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    • Quite a few western countries have legalized pot & people have lost their brain cells & their logical thinking has gone up in smoke. They have been dum downed by smoking their weed, pot, Merry Jane, etc. Most of the snowflakes enjoy this activity, being pot heads.
    • AI is already here , is how I feel. When I copy & paste information, it never works over here at Survivalcache for some reason. They are trying to silence me from giving real information that’s out there.  Knowledge is power & they are trying to dum down the masses. Most of the population is doomed without knowing what’s out there. As I’ve said before & I’ll say it again the general public snowflakes  are living in fantasy La la land. My 2 cents for all it’s worth.
    • Did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Put Her Boyfriend on the Public Payroll ? full story here I don't know but lets face it trust is a hard thing to find in the halls of power. This smacks of "White Privilege", this guy is glowing white it's almost scary, and they both have that errie smile like a possum crawling out of a dead cows azz eeeeuuuwwwwwwww
    • New AI fake text generator may be too dangerous to release, say creators. The Elon Musk-backed nonprofit company OpenAI declines to release research publicly for fear of misuse. the whole story here  AI fake text generator I think they are behind the 8 ball there is already algorithms that respond to tweets posts and social media nearing the capabilities of the Open AI project. What warms the cockles of my heart more is that tech will soon outstrip the need for paid trolls and they will have to slither back into their parents basement. It never ceases t amaze me how people think they can be part of disinformation and not become a victim at some point. Stalin, Lenin, Castro, Mao. all did the same things without technology misinformed people created purgery traps lied and convicted people on false pretext and then had them shot beheaded or worked to death in a gulag. The insiders have proof of the crimes and falsehoods so they are going to get the axe first at first they have self importance and arrogance but as the power coalesces around the throne everyone outside the inner circle has to be eliminated to prevent leaks of the internal crimes and lies that started the convictions of innocent people. Once the inner circle becomes comfortable they start dying or like in Saudi Arabia they go to a dinner and all get arrested for crimes against the leader,state,  throne, kingdom and I am mortified that educated and intelligence people keep falling for this, it's like telling a kid I got your nose -- they the socialists communists leftists never never get it ! hell they don't even have to put bait in the traps anymore thousands of these "believers" glom on to these radicals and think they are going to become some sentry or commander for the "new world order"  in a world of 7 billion just how many slots do they think are open at the top ?
    • I know what you mean TPSnodgrass, there comes a moment where your realize that without intervention this fungus will only grow and take over as you say as for now we are limited in our response. I see where "they" are pushing and want open hostilities, me thinks that will end up bad for them -- but then again the tree of liberty blah blah blah --watered with ____ of idiots --- damn I keep getting that backward, but I think you know what I mean. I think more like General Patton, "but to make the other b@stard blah blah blah" So many famous quotes so little time........