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I had a shallow well next to my house that I used to water my lawn, the pump quit working last summer and I've yet to replace it. I was thinking that if SHTF happens and we are without power, it would be nice to have an old time hand pump like we had on the farm to access the water. I've checked with Harbor Freight and other sites but nothing resembling the old manual pump that we had to prime has shown up. Any ideas on this?????

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check with Lehman's


you may say shallow but you will find a small hand pump will only pump from about 25 to 30 foot deep but there are


a number of models on this page and there are solar pumps you need to find out how many GPM you want and work from there.


it is pretty hard to hand pump many gallons of water if it is not too deep and you need more water a chain pump is


easier and you get more water if you live in a very cold climate there are special pumps for that.


lot's of luck

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Another great site is‎


My grandparents have had one of their pumps for years and swear by it.


Snake is right on the depth. Just keep in mind that your well is probably much deeper than 25-30 foot. You are probably seeing the static water level (the depth from the ground to the top of the water). As long as there is enough water (I think I read somewhere at least 5 gpm) to maintain that static water level, a shallow well handpump should be fine.

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Check the Northern Tool and Equipment website.


They have the old cast iron hand pump as well as some 12v emergency pumps as well. The 12v pumps need a deep cycle battery, and Northern also sells various solar panels as well should you need them to keep your battery charged.

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