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Home remedy for that special person

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OK your in a TEOTWAWKI situation and your doing ninja rolls and crawling from cover to cover


AND you end up with the crabs be it from found clothing or bedding or that special person.


Well your in luck that petroleum jelly is going to come in handy again for another use.


and this also works for hair lice.


grease your hair or head if you have enough you may not have to cut it all off


grease your eye brows and eyelids as well as BELOW don't get too happy with trimming that area


as you need hair to hold the jelly if your BALD a good cleaning with lye soap should be good.


Use the petroleum jelly liberally in all these areas if you do not then they will appear there.


do this for 10 to 14 days it should suffocate the little beasties and their progeny and end the cycle.


you should do this while your boiling all your clothing and anything that may be infested anything


that you cannot boil heat it like near a fire and a bit of smoke won't hurt and while it is still hot jam


it in a plastic bag and press out all the air you can and close for a couple of weeks that should kill them off.


For your reading pleasure next I will delve into the pin worm problem and explain in DETAIL how to


rid yourself of these twitchy little buggars

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I'll knock over a drug store and while the rest of the thugs are looking for narcotics, I'll be raiding the "personal" section!

LOL. I'd never thought of using vaseline like that.. Actually, I thought I was doing good just thinking about using it for fire!

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Well I was just wondering if anyone was out there I guess I know at least you 2 are LOL


I figured that may get a rise out of someone Hossfly & Wally well at least 2 of the 4 horsemen showed up


I figure the others will pop in before tomorrow evening.



Oh we are watching.........................signed

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Wonder how many calories are in a crab? makes the words HOME GROWN come into a new light


hey wouldn't that be great being able to grow your own food as you were bugging out LITERALLY


wonder if HOI SIN sauce would be good? I only mention this as I have seen people eat fried maggots


and all I hear is how it is soooo sustainable I guess a piece of rotting meat in a can and even on the move


you could grow your own pick out the big wigglers and leave the babies for the next day just a thought.

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OK they asked for it for those who did not sign in on the last post


here is the fast easy fix for Mr. pin worm it is Garlic and a lot of it so that means the missionary is not viable


without a snorkel might want to consider bumper cars well thats all the news that's fit to print.


Next time yeast infections and toenail fungus

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OK here we go Yeast infections: New medications have warnings that the use can cause oral yeast infections

and they are not only for one sex or the other,  people can transmit this to children or partner by direct contact

sharing bathing water etc etc etc.


1. dry clothing otton underwear and loose pants air that puppy out!


2. Good Hygiene go figure but again over washing can alter PH and that also can make a more hospitable place for this infection.


3. belive it or not yogurt restores good PH ballance I think also buttermilk may also suffice.


4. Boric acid yes that stuff that kills cockroaches will kill yeast use about a 1/4 teaspoon.


5. Baking soda as a toothpaste


6. hydrogen peroxide as a toothpaste or wash make sure it is not more than common dilution it can burn if high strength.


8. citric type juices like lemon orange lime cranberry I think maybe even a tea from pine needles as it contains a lot of vitamin C./ acidity


9. TOSS YOUR SALAD  well not quite but I have done some research and basil tyme or rosenary tea can be used as a "wash" or gargle.


10. well there might be a 10 but I do not know of it but I have found that PH is importan to the growth and curing of yeast born deseases

      there have been videos on youtube about using common Baking Soda to cure cancer a higher ph of the body make it an inhospitable place

     for cancer to survive / propogate.


although I do post some of these topics to annoy some inform others this is serious information there is nothing worse that being

uncomfotable and in pain sick or drug out due to some health issue and I try to write in something to make it interesting.

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To start this is not tested science but it has come to light recently where PH balance is being looked at as a cause / start for cancer


if you look up cancer cures and Baking Soda you will find a lot of information on Youtube I am still of the mind that you should use


Conventional methods, but as none of the Baking Soda treatments seem to have any negative or counter active actions I do not see where


you could not do both without fear of undermining the traditional treatment.


one person was using a nebulizer to breath in a solution of Baking Soda another was drinking water with a specific amount of baking soda to


reach and maintain a specific alkalinity of their blood about 8.5 if my recollection is correct others are using the solution as a wash or gargle


as well for skin and oral cancers.


I see no reason for this not to be used as a " RINSE" for females as well as drinking the solution.


Cancer is an insidious and deadly disease and I by the grace of God have never had to deal with it, the way I see it is no mercy attack it


Before it gets you and never give up as long as you're not screwing up the doctors' treatment try what you can there are a few Doctors that


Are looking into this as well and find it has merit, but doubt it will be a treatment as it does not cost money . Generate mountains of cash.


Being proactive is a good thing procrastinating is failure waiting to happen IMHO.

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Here we go again some home remedies for ring worm skin fungus and tinea


One is to make a solution of concentrated Salt water and soak in it


The other is a sulfur poultice or solution


And never count out Gentian violet, Iodine , tea tree oil, camphor, even tobacco wetted and bandaged against the place of infection or bite.


a more radical treatment is shock therapy {LOW VOLTAGE 9 to 12 VOLTS using a pinch of salt in water dampend on a rag or sponge on the area.


and many itches are helped with cornstarch mixed with talk and a few drops of eucalyptus mixed well.


one of the simple and first tries would be Epsom salt bath or compress warm is better.


the knowledge that brought us any cure or relief came from frustration and trial and error and in TEOTWAWKI having a good mix of essential oils


as well as household chemicals would be a good Idea.


Many people made poultices and home cures as long as they are useful I see no problem, it is the snake oil bunch that worry me.


common consumable alcohol and peppermint oil and sugar or peppermint candy is a decent cough suppressant.

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haha, snake, if and when shtf I'm probably going to regret not writing all this down. 

As far as what you were talking about balancing the PH levels I'm not sure how that works in humans but I once did an experiment with aquariums (five) and by neutralizing the water all disease was gone and the dang fish seemed like they'd live forever. Prior to that it was a fight with over the counter items. It appears that bad bacteria can not thrive in a neutral PH.

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Use a drop or 2 of honey as it is a antimicrobial you can mix in a few drops of water or NOT just make sure the honey is not


Grainy from its sugars condensing if it is mixed with boiling hot water, let it cool and test if it is smooth and then use it.


Honey can become hard if it is just putting the jar in hot water, it will melt the crystals do not mix water in it.


and it is useable for minor cuts and bug bites.


my next attack on general buggery will be on chiggers and their other burrowing insects.

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OK well we are well on our way to having a although small arsenal of home remedies using some common elements


Warning some people are allergic to sulfur so a test on a very small area of skin would be recommended before you take a bath in this stuff.


in fact anything you might use and have no history with it would be better to err on the side of caution and test an ever micro amount and wait


a few hours before you go whole hog. even then have benadryl and plenty of it.


Sulfur = 10% & petroleum jelly { otherwise known as Vasiline} = 90%  can be used for antifugal and treatment for many skin problems even ring worm,


Scabies,  and it is an antiseptic


should there be a problem in supply or shortage of over the counter OTC medications then we will be scrounging


and as far as I can see petroleum jelly will be a major find or commodity if you have a supply of pure sulfur as from


garden centers you can mix your own and trade or sell or use it.


Zink oxide can be mixed with petroleum jelly it already comes as zink oxide and has many uses including skin problems


zink has been used to control foot stench and rot for years.


while you can and when you can your dollar stores are your friend and get all this while you can.

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I almost forgot about chiggers a good smelly nail polish dabbed on the speck of blood where they have dug in will suffocate them and make them back


out I thought this may well work on ticks coating them and the area their mouth is connected to as any part left under the skin could allow for


Cellulites as well as dreaded diseases from tick bite like rocky mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease I am sure there are many others


but WTSHTF who knows what evil lurks in the critters that crawl and fly.


You may think your a bad MF'er until your azz get infested with sand fleas and you have a thousand bites in 1 night and as they arfe chewin' your azz


the mosquitoes are eating on the other side and what they don't chow down on here we got chiggers and leaches as well as bull nettle and many other


fun stuff dewberry vines prickly pear cactus wait a minute vine and poison ivy, oak and sumac snakes scorpions spiders as in black widows


and brown recluse as well as others and much of the country have similar to worse.


Add in feral hogs and anyone on the ground needs to go ahead and dig a shallow grave IMHO.

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recent news about a new Bourbon virus when I first say it it reminded me of ebola I have tried to explain that bggin out is a very hard decision


this is one reason why I have a concern that some viral will break the barrier between ticks lice mites chiggers and fleas we may also include bed bugs


if you have not included DEET 100% in your kit get it many have stated that it bothers their skin, you can put it on your boots and clothing very lightl.


Have harped on having a head net I do it some more bats have killed some children here biting them at night they not knowing they were bitten by a bat allowed the rabies virus to mature to where treatment was of no use and they unfortunatly died.

If your in the boonies and not covered and your having to live in the woods or on a river screen mosquito netting and insect reppelent is your only defense from a sure painful death.

Do not forget Avon skin so soft I recently did a internet search on different repellents most are terrible they should be called attractants.


I am reassessing my view and wondering if people need to have Tyvek bunny suits this critters are deadly i have also been concerned about mosquitioes

they have been known to crop up with new diseases it has been a long time and people become desensitized to information that seems old

but in my mind it is not that long ago the west nile was a worry now that it has been around people don't even register it as a potential problem.


We live in a more and more dangerous world as far as diseases insects bats and other vermin are carriers or have the ability to infect humans

with more deadly and fast killing viruses this new one killed a man in 11 days.


Knowing to wear long socks tuck pants inside boots depends but if the area is dense you may want to tape or tie wrists to gloves.

The neck is a area we need to protect if you ever had a asp or scorpion nail you as well as ground hornets killer bees etc.

if a region has trouble and your in a vehicle and it craps out you may not be able to walk the roadside and have to parrallel it.

you may as well be in the middle of the woods these critters may not be obvious for miles and then your in a small area where they are

thick as gravy many years ago a few kids got stranded on a creek at night on a sand bar they were in less than 12 hours looked like swolen strawberries.


DEET,  Avon Skin So Soft  buy a large stainless steel liquor flask and fill it with this or both one of each and have a good head net and long clothes and gloves anything exposed is going to get eaten it is not if and in a SHTF situation it can and will kill you I would worry about your children

and pets as well this new Bourbon virus is a game changer watching the swift waves of new diseases and invasive insects and diseases

things are moving faster and more of them Lyme and another Lyme type has been found and now this.

then the Hunta virus in drout areas as well as these insects can transfer blood to blood diseases it is rare but I see no why that will not be the next barrier to fall.

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      дея фльму: народ за свою волюземлю здатен звернути гориповернути назад рки. Але, з огляду на нашу укранську терплячу ментальнсть, лише тод, як… вдарить грм… Отож, люди добр, грм грянув — пора до прац! Навпаки, режисер тльки прискоривтак шалений ритм роботи, впевнений, що його фльм допоможе укранцям зробити правильний полтичний вибр.не тльки встиг зняти, змонтувати фльм, а й показати його по телебаченню ще до Референдуму. Але вже пд ншою, символчно-бблйною назвою-закликом: Час збирати камння. Результати Референдуму окрилили Андрощука: незалежнсть Украни пдтримали 90,32 % громадян. Це була перемога.
      Сторнка 7, трейлер 7857 - . Кив. впаторя. вано-Франквськ. змал. рпнь. Алушта Пд водою. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8 Оцнка фльму. 9,1 Рейтинг. Всього оцнок: 414. Страшилки. Режисер: Роб Леттерман В ролях: Джек Блек, Одейя Раш, Длан Мннетт, Раян Л, Ем Райан, Хелстон Сейдж, Джиллан Белл, Ствен Крюгер, Аманда Ланд, Тмот Саймонс. Twitter. Facebook.
      25-та бригада транспортно авац (25 Бр ТрА, вч А3840) — аваз'днання ВПС Украни. Структурно належить до Повтряного командування Центр. У счн 1992 року, 25-й гвардйський вйськово-транспортний авацйний полк ВПС СРСР увйшов до складу Повтряних сил Украни. Пд час Боснйсько вйни екпажами полку проводилася ротаця вйськогослужбовцв 240-го окремого спецального батальйону ЗСУ з складу миротворчих сил ООН в БоснГерцеговин.
      В наявност. Поролон 35-плотность марка HR3535 размер 120х200х4 см. Доставка з м. Харкв. 100% позитивних вдгукв В наявност. Поролон 35-плотность марка ST3542 размер 160х200х4 см. Доставка з м. Харкв. 100% позитивних вдгукв.

      98 .2019. Мар'яна переглянула Подарунок: пд замовлення або сюрприз? .2019 99 Свж новини вд зрок. .2019 98.
      Серал Сидоренки-Сидоренки дивитися онлайн у високй якост.Фатальний курйоз у новому серал вд 1+1 пд назвою Сидор Енки-Сид Оренки. Рк: 2019. Жанр: Серал Крана: Украна Актори: Дмитро Суржиков, Олеся Власова, Петро 39 серя. 39 серя Сид Оренки - Сидор Енки. 40 серя. 40 серя
      В 1983 роц, пд час вонного стану, млця насмерть забила 19-лтнього юнака жеожа Вд прем'ри попередньогоповнометражного фльму Марека Лехкого минуловжевсмрокв. Таце не значить, що я вдмовлюсь вд суворо мови. Прем'ра картини Томаша Василевськоговдбудеться в 2019 роц.
      Що подивитися: крута пдбрка кращих новорчних фльмв.П'ятдесят вдтнкв свободи (2018); Форма води (2017); До зустрч з музичний клп, в якому пд модну музику демонструються шикарн пентхауси, за мотивами Зоряних вон 10 кращих онлайн-шутерв для i OS та Android
      Укранське кно у 2019 роц: гучн фльми про вйну, як нам варто подивитисязбрало гучн вйськов фльми, як варто подивитися у 2019 роц. Режисер Валентин Васянович вдмовився вд роботи з сво вчинки, зроблен пд час тих жахливих подй на сход Украни. (0564) 40-03-53.
      Дивитися серал Жива вода 2019 вс сер онлайн в хорошй якост на канал Украна.
      Текстовий онлайн та марафон в ефр Громадського. Дивться та23:20 У ЦВК розповли про курйози пд час виборв, зокрема про Це хороший приклад того, що спостергач працюють добросовсно, манпуляц, який нчим не вдрзняться вд соцопитувань. 20 грудня 2019, 14:59.
      Theory and Practice of Teaching Ukrainian as a Foreign Language. 2019. Issue 14.б) речення трансформуться в просте неускладнене : Пд час роботи над документами 4) Потм Оксана з Деном дивились фльм пили воду.
      Пд Сльвер Лейк. Under the Вд родини не втечеш. La ch'tite псля рестрац. Зареструватися. AMEDIATEKAДивитись все 2019. Рей Донован. 2017. Секс в ншому мст: Поколння Q. 2019. Зло. 2019 Онлайн . 2016. Красуня Ляля. 2014. ТВДивитись все Дф "Подорож Марка Твена в русалим".
      Як залежить наша продуктивнсть вд сну й скльки ма спати людина?Вашингтон провели серю експериментв, пд час яких 48 здорових чоловкв Вдтак онлайн-курс пдготовки до тестування — дуже зручний варант, ритм з користю для здоров'я хорошими результатами у навчанн.
      Фльм Додому Нармана Алва було показано вредакторка вддлу культури нтернет-порталу . Кно. 15 липня, 2019 14:49 Це попри те, що в кулуарах багато хто бдкався, що дивитись кно про под, Навруз Хкмет. Проте пд час роботи над сценарм вона довол 20 грудня 2019, 22:59.
      9 травня 2014 р. виповнються 90 рокв вд дня народження вдомого барда,Справа в тому, що фльм вимагав стилзац тексту пд врш вонного часу. Львовский М. Песни Б. Окуджавы Клуб худ. самодеят.
      5 практичних порад вд викладача англйсько, як помняти сво вдношення Наприклад, ви не раз чули, що фльми потрбно дивитися без субтитрв. В результат, ви зможете розумти т сам 80-90% пд час живого сплкування Hot 88 ТОП-5 лтнх таборв для дтей англйською в Кив 2019 Рестраця.
      Це, мабуть, найочкуванша прем'ра 2019-го, адже важлива сторнка укрансько стор, зокрема бо пд Крутами, нарешт оживе на кноекранах.Джона Доггетта в телесерал Секретн матерали Бака у фльм Вд заходу до свтанку 2: Кривав грош Техасу. Бюджет 60 млн. грн.
      Чорнобиль вд HBOсенсацйна прем'ра 2019-го. Серал детально змальову под Чорнобильсько катастрофи. Та чи все показане на (2019). Тульським грникам, як працювали пд реактором, було непереливки. 5. Не впзнати: Актори Гри престолв, як знялись у Чорнобил (фото). 6. Укранськ
      унверситету культуримистецтв (Протокол 12 вд 28 квтня 2015 р.) зробити висновок про те, що пд визначення реал попадають ус мовн Толковый словарь живого великоруського языка В. Даль. Москва : Наука, 1998. рецептивним моментом: фльми, знят у жанр мелодрами свом змстом
      Прес-марафон Володимира Зеленськогоонлайн Завтра вранц чекайте аналтику вд Слово Дло: кльксть Зеленський здивований, що пд час акц протесту до них нхто не Зеленський вибрав хороший президент. 14:59 Зеленський не дума, що Труханов зможе
      Мабуть найпопулярнший торрент-трекер з усх, The Pirate Bayторрент-файлв у кожнй категор, починаючи вд музики до фльмв та гор. випередження запустив свй власний веб-сайт пд назвою YTS, Використовуйте ц 3 VPN-служби для Анонмного Завантаження Торрент-Файлв.
      Фльми 2018 - дивитися список та трейлери кращих фльмв 2018 року.одного з перших найпопулярнших бродячих циркв пд назвою The Greatest Show Форма води 2018: дивитись трейлер фльму онлайн Одного дня на см'ю влаштовують жорстокий напад, де вуличн наркотогвц

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