meat sausage and cubed steak as well as whole cleaned dressed birds can be cooked in the jars and or pan cooked


covered with their juices and pressure canned.


in days past they cooked pork and venison sausage placed it in a clean mason jar hot and covered with pork fat / grease and


put a lid on it and the heat from the grease would seal the jar.


this is how many fed a huge family as you did not need to cook everything only certain portions of the meal bread, biscuits


cornbread or a flat bread was made every day they did not have any breakfast foods till the early part of the 1900's


American ingenuity created the glass food canning jars in the mid 1800's but not affordable and mass produced till later


here is some history


in any major crisis any item that can be used for keeping and sustaining life is considered priceless and would be hard to


come by.


a recent bumper crop of figs has filled 2 cases of jars whole & preserves one grape vine has produced a case of grape jelly


I have given away a bushel of tomatoes and my lime tree will produce a few quarts of juice. but I will put them up in very


small jars as I use this to coat many vegetables and fruits to prevent browning and fungus growth on dehydrated foods


even without water or juice in them they can be hot water bathed canned in portions you consider meal sized


as some years are lean and some bountiful without enough jars to save these you will go without or die from starvation


if things continue as they are money will become tight so no matter the situation it is better to be ready than not


canning jars have been used to hold and sterilize dry bandages prevent mold mildew and air degeneration of many items.


jars are fragile so consideration of shelves with a lip to prevent a animal intruder from raking them onto the floor


with rubber mating available I would cover the floor so an accident would not always end in loss.


virtually every food or meal can be canned chicken and rice chicken with juice add dumplings later cheese


cooked in the jars or using both pans to sear and give that smokey browned flavor and then juice added


you will find that having powdered bullion not little cubes they go bad fast----and spices to enhance or stabilize flavors.


things you need to make it easier on you and give you the capacity to work efficiently are as follows


A good quality pressure CANNER not a pressure cooker


The American 21 quart is a perfect size as it will stack 2 layers and yet not so big that it takes much longer to


get working as you must vent steam about 5 minutes before placing the weight on and start your canning cycle.


pressure canners have a flat bottom straight wall sides and are made with jar size in mind they create more vacuum


on jars than water bath canning methods can also pressure canners are condensed steam much higher heat inside


giving you a as good as commercial vacuum and sterility as possible in the home kitchen.


a magnetic lid lifter make it safer and prevents burning fingers and hand while getting and placing lids on jars.


lid rack to keep lids from sticking together and ruining seal properties.


jar lifting tool to prevent breaking and burning hands removing jars from pots


stainless jar funnel keeps the rim clean so your jars seal tight


a jar wrench I only hand tighten jars before placing them in a water bath {WB} or pressure canner.


stainless steel grater


stainless steel colander


large stainless stock pots 1 of each size with lids 1 gallon 2 gallon and 3 gallon


stainless steel large mixing bowl "nested" set the ones that cost about 20 bucks.


stainless clad bottom without Teflon or other coating pan set with at least a 12 inch skillet as canning or processing


requires cooking large portions at once and transfecting to jars before pressure canning


I bought some commercial stainless steam table pans for roasting or oven cooking before canning

great for Bar-B-Q then add your favorite sauce and can.


stainless steel spoon set slotted w/ holes and without


a stainless potato masher


stainless spatulas a couple different styles and shapes for different items


Bamboo spatulas spoons and some skewers you can use them to jig bubbles out of jars


Mandolin slicer makes even slices so cooking / drying time is even not to mention 5 times quicker than hand slicing and looks

professionally done


a large stove eye or a heat spreader to prevent scorching while cooking on a burner


green scrub pads plenty of them to clean mineral deposits after boiling or water bath canning


I keep a large supply of Dawn dish soap it cleans grease and oils well rinses well you will go through more as you


will eat out less nd do more chores that require cleaning so have a large bottle for every month of your storage.


mason makes 1/2 and 1 gallon jars these are great for pickling sausage boiled eggs making sauerkraut etc.


They are way to big to can with as the internal temperature will not get high enough to prevent spoilage


so never use anything larger than quarts for pressure or water bath canning.


water bath canners are stone ware{ steel coated with a baked on finish} the coating chips so be nice to it

they are nice because you can buy a rack this keeps the jars from bouncing together and cracking

or you can use white old towel on the bottom keeps bubbles from bouncing the jars.


all of this can be every day use items so do not consider them hobby items only used a few times a year

any time you get a #10 can or a lot of dented cans or free bulk food it is time to can it up

some people make a gallon of sauce as long as it is acidic you may water bath can it.


The great thing about stainless kitchen items they last a life time and even if scorched they can be brought back

to as new condition coated or painted color coated baking wear is not as forgiving.

I have bought many of my items at yard sales and on sale.


when making sausage patties use a wide mouth jar as a cutter roll out the meat as thick as you want and cut with the

open mouth as it cooks it will shrink and fit in your jar use the oil drippings pork lard or bacon fat as filler in fact you can

save bacon drippings and seal them to use in or for cooking later.

Most people have no idea how much production it takes and how little oil is produced most wild animals have little fat that

can be rendered into enough useable product to cook for a family.

farm raised hogs have a greater percentage of fat that is turned into cooking grease as far as vegetable oil it is

not easy to make or extract an oil extractor cab be bought for around 200 bucks from lehman's and it takes a lot of work

many years ago traveling hog rendering wagons they worked on a percentage basis it was and is a trade-able commodity.

and may be again so waste not want not!

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I managed to "see" 15 minutes of "Naked and Afraid". Utter waste of time. Felt like I needed to boil my eyes everytime they showed a pixelated bum or groin shot. Will never watch that show again, too stupid for my tastes. Not enough good information, just another useless reality show.

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