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As I sit and ponder I can only wonder

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As I sit and ponder I can only wonder, WHAT IN THE HELL WAS AND IF ANYONE WAS THINKING IF AT ALL.


Our Government has gone completely rouge the constitution has been trashed and your rights, well you can't


wipe your azz with whats left.


This is Government any Government that has too much power and no respect for the people it is suppose to




The President is ultimately responsible BUT I have seen republicans that sit on committees that sole purpose


are to uphold the constitution there are republicans on the department of homeland security and in the IRS


Well folks it is time for heads to roll and their retirement and any other benefits taken away from all or any of them


next to treason this is making YOU the enemy your right to council your right to confront your accuser has


been stomped on the government has said YOU 100 million of YOU are defacto terrorists and or supporters of


them or their groups.


NO warrants no specific information to pin you to any illegal activity this administration has already


Stated that people who have guns or are Christian or ex military are considered UNAMERICAN


if your against abortion, Unions for free speech a member of the press a member of a group like the Tea Party


give or gave money to any organization that is seen as being part of what they deem unsuitable


your an enemy of the state AND YOU NOW HAVE A FBI AND NSA FILE as well as 1 of over 250 organizations


you have never heard of.


if you do not question or deny any information against you it becomes fact {ignorance of the law is no excuse}


Your children's e-mails texts and internet searches as well as any pics they send is and has been rifled


through for any usable data and kids are very curious.



If you hide like a scared rabbit your going to get it snapped off in your azz and your little kiddies too how do


you know something they have on your child today won't be used on them in decades to come?


are they being PROFILED as a Nazi as a socialist as a greenie or homophobic anti Hispanic or any other


racial group because they looked something up on the internet how about a pervert because they look at porn


HUH I cannot hear you this forum is all but dead only a handful of us post has anyone out there got any ball@


stand up or shut up do something or quit whining like a punk.


the DHS has completely failed a total bust Boston is one the shoe bomber hell a bunch of passengers had to


subdue him another tried to open the cabin door and jump out where was the air marshal???


why are hundreds if not thousands of middle easterners not being packed up and kicked out for donating


money to rouge organizations here and in other regions that are KNOWN terrorist strongholds????


OH NO but if your a Tea Party supporter your on the IRS hit list how about them asking for lists of supporters


If you went to a site on the net that had info your on the list if you were seen at or near an event


here is your sign as jeff foxworthy has said.


has everyone forgot the sequester how thousands of illegal aliens were released from jail?


has anyone tracked the released inmates for recidivist crimes? are the being tracked ROTFLMAO


you can't track someone that has no regular phone or address or lives in the street.


WE are now watching the travesty of justice of the century that coward from Fort Hood is going to be able to


cross examine the survivors HE shot and the victims families and I do not think the death penalty is a solid


end game He is guilty PERIOD everyone in the rooms saw him some knew him he had made terrorist statements


been online to terrorists and KNOWN radical groups e-mails and even made ON RECORD statements to


military doctors and supervisors SO WHERE IN THE HELL WAS THE DHS AND THE NSA THEN?


Well I can tell you under the guise of homeland security they were looking up gandmas skirt and fondling


your wife and children looking at your emails phone records and faxes tracking your credit card purchases


but yet NO I REPEAT NO middle eastern people have been evicted from this country like September 11th


NO one could fly but the military and of course the family of bin laden LMAO it is you that is their enemy


I have told you and told you they have your replacements in the wings the INS is another rouge group


they operate with impunity under the guest worker plan your jobs are being given to a foreigner for less


pay and your getting a pink slip.


If your a democrat do not feel embolden by any of this EVERY government without exception has


turned on it's own if your not a rabid follower and tow the line and you better not blink or they will


be all over you like stink on sh*t.


One of Castros right hand men asked him to ease up after the win of Castro's regime as they were executing


people right and left his concern was for people that were not foaming at the mouth pro Castro supporters


well you guessed it he was sent with the next batch and shot.


All of these NEW LAWS have been a dismal failure and undermined our freedoms all of the new divisions


under the sham of security have worse than failed they were so broadly abused that they actually allowed


enemies of this country to come her through INS and missed by DHS and ignored by the CIA and NSA


the rest of the alphabet is brought to you by the count and the cookie monster.


IT IS TIME to repeal all of these programs as they are an abysmal failure the heads and key functionaries need to


be fired some need to go to jail and all of them need to have their pension stripped as in the least they have


lied under oath and have subverted the constitution and have done much worse made us question our


government our soldiers or neighbors and made our people and many are not to perform illegal acts on


the citizens of the United States en mass and not just one but numerous because they used different


protocols internet, phone land line and cell, faxes and how in the hell do you know has you mail been


looked through have your work records been examined? f you work for any group at an airport ship or


transfer company trucking industry any government job you have been and are continually being




People pull your head out of your nether regions before you suffocate and do something your congressman


and senators numbers are online in your phone book and you need to raise hell because when your in handcuffs


and prison orange no one will believe you then and that is the position they want you in.


If you have not realized it because your too busy watching old episodes of jersey shore the Government


locks your accounts seizes your home and vehicles and puts you in jail then drops a ton of charges and paper on


you it is to prevent you from being able to defend yourself recently they have been using game wardens


as their need for a warrant to search your home is not limited they are calculating and will use any means to


harm you and your family if your in their way there is nothing worse than a functionary or bureaucrat


or a gutless local agency that will not stand against illegal actions against it's citizens.


Never let a crisis go to waste and we got 4 and if the INS gets looked at 5 IMHO.

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Now, where DO you guys live again?????


At The White House.









If your not " Physically Fit ", then your just Food for the Zombies.LOL.

In GOD I Trust, Everyone else keep your hands where I can see them!

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Cavuto on business this morning was EPIC


Ben Stein and the rest of the panel were on topic on target except of course Julian he is such a boot licker he is so


blatantly socialist he undermines his own position but the topic was about the police state and all agreed we are in one.


I know / knew for 20 years that this has been going on computers just make it much easier to glean information as the


parameters can be adjusted on the fly.


One minor problem in communications many signals can go over one wire and many many thousands over fiber optic


and these signals are from all the globe so to say they are only garnering information from this end is a fallacy.


if you buy shoes from a store and they ship from a ex soviet block state you information is transmitted to that


location now let us say that they support a local religious or fraternal organization that has unknown agenda


your now a target of special interest.


I would go into more specifics but if you buy sell or email anyone external to the contiguous states your on the list


mooslims make up 1.2 billion people they densely inhabit 1/5th of the world and the nature of their teaching they MUST


overcome all and subjugate everyone under sharia and that is not a secret.


I only mention this as it means that there is no telling whom your speaking to and where if you call customer service


many U.S. companies have their CS answering systems where mooslims are working if they get a call from a person of interest


at their work and then you the next caller what does that do for your esteem here with the powers that be so your trying


to get your router fixed and next thing you know your targeted by a drone strike or setting up house keeping at GITMO.


without benefit of legal counsel or due process of law maybe that is why we see and are rightly concerned about holding areas


that seem to be popping up and we all see that they are not for the illegal aliens as they are getting a free pass at every turn.


The only rational conclusion is that these interment camps may be for us.


If I am not a mooslim and not aligned with anything other than my party and politically not radical then why would they want


to have 170 million persons on a TARGET LIST? if you do the math that is how many citizens, we have the rest are a


collection of aliens legal and illegal, visitors and people on education and work visas or political asylum.


Americans are being strangled by thousands of taxes forms rules regulations and restrictions that are not imposed equally on


aliens as they are not concerned with the law.


Some food for thought many illegal gangs operate in the U.S. Chinese Vietnamese Jamaican Colombian Mexican Russian


the list goes on these people do not use standard communications more direct contact or runners as these groups


traffic drugs money humans and anything that makes money.


Why are they not being targeted why do we see increasing cooperation and still have drugs on increasing scale in this


country if we have such wonderful tools? and thye have kept us safe from attacks B.S. if that were true then the drug


war would have been handled and importation of sex slaves and extorted victims of illegal human trafficking would


have been brought to it's knees.


It is a lie and a damned lie we are drowning in a sea of drugs in every city there are hookers that are run by gangs and many are


illegal aliens recently a home was busted full of women from the orient our government thinks YOUR the enemy


when any crime is tripped over the local police act and then our tax dollars are used to handle what the problem the feds


have created by not using this technology on criminals and on us.


We are in an aquarium we think it is a great world we have light we have clean water food and a really neat background


as long as we stay focused on the internal features we are fine but if you look out and see that big ugly b@stard well that


is your government and those little flakes of food are what they take from others as they don't make it they only serve it


and they do it as they please when they please and in the amount they please.


The old shell game is being played on Americans and the problem is they never learn that it is a game of trickery


This security is a false security and Boston proves it every time they tell you your safe remember BOSTON even with


full knowledge that one of the brothers was in contact with a radical member of mooslimania the Russians even called us told


us and here these clowns let them walk through the streets of BOSTON with back packs and they were allowed to leave them


unattended until they exploded so where did all this crap work they knew about the pressure cookers and other components


they were told who to watch for and these terrorists were allowed to buy all the components even though our government


was tracking phone calls travel and credit cards so if you think this has had any effect on crime and or terrorism


what so ever your living in a dream world.

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