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Nepalese (Made in Nepal) Kukri - 15" Blade

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For Sale or Partial Trade:




Kukris made in Nepal, unlike most American ones, have thicker blades, adding force. The forward design and thick blade of the kukri makes it good for chopping and combat. It can also be used for skinning and other tasks. A 15" blade is nice for both chopping and combat without being too big or small.


Wood handle, blade made from truck leaf spring steel, sheath out of buffalo hide. Blade cleaned with Dremel (a belt sander or hand sanding would give a more even polish though I don't have one).


These take almost exactly one month to get from Nepal and shipping is a ton for overseas.


Price: $125.00 plus shipping and handling (and shipping insurance). I'm taking a big loss when you figure in the cost I paid for shipping from overseas. I would be willing to negotiate a partial trade. I.E.: $100.00 and website design, or make offers. There isn't much low end gear I need but it doesn't hurt to offer.


Condition: Used only 3 times to test it's chopping capabilities, so very close to new.


Transaction conditions: Must be secure payment via Pay Pal, or I must receive payment first/use a secure online store like Ebay. Seeing as I've never shipped items, a little help on how to send stuff via Fed Ex, UPS, whatever would be nice too.


Okay, enough with the mumbo jumbo, bag to working out on Bug Out Bag tweaking!

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are you serious 81?

wow thats a sweet knife as ive told you already.

knowing that isnt a cheap copy but the real deal should make it sell quickly.

yes we talked about that shipping and you are taking a big loss. somebody should scoop this up.

i just located a couple of the g.friends christmas gifts today so i gotta pass for the moment. (figures)

hum....... i wonder if she might like a kukri ?

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Yep, I'm serious. I almost didn't post it, but I've got a few things left on my Bug Out Bag list I'd like to purchase, including a different kukri (it's got a different handle and no engraving - yes, I'm OCD about how things look *shrugs*). If I sell this one, I can use that money to cover part of the cost of the other one I want or toward a Kifaru pack, etc.. The pack I want is around $1000 when all said and done, so needless to say it's going to take a while to save or I wait until tax time after my move.

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