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Major Krisis

ASP Palm Defender/Kubaton

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For those of you who work somewhere that won't allow you to carry a firearm, may I suggest the ASP Palm Defender. Its a small kubaton that allows you to deploy OC spray as well. The device is very simple and has a "safety" lever near the top, where the key ring attaches. Simply flip the lever to the open position and depress the end cap where the keys attach and presto! The kubaton is also large enough to be used to give you a more solid punch and allow a few wrist locks, if properly trained in its use. And for the low price of under $35, its well within reach. I would stick with the larger one as it gives you more leverage.

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I always carry a BIC STIC pen works like a champ go through an arm like it's peanut butter and it has never been


construed as a weapon even taken one on a plane.


I am also a fan of pencils but I carry a backup BIC STICK for a fast reload.



Have not only used one but I carry one on a daily basis I have a couple of packs in the drawer 2 on the table in front of me


one on the computer table behind me at this moment as well as 3 knifes 1 mother of pearl handle letter opener


and MORE.. in public little change still got SKILLS....

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