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An alternative to a pellet gun.

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Back in the day there existed a method of loading pellets in special rounds made for .38s and .44s called a "Pip-Squeak" made by Lachmiller Engineering. This would appear to be a great addition for anyone wanting to carry less but still be able to collect game as quietly as possible while traveling. According to an article in The Backwoodsman magazine by Mountain Mike (page 28 vol. 34 #3 May/June 2013) there are still some of these kits floating around (much more costly than when it was originally for sale) but still should pay for its self when compared to the price of ammo these days.

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Great thinking


I recall a O ring floating barrel made of brass and cartridge set for your caliber {6} that looked like your normal


caliber but were chambered for 17 caliber pellets fired with primers.


I am a fan of conversion cartridges that can shoot 22 CB's shorts or subsonic 22s but a person would need trigger time


to learn the accuracy and distance it would be effective at for small game.


and there are a number of conversions that covert many rifles and pistols to sub caliber rounds or pellets.


people I know are still and will have problems finding certain ammo also there were molds to make pellets round ball as


well as all the conventional types if people go to air rifle sites on the net they will see some people take these very seriously


some are very dangerous and as powerful as 22's and I have heard of larger caliber Air weapons.


Another alternative is wax bullets powered by primers {like they are available} but a wax bullet will take birds


and some small game at modest distances all people needed to do was take a primed case and press it in a bar of wax


GULF made a sealing wax that looked like a thick bar of white chocolate I have considered some testing but I have way


to many irons in my fire but there are different waxes and densities and a person could pan some to the thickness desired


and maybe infuse some #9 lead shot in them to increase energy with a shorter wax projectile like any challenge it needs to


be tested and researched to see if it is viable in a survival setting.

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Snake...I saw a site offering a kit like you are talking about. Seems that some liked it some not impressed. Newer version possibly better than early one. I suspect as you do that learning the impact point and range would be very important if planning to use for taking game. Some of the reviewers were experimenting with hotter primers and different pellet designs. It appears that one can get penetration through 1/2 in. plywood.

Once anyone got a feel for the impact point that level of force should take small game. A real benefit of such a system would likely be cheap training of ones trigger squeeze.....becoming consistent is a very important part of hitting what you need to hit.

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