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Are we becoming irrelevant? has all the ills of our society been fixed?

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It is odd that there are so few posters in a political climate that has become offensive even to staunch


Democrats and hideout republicans.


It seems that the Fast and furious that killed one of our own agents unarmed of course he has yet to get justice


from anywhere in fact through all the noise it is the failed gun tracking that gets the press in fact how in the


hell was that suppose to work they cannot track guns here in the completely lawless region about


200 miles in any direction of the Mexican border.


US Embassies in Nairobi, Kenya the attack killed 291 persons and wounded about 5,000


and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, killed 10 persons and wounded 77.


These embassies were bombed by Qaeda operatives and they had been watching both for quite a while before.


We have known that any date that coincides with 911 is a time of possible attacks and when Benghazi was


attacked and four of our people killed it was swept under the rug and we were suppose to believe that the same


White House that was all over the Bin laden affair had no clue or intel that a attack may occur?


on any incident that does not enhance their chi they fain ignorance this is becoming more than a go to defense.


it is their only defense.


The AP scandal of reporters private emails and phone records WELL WHAT AND HAVE THEY BEEN MUCKING




It is what has not come to light in a political system that has gone over the line too many times to call it


over reach it is more about setting up complete control and effectively deconstructing our rights.


All the while they are digging in our drawers literally China is hacking all of our military secrets and basically


many of their high ranking military are speaking about a war with us in 5 years and how in the world can you


defend our computer systems when you have the alien work visa program wide open the catch phrase


internal failures IT"S CALLED ENEMY AGENTS folks this forum is not just about survival and friggin zombies


it is about our America it is being invaded by foreigners legally they steal ideas and learn all our secrets


and it is almost the biggest thing since the invasion of Japan December 7th 1941 while under the guest


worker plan these hundreds of thousands of men and women send money made here home if you leave the


U.S. your limited on how much cash you can exit the country with.


All the while our government is all pissed about money our businesses make overseas wanting to get their


grubby paws all over it although it is an American company the money made was not made here and the


advertizement expenses, leases, pay and all the other sundry expenses that make a company run


was spent there to make money from that region.


the complete ignorance of Americans confuses me if we are supposedly the all that and a bag of chips


our educational system is the beacon the world over how can that be with so many dumb asses wandering


out in the open?


The answer is the educational attraction for foreign students is they have access to labs computer systems


and actual work in the field within American companies in apprenticeships or to gain knowledge for thesis or


doctoral work much of our important defense and new technology is harbored in college computer systems.


and all that is being overseen by the most liberal and out right leftist that can be found outside a closed


communist country like let us say Korea.


When these foreign exchange students leave they take the knowledge of our fathers with them hard won


and it was meant to be a topic in colleges FOR AMERICANS NOT TO BE PISSED AWAY.


A magician never reveals his knowledge he may take an apprentice or his family to train in the art but never


give a living for the family away to strangers as that would water down their ability to make a living.


your parent grand parent may have pattens or have gained work from any one of a number of innovations


created here and now your kid cannot find a job and how about you can you find a job?


can your parents feed themselves or are day by day are they being forced to reverse mortgage their home


to pay mounting expenses of daily living? maybe they will be so destitute they must come and live with you.


A company cannot make money selling to itself recent storms have made investment advisers call home depot


a good investment well it is and it is not your money paid to insurance is now being used to pay out to American


families to repair or replace what has been lost it in essence taking money out of one pocket and putting it in


the other but there is a loss between pockets on each transfer and we have been doing this for many years.


what about homes that were underwater cars that were not paid off personal loans and a host of other


financial businesses that have been destroyed.



This forum is YOUR freedom YOUR press YOUR only way to exercise your rights and freedoms in print to a world


at large of ignorant people that either have not connected the dots or are trying to find answers beyond the


noise of the main / lame stream media even FOX news that claims to be fair and balanced fails to weave the beads


of truth together and like a dog with a new chew toy they drop important issues as soon as the news cycle dies


It is the people like all of us that can keep it relevant and fresh and it the face of those that think they are


immune from prosecution or the laws that we are expected to know by heart if you fail to let your feelings


and reasoning be known this is, We the Peoples platform to air our grievances and to put those who think we


are sheeple that we are in fact engaged interested and can and will vote our conscience and get more involved


if We the people consider those in power incapable or delinquent in their duty we can remove them.


Survival is political it is never one thing it is a concert of knowledge and techniques to maintain a civil


and comfortable underpinning to life it is all encompassing politics is life office politics your local city hall


the police and their supervisors are directed by politics and complaints of people


People that cry you should never express your views on politics and religion are the first B@stards to use these


tactics under the cloak of Atheism and for the good of the children or to protect your wives and daughters.


learn or burn, teach others or loose it, understand or die in ignorance.


If you read this if you remember one thing it is that China's military elite are considering a war with the U.S.


within 5 years that should make your azzhole slam shut with the present pattern of avoid and refuse to


assert the facts to events as well as defunding and limiting out intelligence community and failures to


take action when WARNED by foreign governments that there is a threat numerous times and even the warnings by


our own Ambassador who's job it is to know the region then we are placing ourselves in grave danger.


all the security has been pointed at We the People and for fear of being called racist or profiling we have


put everyone including our children to being manhandled and fondled for the sake of security treated as a


criminal before due process that they are so willing to give blatantly obvious guilty terrorists.


and unless we take a hand it will only become much worse.

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I also have a real issue with the Fort Hood shooting and how the victims are being victimized again


call you representative demand that these people be treated with the respect they deserve the children of those dead soldiers


will get no help or support if you don't do something if some snot nosed foreign brat plucks your heart strings or a quivering puppy


or a kitten then move your azz and do something I am not asking for money a free cell call to your congressman is that to much

to ask?


for people who were murdered by an alien agent paid for by our own government? all the while it was known that the shooter


was making anti American statements and was in contact with enemies of our nation?


come on pick up the phone punch in the number and tell them you are sick and tired of their silence and want an up or


down vote leaving it as it stands is intolerable we have spent untold millions to search for senators and congressmen's


family and friends of these same selfish elitist twits how about a little gravy on our sh*t covered burnt toast.

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well put, especially about the ft hood shooting. Calling it a work place violence so they dont have to pay the victims for the incedent.

We as a Nation need to quit walking on eggshells for thee loonies.

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I'm with you Snake the treatment of the Fort Hood survivors just PISSES me off. They are going to let that piece of trash basically put THEM on trial. He plans on a defense based on him protecting civilians from being killed by the bad old Americans...Of course the fact that many of them were not combat troops and some of them were NOT going over there is beside the point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One was a pregnant lady....Yeppers he took out a dangerous person there!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have not been as vigilant as I should have been on this issue. Please tell me he is at least facing the death penalty. That move to classify as workplace violence is disgusting. What next? Are they going to use that excuse the next time an Afghani police officer decides to kill more infidel American servicemen?

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Texas Bill


As far as I can find on the net and I take that with a grain of salt is that he does face the death penalty


but I am sure it will be something like lethal injection sh*t he needs to be shot with bacon grease lubed bullets


and fill in his grave with dry pig dung.


that will stop all the wannabes sh*tz you cannot go to your reward if your defiled it is that simple and it is not inhumane


we have done much worse in all our previous wars and dealings with problem nitwits.


hell at waco they used blaring music and threatened them over a P.A. system as well as used tear gas {considered a chemical


weapon when it was proposed to be used in Iraq} and then burned them to death including children.


NEWS FLASH ruby ridge 2 children and a woman were murdered one an infant in it's mothers arms she had no weapon.


the other child a boy was running away { not sure} from a agent he encountered in the woods.


In Pennsylvania I think it was Philly a satchel charge was used on black panthers and it blew the whole building down.


people need to read and remember history our country does not care how they kill us but they get all squeamish when


it comes time to save your children wives and husbands in the military and contractors in a war zone.


Time to get down and dirty or we are going to get this in a constant barrage of incidents NIP IT IN THE BUD as it were.


if your going to do something so heinous to earn your reward if we are able {and we are} to cheat them out of it


and send them to hell then then why not? because we are playing footsie with the rest of them all this marques of


queens bury rules is going to get our people killed here and there.


It is that simple THEY have rules and we don't A Christian can be burned eaten by animals we can eat anything


we can drown blown apart wallow in crap and we still can enter our reward not so our buddies in the sand GET IT.


Rules are B.S. look at all the rules being broken by bankers lawyers and our government spying on us using agencies


against us but when it come to war and killing OH THEY CAN'T DO THAT! What a crock of sh*t.


We have been dumbed down so long people refuse to think, this is war and it is a war that will never end unless we


use out of the box solutions if you do not know your enemy and use every advantage your in effect responsible for the


deaths of your own people.


EXAMPLE: you have a way to stop this right now and you do not use it because it is politically incorrect and they kill more


and you KNEW it was a workable solution and failed to use it your responsible.


So If someone pills a knife and you shoot him it is fair the aggressor used a deadly weapon and you did the same your


was just more effective, but your problem is solved if you just pull it and scare them away and they attack and kill


someone else ...... who screwed the pooch?


Survival is doing what you do not ever want to do to stay alive THIS IS A SURVIVAL SITUATION there is no dealing with


fanatics we do not mind using any and all methods to kill our own here like kid nappers and armed felons but OH HELL


some thousands of miles and they are killing ours like there is an open season and we got a fu@kin issue about how


we take care of business.


If Viet Nam did not teach us anything I guess nothing will they used any and all guerrilla warfare techniques against us


and broke every known rule of war and beat us at our own game and we NEVER lost a battle and that is the situation we


are facing NOW and it has already gone on for more time than NAM and if any of you think it is over your are not correct.


we are being led down the same path and it leads to a place few have the reasoning to grasp IMO.


During WWII we the United States burned Dresden Germany to the GROUND men women and children rules are for


card games with friends WE HAVE NO FRIENDS IN THIS FIGHT.

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