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I went camping last night, but had to cut it short due to bad weather. When I got there it was humid and mid 80's pretty normal for this time of year. The winds where gusty around 10-15 until near night fall. I put up my tent, it did well in the winds although, I would want to make sure I have enough tent stakes for all the attachment points in case there are no handy trees. I went through two thunderstorms. The first around midnight, the second with heavier rain and stronger winds hit about 4 am. I didn't start getting wet until the second one ended. I'm not certain if it was because the storms were so bad or if it was due to my lack of tent pitching skills. The tent was pitched on a peninsula with no grass and sparse large trees. I had a great view of the lake and I was the only one camping in this area.


Here are some of the things I discovered. The Mountain House chicken and potatoes were surprisingly good. The meal was forgiving. I couldn't get the water to actually boil, but it was good and hot. Their idea of serving sizes are laughable it would have been 2 servings enough for my daughter and I, but not another adult. The stove I have is small and enclosed. I had some trouble getting it going since everything around was damp (we have been getting plenty of rain this year.) Once I grabbed bark and pine straw that were good and dry and I used Wetfire. The Wefire worked great, I also like that it is non toxic. Once I get the hang of making a fire in this stove I should be able to boil water. The other feature of this stove I like is because it is enclosed it does not produce a lot of flame or smoke unless ones uses pine straw. Carrying some dry tinder would be a good idea it doesn't have to be much so the weight in my pack would be negligible. Next time I will make a wind break and try it in the fire pit, I had it setting on the ledge of a grill another option would be on the concrete next to the picnic table. I used my lighter and matches, the matches worked better, the wind blew the lighter out. I also have a ferro rod I didn't try use, it's on the list for next time. I have a foam sleeping pad I was worried about my back, but I slept pretty well considering the weather with little pain in the morning. I added a water bladder to my pack with it full and a few other additions my pack weighed a little over 35 lbs. All things considered things went well and I will be doing this again to get better acquainted with my gear.

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Well you learned some valuable information in a survival situation it gets nasty and wet and a tent will not last


nor does clothing that field use is hell on equipment I like the term rip stop nylon woohoo that's a funny one


socks are the first thing to go it seems that if you put 20 miles a day you need a pair swap 2 times a day if time permits


the more you change the longer they will last or else in a few days your HOLY and I don't mean that in a spiritual way.


in the field foot wear takes a beating and you will go through about 2 to 4 pair a year I buy and wear a specific brand


and style as they have worked for me mink oil or whatever is recommended for the material of your foot wear.


some of us will need special or different foot wear rubber boots or sandals for part time wear.


it may seem very odd but people have been killed for their shoes it is not anything new but road agents have killed for


whatever they could scavenge and sell or trade in a severe correction in our way of life these people will emerge in mass.


if you plan on storing foot wear, nitrogen in a heavy duty bag will help prevent oxygen from aging the components.


sunlight and oxygen are the 2 most damaging things to stored goods as well as heat and if you can overcome these


you can store things for your lifetime without fear of degradation.

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Thanks for the review. It's always better to get out and do than to wait and find out when the chips are down.

do you know where and how the water got into the tent? If it was a seam? That may be fixed by some sealer. If it was a factor of the wind blowing the rain through the material that could be fixed by using one of the spray on water proofers.

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Well, I feel stupid :rolleyes:it never occurred to me to waterproof this tent of course I wasn't expecting 2 thunderstorms either. Lesson learned. I bought this tent through it's used, but in good condition. Since I'm not sure what the issue is I'll go ahead and seal the seams and spray better over kill than not enough. Although if I had to guess it was the wind it was REALLY windy as in (please God don't let my tent blow away) the second time around. Thanks for all the input I've learned a lot already in the short time I've been here. It's great to have a place I can ask questions and no one looks at me like I've grown another head.

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A good quality tent is a definite must! I have a nice waterproof 6-person tent that I've used camping numerous times for paintball. Its not something I'd bring along on a bug-out because it is simply too heavy to carry for its size and it takes at least 2 people to set up. This is the one I've been looking at:


Anyone have any experience with Marmot tents? Are there tents of comparable weight that will work out-of-box just as well for less money? The tent would need to sleep 2 plus a 70lbs dog that thinks she's a person.

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They aren't cheap, but the Kifaru tarp series are hard to beat for packable shelter. I have a Paratarp but want to someday add a Megatarp that will work with the same wood stove. I have the annex and parastove (works for boiling water etc) for using my Paratarp in cold weather, and a Snugpack mosquito net for warm weather. I have used mine quite a bit and it is still working great, only thing I ever had to do was seam-seal the seam in the center.

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Well, I feel stupid :rolleyes:it never occurred to me to waterproof this tent of course I wasn't expecting 2 thunderstorms either. Lesson learned. I bought this tent through it's used, but in good condition. Since I'm not sure what the issue is I'll go ahead and seal the seams and spray better over kill than not enough. Although if I had to guess it was the wind it was REALLY windy as in (please God don't let my tent blow away) the second time around. Thanks for all the input I've learned a lot already in the short time I've been here. It's great to have a place I can ask questions and no one looks at me like I've grown another head.


Don't go there ladywolf this is not your fault


A tent is suppose to be water resistant it is not you if it is a impromptu shelter it should be dry and


stop the wind granted if an object is against the inside it will allow for water to penetrate for long term


bug out a tent is almost a waste of time that is why I go with 10 ounce canvass oiled and wool blankets


many of the "camping" gear is nothing more than a 90 pound wet mass in foul weather and another reason to use


a hammock and I carry a folding chair to keep my butt dry as possible I might have to sleep in a chair but getting cold and wet


in a survival situation is bad juju I do carry a green tarp blue would be to visible in the woods here.


under normal circumstances a orange tarp to get spotted by search and rescue.


there are many ways to prevent your tent from becoming a UFO and you need to be very picky about where you set up a tent


certain trees are known for dropping limbs cottonwood, sweet gum, really any tree can have a damaged limb and in even a


slight wind can cause a limb to fall a limb the size of a human leg can weight over a hundred pounds that is a killer.


rock or earth slides and never pitch your tent on a hill as any bad weathers effect is multiplied and of course there is always the


danger of dry lightning in wind storms static can be harmful it may not kill you but it can blow off a nail cause nerve and memory


damage it is rare but it happens.


before you set your tent you need to clear leaf litter and level the ground making sure no stickers or something that could


injure your foot is under the tent clear an area about 3 times the size of your tent if your in a dry and there is a high probability


of wild fire consider well your surroundings water can rise faster than you can run the outside bend of a river is a bad


place as the water from up river will gather speed and like a race car will run up the bank and of course it does not have to rain


in the area your in also dams can release water if the level gets high from rain water coming down miles above them.


I wish there were hard and fast rules but it is more experience and understanding of nature and past events


here in Texas many a camper has been flooded out or run off by grass fires on the beach sand storms have made it hell


and hail is always a possibility in spring and summer and hail has killed cattle and beat mesquite to stumps and that is


one hard dense wood.


I don't care what question you ask nature has an answer to make you look like an idiot as nothing can stand up to a


Avalanches, flood fire, lightning, rock slides, tornado really any wind sustained over 60 MPH , water spouts


then there are rabid animals and just plain old animals that under normal events pay not attention to you or


run but if they have little ones or in rut they can become defensive and attack then there are others that attack


people all the time bears mountain lions and wild dogs if your not prepared your in a surprise and even if you are


it still adds up to an interesting time to be had by all.


of course it should be obvious but cold and damp heat and humidity can take a sound and healthy individual and cut their


abilities to nothing if they are not acclimated to that extreme.


As far as I am aware there is no defense against nature I saw a recent program on the tube where children were swept up by


wind in their tent and went flying far off how it ended I do not recall but people have been blown off cliffs rolled down hill


killed and injured so prepare for the worst pray for the best and thank God if things go well.

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Glad the trip was successful. Sometimes the best results are from "failed" experiments. You learn a lot playing "you bet your comfort" before you have to use the equipment to play "you bet your life".


One thing I do wish to complement you on; it is a wise woodsman (OK, man is gender non-specific when used to refer to the species as a whole; that is what the good nuns taught me in grade school) who has the courage to say "enough" when things are going down hill. The "persistence" that many are proud of has lead to more accident investigations than I care to think about. Most bad ends come from increasingly bad intermediate steps. Break the "accident chain" at any point and folks get to go home with lessons learned. Persist and someone else gets to clean up what is left. You did well.


Just my not so humble opinion, of course.

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right Capt


Yes you did well ladywolf even the best trained people and military have problems in the field I have


and I know many friends that have basically said sometimes it does not pay to leave the house or


everything went wrong but when it is right it is some of the most memorable experiences being in the


beauty that is nature.


And thank you for posting your experiences

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Hey, what happened to our ladywolf camper? Haven't seen her in a while so I guess she has a life outside the

I am interested in hearing about her next adventure:cool:

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