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How to get my Girlfriend more into Prepping

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Hey guys, I haven't been on in quite some time, but I've got a job now and have things going for me, I actually have a continuous source of income (even at only minimum wage) to better my preps.


I live with my girlfriend and her 3 kids, and we're in the mountains, for a whole 30 mile radius theres a bowling alley and thats about it for entertainment, so I'm trying to do what I think is fun, and take her on a date in the woods. I want to train her (and myself) to understand more about surviving in the woods, building fires, making traps to catch animals, fishing, avoiding bugs, building shelters, and all that good stuff. My only problem is I don't know where to start, I have minimum B.O.B / Wilderness survival materials. And she has little skills in this matter, so what would you recommend I do for a first date in the woods. Her kids are in daycare for 7 hours a day. I would want it to be a few hours, and some basics, then after that make more dates for longer periods of time to do and learn more. I was thinking making a Ti-pi and a fire, and possibly fishing...


Shes the type of girl that will follow me wherever I go and whatever I do, but at the same time gets pissed if she doesn't get it.



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start with a fire steel and water purification catching / cleaning fish and target shooting {with a scope and then iron sights}


you can work in on other sessions how and where to set steel traps or how to track or even just catch and release for now


with home made traps and live traps show how to make a figure 4 trap with just a knife and braiding some grass etc.


as there is no value in killing an animal unless you both eat wild game but live trapping is a useful training scenario.


and I like the Tee pee they have a natural draft buffalo chips were used to keep bugs away certain grasses and such


while burning.


and anyone that has some personal grit gits pissed when they do not "get it" sounds like a keeper way better than an absolute


refusal to camp or try new things and some stuff people will not do unless they are forced to but as long as they have seen and


understand it and the process they will remember and be able to do it.


I learned all I know over time so take time and enjoy it as if it is more like work what good is that everything that can be made fun


or turn into something like a cook out or a bird animal watching session helps people to understand the process


nature walks looking for local edible plants deer trails and taking live pictures of all of that but men can learn a lot too


sewing and cooking etc nothing is out of bounds except those things each suck at and that is why a partner is very


important but it HAS to be fun or have an end game or some great memories to make it worthwhile.


I remember trot lining catching minnows getting worms tracking and hunting all in the context of family camping or ranch work


most times it was fun but when it wasn't it sucked.


we had to put down a cow and then we had to process her as a kid that was a chore and was unpleasant I can still say


I do not like the skinning gutting and all the MESS involved with processing a large animal it is hard work and depending


on weather as to how much time you have I would leave this for the last session small game is difficult enough if people are


not used to harvesting and cleaning game or even fish.


of course if something happens I am sure by your description she will come up to speed fast but for now keep it slow and easy and


fun as you can make it IMHO.

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forgot on cleaning fish go for the filet method with a filet knife if you do it right no guts and little blood


and you toss the carcass not to mention the eating is fantastic no bones {you have to double check before cooking or freezing}


no skin just clean meat IMO nothing better.

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just remember shes a woman and start out slow do a little at a time and build up to something bigger...


Wally, that is SEXIST! Actually, it is not - it is a valid concern. Our ladies do think and react differently than we do so you have to take that into account. Try to pick things that she can succeed in quickly. Usually little things at first and if it starts to go badly, call that exercise off and do something else. Since you seem to be in the tall and uncut, your SHTF scenarios should revolve around the most likely problems, fire, storm, predators, etc.


You have the right idea, make it a date, but remember that if it is a date, she needs to be enjoying herself. Remember to occasionally include the kids in activities they will enjoy - treasure hunts, mapping skills etc.


You will know you have succeeded when she starts pushing for more things.

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