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Notice! Farm wind turbine risks

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- Wind farm could obstruct human activities if placed in low altitudes - mitigation: erect turbines in high altitudes.


- Birds and other flying objects get killed if they fly past a wind turbine farm; birds migratory path are altered in the long run. This can possibly be mitigated by studying the pattern and path of birds' migration prior to erecting a wind farm.


- Turbines can only operate within a range of wind speed not too low and slow and not too fast; usually between 4 metres/second and 25 metres/s and turbines are designed accordingly. If wind speed is slower than 4 m/s, then there is no supply of energy (if you are solely dependent on wind. If wind speed is faster than 25 m/s, the turbine is designed to cut off to prevent damages (meaning no energy for you) - mitigation: energy storage (e.g. in batteries) during times of optimum wind flow will help at the "too slow" and "too fast" winddy periods.

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well in a survival situation I think setting near a wind farm would mean having lots of birds to eat without all that hunting


stalking and waste of ammo crap just build a fire and keep your eyes open.


Half a bird {as in half a chicken} takes on a whole new connotation and they probably don't need much cleaning seems like


perfect scenario, build a fire and birds ON!


and wind is not perfect in my mind for the resources it takes to make them and construct them offsets the amount of power


they produce if you add it up your prepaying for power long term not efficient at all and to rework them is very expensive


another negative also they use a fiber blade not a natural material and it weights tons so just what do you do with these


blades at the end of their service life? is the paint on the tower and unit biodegradable? how about the grease and oil they


use for lubrication? now let us look at the guts a whole lot of plastic coated wiring and electronic components more crap


the only thing green about a wind farm is the money that someone makes from them it is a sham if you believe in wind farms


you may as well believe in Santa Clause.


OH forgot all that cable and pvc pipe to connect them and then hook them up to the power grid it is not like it magically beams


over to your power line feeding your home.


I know a way to transfer power over long distance without copper or aluminum but hey they forgot to ask me and it is


biodegradable it lasts and is virtually free OH that's the problem not too much money to be made on free ROTFLMAO.


And don't bother to ask and all you rich greenies forget the hit squad to come snuff me out before I let the cat out of the bag.


I ain't talking and besides just like every other idea that makes it less expensive or crimps the bank account of the mega wealthy


they will just get a bunch of PHD's to call you crazy or discredit your ideas and mke you a laughing stock and then the government


takes it and uses it in a hush hush place and gets all the benefits while we the people get screwed again and again IMHO.

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