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2013 may be ...

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This is a recipe for disaster ideological wars never end well this has been tried and the fed just ignores the states attempts


and basically says we are bigger and now that nasty old posse thingy is out of the way they can use the military to enforce


their WILL now it won't happen until there is money on the table but if they smell money them b@stards will be on them


like stink on sh*t or if a state make a issue with mooslims then like the little issue of BUSING they will be in like Flynn.


I was surprised that the head gear issue was knocked down on state I.D. cards but hey we live in very interesting times.

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yea you do that here and you'll be in prison for civil rights abuse and a hundred other charges


use to everything local was taken care of locally even hangings now we get no justice because of LAWYERS


if a city or county catches someone in the act where is the problem of having an impromptu trial and find a


nice tree or telephone pole and have a necktie party?


A fair trial does not mean they get away with the crime and spend their life in prison although it is not as good a life as


out in the world they still have visits mail sex clean clothes shoes bedding and a bed activities and hobbies a library


TV. food that most of the world would consider mana from heaven and even medical and prescriptions eye glasses


wheel chairs if they need it they can get it.


hell if it were not for the gangs in prison they might live forever all that healthy food and exercise {running for their life}


and they also have fraternal organizations and clubs although not exactly like the ones out here but you can't have everything .

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The things that sort of hold me back from too much disrepair is this.


(1.) With an all volunteer Army it is about one hundred percent Conservative based. Liberals do NOT put their hides at risk on a personal level.


(2.) In general the Government is too danm incompetent to be much of a real threat. Look at Vietnam, Korea and Iraq. They just won't let the military win. If they thought messing with rice farmers and goat herders was bad let them try and take a bite out of Texas' ass. If we pull our boys and girls out of their military and bring them home we will be hard to deal with. Especially when the good old boys from all over come a running. Neither Davy Crockett nor Jim Bowie were native Texan. We have a lot of friends out there that would just love to help kick Washington in the teeth.


(3.)As incompetent as they are, they are not totally stupid and will not push any further than they think that they can get away with at any given time. They are aware that they have about gone as far as they can for a little while and are already pulling their horns in a little bit.


(4.) Welfare leaches, Gang-Bangers, Liberals and other criminals are just not all that dangerous when you take away the police protection. They are one and all too unmotivated and cowardly to be a real problem to real people. I'll put three gang-bangers with their machine guns and auto pistols up against one Texas hog hunter and still not call it even. Hog hunters are the Texas version of bear hunters. You pay attention and are sneaky or you might get eaten. Chances are the Banger would die without ever seeing the hunter. Their ears are more messed up than mine and they can't hear anything except the thump thump of the bass their cars.


(5.) We the people on this board and the millions like us out there are the biggest and best armed civilian army in the WORLD and are many times bigger than the current American military even before most of them flip their Commander in Chief the bird and come home.


Basically they are a lot more like ticks and chiggers than the Monsters that they are made out to be. Prepare now and you don't have all that much to sweat. They are only as dangerous as WE THE PEOPLE allow them to be.

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and now today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IRS employees get 70 million in bonus.............just signed...........that's gonna make snake happy B)


If that doesn't the story about the Vet. hospitals and the bonuses paid out to supervisors while Vets were getting sick and passing away on their watch will.

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