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Human Power Tools.

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When the electricity goes, what tools do you have to get the job done?














If your not " Physically Fit ", then your just Food for the Zombies.LOL.

In GOD I Trust, Everyone else keep your hands where I can see them!

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now you know how to make dowels to do pin & wedge construction and make wood handles for tools


a twist drill and oak wedges can be wet down and used to split rock for building material.


now is the time to search for tools at garage sales and flea markets brace and bit set


yankee screwdriver w/ bits wood & steel chisels files a set of pipe threaders and tap & die set


hammers different styles for dressing an edge stones for sharpening shaping. hand saws buck saw


crosscut saw bow and finish saws hand drills and a few styles of planes for wood draw knife


wood carving knifes and files from bastard 4 way coarse medium and fine to needle files to make parts.


some basic stock of steel plate and copper brass that you can find from old furniture and decorator items,


of bar, rod and other shape metal stock.


an anvil and vices of a couple of different styles you can do a project by building yourself a stitching pony and a strap cutter


you need utility knife blades these are indispensable for hundreds of projects.


learning to make hide glue and other glue is just as important making strap wrenches and numerous old world work tools


tables and time and power saving tables and tools will give you a leg up to make a living if nothing but a financial down turn


happens you still need to make a living.


pipe wrenches are force multipliers as well as pry bars of all sorts and nail pullers pliers of all sorts and side cutters nippers


I work with metal most of the time but I have and buy many wood tools an old wood lathe can be converted to a bow powered lathe


by removing the electric motor if your lucky enough to have a helper they can power the lathe with a bicycle or a gas motor and a


belt made from many materials from canvass leather belt rope tire tread etc.


having used all these tools when I was a young man as we did not have money for power tools we used hand power in the field.

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