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looking for ammunition

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i didnt think the hold out on ammo would be so long...... anyone know where i can get .22 LR ammo that isnt almost a dollar a round.... checked my old standby and everything else seems to be sold out.

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I look every day for at least an hour and have not found any at less than $3.79 a box of 50 and up then shipping it comes


out still expensive and if the people don't act it is gone in hours if you think the rimfire shortage is bad try looking for primers


and even powder I finally found some 5 pounders of blue dot he was awake and first to call and he still was almost skunked.


so I do not see where the supply will change anytime soon too many people are chomping at the bit and I have heard all


kinds of stories but I do not see the shelves filling up any time soon.

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My advice for anyone is buy what you can for what you have I do not see this thing working itself out for quite a while


in some areas hunting ammo is sparse to non existent It is better to have an abundance of 12 gauge buck than holding


your breath waiting for something to hit the shelf should some new crazy event and then you can kiss the idea of a


full shelf in the ammo isle goodbye.


And what will you have on your shelf just remember that if it will penetrate a 1/2 inch of plywood it is effective


everyone is looking for the magic projectile there is not one what you have is more important than what you don't

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Posted this earlier but hope it puts the shortage in general terms.


If US made 50,000,000 rounds a week.

If every state got 1,000,000 a week.

If you only had 100 retailers.

That equals 20 500 round bricks per retailer.


We certainly have more than 100 retailers per state and they all want more than 20 bricks.


I agree with the government messing things up argument but we are not producing enough ammo to even meet the consumer demand much less the government orders.

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I see some 270 and 06 but mostly oddball like the WSSM calibers no rimfire S. L, LR or mags


pistol ammo is a very bleak situation and the things people are asking me about are the bottom and back of the closet


sh*t some guy called me and asked if he ought to get a break top smith in S&W 38 another asked about a RG in 32


the person wanted way to much for it. any decent revolver people want a lot for and have no ammo to go with it.


From the beginning I have tried to instill that ever arm needed 1K worth of rounds minimum now that is a TALL order


rifles you could get along with less but still brass is 60 cents a piece for new if you can find it for the caliber you want


then you need primers LMAO well there ain't none if you found some you better hang on to them then there is powder


that is hit and miss and finding exactly what you want is like looking for chickens teeth.


and bullets see a whole lot of "out of stock" pages and bullet molds are back ordered I just got one I ordered 3 months ago.


now I can sell my 2 cavity as now I have a 6 cavity replacement for it in fact I have gone to all 6 cavity.


As far as cast bullets in rifle reduced loads work great for 100 to 200 yard medium size game and you can use many


pistol powders for cast lead bullets {from wheel weights pure lead leads the barrel} Read this primer on this subject.


this information is a starting load and can be "improved upon" {caution I use green dot in place of red dot}


reduced loads like heavier bullets for the caliber the 30-06 used originally 180 grain bullets but the reason is that


longer bullets stabilize better and have more effect on target also a flat platen {flat nose} is also better


I do like gas checks but unless you drive a cast bullet in a rifle over 1400 FPS or quite a few rounds at a time you


won't need them and over 1800 FPS numerous posts of poor accuracy but copper gas checks work well past 1800 FPS


I have always used copper gas checks.


Some searching on the net will produce a lot of reduced power loads for cast bullets but you will find that you can drive


a lynotype lead bullet pretty darn fast.


Lynotype is also called printers lead it is a very hard alloy it was used as print set type back when news papers used


that kind of machinery and when the paper was run the type was melted down and reused {and they say that old timers


were not into recycling} anyway take the time and effort to cast and load some they won't hurt your gun they shoot good


and one side effect is that brass lasts 8 to more reloadings and it takes way less powder.


Here is one of the best I have found maybe in the world fill out the form on caliber and bullet weight caliber and you get


load data for cast bullets you want best to print this off while you can like ammo it may not be around when you need it.


cast bullets are best in single shot, bolt, revolver, most older semi auto pistols and lever rifles


magazine fed semi rifles that use gas system will get clogged and jam the rifle, not an absolute but better not to.


there may come a time when all you have will be all you got and if you are limited on components you will have to


do some southern engineering and roll your own and it would help to have all this information also look up


paper patching this allows you to use a smaller bullet jacketed or not in a larger bore size also there is bumping and


turning also making home made molds.


one rule I have is to get dies a cast bullet mold for every caliber w/ gas checks powder primers and brass a rod is worthless


without shells and learn about annealing shells it helps them to last longer.


Shotgun is the same you need at least a box of all brass hulls and a wad cutter die you can use card board for making wads


and poster board for over shot cards I guess you could cut them out with scissors but that is the hard way


and of course you need powder and primers if you educate yourself your pistol powder can load shotgun and reduced rifle


loads some powders are HS6 HS7 blue dor green dot red dot unique 2400 4227 W296 and I have seen some new powders listed


but check with the load data site above.


will they shoot one hole probably not but as long as you can take a deer at 100 yards and birds on the wing and loads


for your pistol your way ahead of millions of unarmed peasants as far as I can figure.

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This site will be of great help.

I use it all the time, and it IS very good. I've long ago given up on CTD, because their prices are outrageous and I refuse to pay them.

Hope this helps.


I agree with this is worth the search saved me so much time and money, because it list ammo prices by caliber then you can make it list them by Price per round, So it saves you time. of course its only helpful if you are buying in large quantities or sharing the shipping with a buddy. Every cent counts when it comes to ammo.

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