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This ost might upset some.. maybe even get me banned.. but

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it must be said.

The situational awareness of most folks is pitiful and apathy is killing and maiming people.

I cannot believe that people are so self absorbed, that a person walks up next to you and drops off a bag or package and walks away and no one says or does or reports anything.

Maybe it is my background, maybe the way I was raised, maybe where I am from; but if a person walks up near me and randomly sets down a package or bag and walks away, I will ask them if they forgot their bag or I am reporting it to officials and getting others alerted..

Most here know my background, but dang, random bag set next to me, I am leaving and reporting and asking the person if they forgot the bag.

Flame me, cuss me or whatever, but wake up folks, it is here. Home grown, foreign or whatever, terrorism is here and we must pull our craniums out of our rectums and notice and report. See something say something.


Then again, I am preaching to the choir here hey?

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Don't see why it would get you banned...we have discussed the fact that a lot of people are oblivious to what's going on around them. Looking at their smart phone, texting, earphones with music turned know...the usual that you see people doing every day.


Then there's the one who goes..."Hey!! He just forgot his bag, wonder what's in it...maybe I can score some good shit."

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I'm older and hopefully wiser/more "experienced" than you guys, AND you are absolutely correct. I do believe in MY personal life experience, that the vast majority of the population is always in Condition Oblivious. In my past law enforcement career, our agency in southern California called it being "HUA" Head figure it the rest.

Being a cynical pessimist by nature and experience, I am right there with you all on people being beyond oblivious, bordering on plain stupid.

No need to feel like you will get "flamed", the truth is always the truth, no matter what.

We need to always strive for the real unvarnished truth and let true chips fall where they may. Just my personal opinion.

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I wish it weren't so, Gents, but the vast majority of our nation has never had the need to pay such close attention to their situation. Think about it. I think we learn this type of thing when we have to, or if we are lucky enough to be educated on it at an early age.


Most of us who think we would be able to catch something like that LEARNED it by necessity, walking point, rear cover, door gunner, CAP units or what have you. We are the minority. Sadly, I believe America is going to learn "situational awareness" the hard way. Sadly, that's the way we learned, too...

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The Truth will set you FREE.

The Truth herts for those that don't want to accept it.

The Truth is what i'm willing to hear & understand.

Don't tell me Bull Sh!t & say it's the Truth, because it's BS.

BS breeds more BS.

Real people speak the Truth. Which are the one's i'd rather have as friends, Truth be told.

Stay true to your self.


Jerry, I understand what you mean & saying. I'm all for it. Say it like it is.






If your not " Physically Fit ", then your just Food for the Zombies.LOL.

In GOD I Trust, Everyone else keep your hands where I can see them!

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It may have been timed when a group of runners were coming in and all eyes on the runners. I guess i'm still wondering why backpacks were allowed in the first place.

Hindsight is 20/20 .........i understand you Jerry, when I visit my grankids it's easier for me to text them across the table to get their attention.

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Devildog is correct, most of us here learned the hard way to pay attention. Lots of fortunate (for now!) people, who never had seriously bad experiences. It' so outside their range of knowledge, that they can't imagine it.

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Jerry, you hit the nail spot-on. I'm sure its been discussed here before, but I'll post it up for purposes of this thread




The VAST majority of Americans live in condition white basically all the time. They are so absorbed in whatever is going on in their lives that they have known knowledge at all of whats going on around them. Not shown is "Condition Black." Bottom line, you don't want to be in condition black, because that's dead. There are some alternatives that show white, yellow, orange, red and black and Black is where the fight is on. Not as much of a fan that one.

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Why should it get you banned I say Americans are stupid all the time and by what I can figure it runs about 82%


most people are knee jerk reactionaries , "WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING" when in reality there is nothing that we can


do, prevention is a misnomer every one knows that knifes are dangerous but everyone cuts themselves.


a would without guns sounds pleasant but before guns there was murder and poisoning I guess back then people though


that metal was the devil but before that people bludgeoned each other to death with clubs and stone axes


or the jaw bone of an ass.


there will always be bad people and always be those who will protect and those who walk around with their head up their butt.


the other day I had to tell a lady that her dress was tucked in her underwear I was going to the men's room as she came out of the


ladies room I said, "STOP" she looked at me like I was going to do something I told her backup into the restroom and straighten


her dress at that point I guess a breeze came by and she KNEW what I meant.


Anyway she did not get embarrassed by walking into the store with her butt on display she had a nice one but I am sure


that was never her intention the odd / nice thing when I came out of the men's room she was on the bench and thanked me.


and said some people would not have done anything and let a person be humiliated and she was right but I am glad that


kind of thinking is foreign to me, that do unto others thing is very much embedded in me.


but I have seen many people do things that are inexplicable without notice but I think we are all guilty of that


I have an issue with the fact that we have so many GROUPS that we could employ during major events and after


this horrible event it was like every available group was sent to Boston after it was way to late.


I have thought that since 911 we should have a protocol like a air marshal a group should be there just in case


We all understand that it is expensive but for events that are high profile it would be worth more than what we have


spent in the days since this event { the pay me now or pay me later scenario}.


some specially trained people on rooftops for a visible deterrent and even local TV & radio safety tips before an event


people can be aware if others would let them but like the movie Jaws it might ruin the season / event well it won't


and just like giving the photos of the men out the citizens took the reigns and it worked like it was suppose to.


people are ignorant and stupid but most if reminded right before an event could be a great help.


public service announcements are lame anymore during WWII citizens were of great help and took safety seriously


civil defense and coast watchers even kids got evolved learning radio Morse code and aircraft and ship recognition


we were all in then and we could be now only our government want's to control everything and have that lawyer


mentality that an eye witness is inferior or not to be trusted well as we have seen when you mobilize the public


and people take it seriously it works, and I think we need to bring that back and have it understood that WE the people will


not accept and punish to the maximum anyone who makes false reports and it is very serious and the time for


phone pranks and wasting resources is over we are at war with those who want to change and ruin our society


and we won't tolerate it.

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none of the moderators would ban you for saying something true. Actually, saying something stupid won't get you banned either; It has to be criminal, personal attack, spam or repeated vulgarity to get you kicked off. The moderators are the guardian of propriety, not content.


That said, if you've ever watched the subways/train stations/ports (air or sea) in England, you'll notice that there are open spaces around all the trash cans. Nobody there (except a tourist) stands close the a trash can. The IRA taught the traveling public in England to be aware of possible bomb locations. If we get enough of this crap, we may learn it as well. Although I share the distain for the oblivious sheeple, I pray we never have to learn as well as the Brits.

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