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Nazi SS commander living in Minnesota since WWII


Apparently the reach of the powers that be and look through our emails phone calls, medical information,


banking texts and uploaded video and voice cannot Peirce the frozen north of Minnesota.


you got to figure he phoned home like E.T. at least once in 68 years?


Does he have a bank account?


is he on Social security?


did he pay taxes?








How many billions have we spent on this and cameras on every corner linked to WHERE?


think about how many cameras in the U.S. how much cable copper electronics they do not give the government


free phone service they pay like we all do how many people are they paying are many of them like the nimrod


hiding in Hong Kong ?


is it just me or could we have put our resources to better use tracking OH I DON"T KNOW MIDDLE EASTERNERS


like those 2 from BOSTON maybe ?


BUT NO the whole nation is suspect and under the threat of a free vacation to GITMO.


Well I don't get it we cannot and will not usurp the rights of a THING that murdered our soldiers at Fort Hood


BUT we can sh*t all over your rights and piss down your neck and tell you it's raining.


He is more secure in his papers and communications with his lawyers than you are talking to your mother.


Remember that much of this surveillance is computer recognition of a voice if and that is not a big if


the computer misunderstands your Yankee twang or southern drawl midwestern mumbled phrase


how would you ever know would it stop you from getting that job that requires a clearance ?


would your children be watched because of association loose out on government jobs because they marry


a non American ?


people need to consider all the angles before they just bend over and let all their rights get flushed down the toilet.


We are all concerned about our nation and many of us every day say all the trigger words that could put us


under a microscope because it is the topic of every day we hear about some travesty to our friends family


who are troops or contractors in the sand or local events hell there are shootings and horror events every day.


In every major city in every state so because we talk about it to our children on a school campus or at


college or maybe friends around the world we are under suspicion ?


Before all this tech our nation rounded up 5th columnists spies and criminals Americans worked together


with our government and kept them in hiding and on the run now because of technology they do not consider us


a ally but now we are not needed and use force to get what we would freely give if we were not so


spied upon by our own.


BUT they think that Syrians are a potential ally and are willing to give them guns the same guns they don't


want you to have and more and more.


Maybe now you see why I feel we are looked at as an enemy because if we were not we would be given guns


we would be trained we would be organized and have a civil defense DO YOU KNOW WHERE TO GO OR WHO




do you have gas masks like Israel? have your children been taught how to do anything but use a condom?


in Israel children are taught and know first aid CPR how to use a gas mask where to go what to do do yours?


During WWII everyone knew we had civil defense captains we had shelters MARKED phone numbers


for all agencies were listed in a PHONE BOOK!


We had duck & cover your kids don't even have that if there was a blinding white light they would have no


idea what it was and go BLIND.


use to be observe and report now it is spy on your neighbors and unless they are middle eastern snitch them out.


Your government are about to give children YES CHILDREN in Syria guns over there they do not look on age


recently a child of 14 was executed by the same people we are about to give weapons to for blasphemy.


guns and ammo like food and water gets stolen and sold on the black market used to further the agenda


of whatever war lord is running the show his political liaisons are more about accumulating his power base


and not about religion or politics.


Your children are left ignorant and untrained while we are sending people to train our future murderers of our


troops to use the weapons we are GIVING THEM.


and like in other countries the trainers will be killed by their students.


WWII children were interested and learned to spot air planes they learned to build and use HAM radios


crystal radios and the elder children were responsible and helped teachers in fire drills and looked after the


grade school children.


Now they sell dope to them and fondle them children are having children and are members of gangs OH it is


not new gangs are not new but we had way less per capita that we do now.


Our leaders have failed us completely the reason prepping has come into itself IMHO is because people are not


confident on what or how to function in or after an emergency we are being kept ignorant and we are forced to


do it on our own.


All the while our leaders are making laws that make it illegal to catch rain water some nimrod wanted to make


planting a garden illegal under the old FEMA rules anything over a weeks supply could be confiscated and you


could be held as a hoarder.


excess fuel can be taken gasoline diesel propane anything that they deem they need to give troops that will


be over YOU.


Imagine being an impressionable young person far from home {you would not shoot your neighbor so they send you




all your sustenance come from your leaders if they do not have it where will they get it?


well just like they do in Afghanistan kick in your door and take it if you resist they will shoot your happy azz.


And as all of you know murder and rape never happened in a war zone RIGHT ?


People have never been ACCIDENTALLY shot RIGHT ?


The truth will set you free well only if it kills you and this just might if we are not real careful and do something


now like change the laws require they look out and not at us train us not them let us help we would if we were not


looked at like a bug in a jar IMHO.

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Just makes me all warm and snuggly. Power the ultimate rush! Those in power always want more. Greed is so ingrained in those we sent to do our work in government ...... perhaps we the people should get off our collective ass and change out the players .... at the least give others a chance to feed at the public well.

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Since the combined intelligence apparatchik of the USA cannot seem to "find" Ed Snowden at present, I am assuming that the same twits that "lost" him are the same Federal employees and contractors that will be looking for us when tat day comes.

I remain rather optimistic that the federal employees, being who and what they are in general will continue their efficiency they have demonstrated in the Snowden-NSA Debacle and the recent Tsarnev Brothers

idiocy in Boston. It's ALL an illusion that "they" are indeed that efficient or clever. I mean, really, is Janet Napolitano THAT intelligent or "creative"?

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t2940 now that's funny as hell probably the same ones that cleared Snowden


Ad TPS I agree with you Boston was the one shinning moment that signaled a systemic and complete failure


I mean look at it he was tracked by the Russians and they were cooperative enough to WARN us that he was in contact


with the wrong crowd.


if we look back at Sept 11th the same thing happened the FBI was warned that those men only wanted to learn to fly and not


land that would have led me to do some investigating even some at the school had made some calls so all the conflict


between departments was suppose to have been opened and new computers and systems and look at what they built


a warehouse for our internal information with the money they were suppose to use to protect us.


By what i hear still do not keep updating their computers and equipment but what really put a burr under me was


the Egyptian GIFT of tanks planes and cash now we are going to give guns to Syria when there are numerous Christians


in these same areas that would gladly buy them to protect themselves from radical extremists.


The Curds offered to fight Sadaam in Iraq but OH NO we just let Sadaam murder them with chemical weapons


but now that Asaad is gassing people that are and will be our enemies in the future we get all teary eyed and want to help


while these same groups murder unarmed Christians and burn their churches sometimes with them in it.


sometimes I think I have woken in a episode of the twilight zone A BAD ONE.


There are people in Mexico and South America that needs our help to fight murderous government factions and


we sit on our hands Hugo Chavez was a mass murderer and we did little to nothing is that crazy or what?

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snake, there was only one bombing in Syria that had a type of gas or wmd in it. Both sides denied it. Do I smell a gulf of tonken?

I still find it amazing that every time people are Bush bashing about the wmd in Iraq they never stop to think of where it went.

They just say it never was even though he used it on the Kurds a few years prior.

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Just a hint everything in Iraq went to Syria this post was in 2006 and if you think those 100 suitcase buggers are missing


well they kinda are and kinda not but that is the story and why it was never extrapolated into a real answer is because the


American public has ADHD well here is the link

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Thanks for the article snake and yes once again I am being silly for thinking this type thing would have ever been reported here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's back to "who" owns the news

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