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What bag is in your bag?

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I trying to find a good sleeping bag for my BoB. I would be happy with a fleece bag liner, but the wife wants a mummy bag. 1st priority is compact able to fit in our BoB's. second priority is a good camping bag to go out and practice survival. I looked at the SOL Bivys but not sure how functional they are for camping.


What do you use? And any recommendations? Trying to stay under $75 for a reasonably compact bag for 32* we don't get much colder here in Central Florida.

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a oiled canvass tarp and a couple of wool blankets and some 55 gallon hazardous waste bags.


If you do not know where to sleep it won't matter what you have you will get wet crushed by ICE, limbs, mud slides


rock slides flash floods covered and suffocated by sand storms consumed by wildlife or slowly eaten by ants fleas ticks


bats spiders snakes alligators or mosquitoes chiggers and or die from the diseases or poisons they infest their host with.


some of the diseases are the rocky mountain spotted fever meningitis rabies tularemia encephalitis and a hundred others.


lice and bed bugs "THEIR BACK" well they never really died off


not to mention there is a fungus among us these kinds of infections are insidious and almost impossible to kill they


can rot off nails, skin, toes cause eruptions on the body pustules boils murr oil is one of a few essential oils to combat


these problems as well as sulfur powder and betadine.


this is NOT the clean and pristine land of the Indians it is filled with toxins poisons and manure and human fecal matter


from sea to shining sea and after a shuffling of the deck it won't get better IMHO.

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