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BREAKING BOMBER NEWS. ONE DEAD, one running and hiding, two policmen dead at MIT.

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Looks like the latest report says he escaped.


I was watching the BBC broadcast live earlier and they made some interesting (and uninformed) comments as only the news media can do. They were going over the timeline of events from the murder of the MIT police officer [rest in peace, brother. We'll take the watch from here] to the current search for the suspect.


The first thing they said that irritated me, other than glossing over the LEO injuries, was that the two brothers didn't appear to be terrorists as their attacks were "unprofessional." They said that robbing the 7/11 was juvenile and did not appear to be well planned or thought out. I beg to differ. The two terrorists executed their plans with a high degree of sophistication and an extensive amount of planning. They did significant research into bomb-making practices, they scouted the location prior to their attacks, they did a lot of planning and they obviously had some type of escape and evasion plan in the works, if not already planned.


When their identities were outed to the world, they knew that was game-over for them. They immediately put a get out of dodge plan into action. They robbed a 7/11 to get cash (important if you want to keep a low profile), stole a vehicle so that their mode of transportation could not be easily tracked, and were attempting to leave the city when law enforcement intervened. With their escape vehicle compromised, they decided to immediately leave the "hot zone" and go somewhere else to acquire a new vehicle. Law enforcement was too quick and a gunfight and chase ensued. Obviously, they knew this was a possibility as they had a number of explosives available to throw at the pursing officers.


This shows a very high degree of planning and probably support from abroad. I recently read a book called Terror at Beslan by Jon Giduck. If you have not read this book, I definitely recommend it. Giduck makes numerous references to Chechnya, and how America's next international enemy may very well be Chechen terrorists. This confirms it, for me.

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2nd suspect in custody, he was wounded and found hiding in a boat in someone's backyard.


I am listening to NPR right now and the speaker said that "we haven't had a successful act of terrorism on US soil since September 11, 2001." Why is this considered terrorism when Sandy Hook, the Aurora theater and other massacres aren't? Just because bombs didn't kill anyone in Sandy Hook doesn't make it any less of an act of terrorism. Thoughts?

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becuase sandy hook, Aurora, virginia tech, were not politically driven they just killed for the sake of killing the boston bombers obviously are part of a growing terrorist network in the US that is leaderless yet cell driven. at least at first glance....

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I am all for banning pressure cookers, batteries backpacks and ball bearings




I just had to get that out and since the knife attack here in Texas all edged things even glass needs to be regulated


and background checks to buy windows or cooking utensils and a 7 day waiting period for pressure cookers.


unless you already have one and have the proper permit then you can buy and fly.


Wally your post is right on.


I think the thing many are missing is violence begets violence {unless it is punishment} we see that these events


come one after another it spreads like a cancer one does it and some other nuts or ideological people get motivated


to go one better it is sick and perverse but it seems to be that way.


in times past it did not happen like that the locals got pissed and hung or hunted down the culprit and killed them


this put a damper on others who thought to do a similar thing was a bad idea.


Bad people and bad things are going to happen but we can keep it down to a dull roar by effectively terminating


these freaks of nature instead of gifting them with free room and board medical and dental glasses and medication.


some even have TV and door to door library privileges and meals brought to them and all the time in the world to


play games with the system and officers assigned to watch them, to a suicidal killer this is a win win they can kill themselves


any time but for a while they are in the news and POPULAR some get female letters and pictures and are revered


even today charles manson get love letters and groupies it is a sick world and people need to realize that.


even if they are locked up they still have a negative and long lasting effect on those around them and people that


praise are enamored by that type and others get sucked in to studying them or reporting on them one I recall in prison


had a reporter in to interview them at least 2 or 3 times a year and they got to relive their GLORY DAYS and they love it.


or they got a kick out of playing the injured or innocent party.


the problem I have with the whole thing is there is no way of knowing what will happen oh he will go to prison but how long


will it take if ever that he dies for such a horrible crime and that my friends is the tortuous question for those who are injured


or have lost loved ones the lack of closure / punishment the fact that they are still alive and those they love are gone.


It is a gut wrenching mind bending nightmare that never ends no matter if the killer dies or not but it is less hurtful to know


they are not living while those you love are gone forever.


and Wally not to diminish your pos5t in the least but it was ideologically / religiously motivated although politics was a


part I am sure but what gives me pause is the fact that they have been here for years and after all the freedom and


gifts / scholarships they could have done so much good and they choose to become murderers.


this should alarm Americans because living our lifestyle had no inner alteration in their view of the west.


same with the 911 attackers I fell like a lab rat in a habitat our government is allowing this social experiment


to go on seeing if they will assimilate or kill us kinda like keeping a snake inside our cage and trying to train them


not to eat us.


I have tried my best to let everyone know we don't have to be cruel but we also do not have to accept certain peoples


that are a detriment or threat to our culture Spain England and other countries that have a population of 4% and more


are seeing that it was a mistake even those born away from their parents home country have become radicalized.


Many here have said we should not be the world police and to my mind neither do we need to be a foreign settlement.


if people want to shake off the horrors of their old life they need to cleans themselves of all of their attachments.


I look at this like a drunk that stops drinking and takes up some other form of addiction he is going to relapse it is a


matter of time.


People that come here can flush that old life and make a fresh start or drag their old life with them and and as negative


things and stuffing feelings that old hatred and animosity comes back especially when they try to function in a society


that is not on the same wavelength we do not stop working and pray X times a day it is hard enough for some that have


religious requirements that demand certain days off.


when you feel like a 5th wheel it has a effect it is better to be where others have a like mind than be in exile and nothing


clicks and nothing make a person more alone than to not consider they belong.


the young want to have a cause or be a part of something and in the case of middle easterners that seems to be a hurdle


they cannot navigate as seen by 911 the Fort Hood incident a fragging incident over in the sand box and many others


I just saw that no incident has happened on U.S. soil since 911 ??? am I in another universe what about the D.C. shooters


and there have been arrests thank God if not for some diligent men and women in our security net we would have had


a bunch of events this political fog is so thick people forget and I am not one that blames authority it is bad guys that do


these things I only blame these others because they feel we cannot handle the truth and just make things worse


as it allows for confusion in fact we are seeing it again Chechnya or chechin means Muslim for the most part


and that is obscuring the fact but the call it terrorism but that is a fact but even though it is a fact it does not


allow for a pinpointing of the real issue and problem and some are trying to remove religion and bring in a world


governing body to eliminate what they think is the problem and that is religion and politics forgetting the human


condition that is some of us are evil and some are sick and until it manifests itself like sandy hook or Denver columbine


and a hundred others there will still be a body count and nothing can be done except after the fact.


China has had others but recently the 2 knife attacks in schools years ago a guy in california tried to kill children on


a playground at a school we were lucky the fence hung the vehicle up and he could not accomplish his plan.


BUT people never seem to remember these events and the news and politicians are so focused on pleasing and pandering


or have an agenda they won't remind us that there are no absolutes no permanent fixes and words put to paper


are useless against a crazy or devout person with enough intelligence to do something.


This reminds me of the joke about the guy that has a flat next to the nut house he is changing the tire in a hurry


and a man is staring at him and he looks scary he bumps the nuts from the tire and they go rolling into the street drain


now he thinks he's screwed but the crazy guy speaks up and says all you have to do is put on the ones you have and drive slow


and go to a service station and buy some spares and your good to go.


The man says hey your right and very smart I thought you were a patient the crazy guy says I am but I am crazy not stupid!


And there is our problem we fail to see what is right in front of us and the simplest solution IMHO.

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The murders at the mass shootings were still trying to achieve a political goal. In essence, they were trying to tell society that its evil for persecuting them in whatever weird, sick world they live in. I still think those should be classified as terrorist attacks, just as the Oklahoma City bombing and the Unibomber were. Different methods, same jacked-up goal.

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Major K,

I fail to see the benefit of being killed by an amateur terrorist! That is the same insanity as rewarding failed criminals with lesser sentences. A guy tries to kill me, is incompetent and fails, so he gets 7 to 12 for "ATTEMPTED" murder whereas if he'd been a bit more accomplished, he'd have gotten the death sentence? A terrorist is a terrorist (just like I think a murderer is a murderer) whether he is any good at it or not!


The reason the school shootings are NOT terrorist acts if that, then, the Ft. Hood shootings would be terrorist acts, the victims would be eligible for the purple heart (the bloody well should be!), the perp would be a muslim terrorist (can't have that, Al Qaeda is all but done, right?), etc. I think this started as 'domestic' terrorism and it became too late to call it something else once it became clear that muslims carried out the attack.

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