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What have you done today to better your Prep? III

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Picked up a micro groomer works very well got to keep up appearances. Size of a large tooth brush.


I Keep 5 gallons of bleach as well as large 2.8 quart  bottles of dish soap and 3 or 4 gallons of laundry soap.


I like my straight razor a stoning stropping and it's ready a good stone is hard to find it has to be between 1000 to 3000 grit better a 2 sided


with both grits  the two I like a wide enough whet stone or a round  so I can sharpen in a circular pattern.

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I've done nothing today but fortunately I logged back in here so i'd think of what's important.

Really like the straw video above by SIG so that should keep me busy for a while preparing. 

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Only 2 barrels? OMG, how many lanes they got 2?


;last time I mined a range I ended up with 20 + 30 gallon barrels of lead and 3 + barrels of brass of which about half was scrap


But I used to get a barrel a week of brass , but I guess the cost and availability of ammo must have put a crimp in the


amount of shooting.

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With the cost of ammo going up & harder to find these days, I've noticed in the past couple of months now, that more & more people are just shooting rimfire ammo & pellet guns.

Keeping the bulk of their ammo saved up for a rainy day.

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Over the years I have explained that one day you may need it and it will not be available or so expensive it would be unattainable.


But of course, all the feedback I got was, "it will never happen here" or "That will never happen"  I think this is the tip of the iceberg


I see where prices are outpacing income recent prices locally and that could be a anomaly  have gone up for every dollar that increases


In insurance water, sewer power, gas food and other necessities less disposable cash  for prepping going out buying big ticket items


I have seen a increase in all of these and it really chaps my hide because I know that our country subsidizes fuel costs and gives free food to


Countries that have been on the tit for generations not to mention for the same basic taxation of Great Brittian who has free health care


we get SH*T it is the way they pick our pockets that many do not see.


We have billions for looking for a jet we had no responsibility for we are sending billions to all the middle eastern nations in equipment


And cash as well as food, drugs and pay for their dignitaries to hob knob with our dignitaries.


Haiti got more aid and concern than Katrina and then it appears that unless it was New Orleans everyone else got bupcus Mississippi  got


Trashed and some of it still looks like a wasteland.


I have retired from the world, it is to a point where you cannot explain to the blockheads what the basic problem with their thinking is


I can remember when a fist fight was no big deal and people were less inclined to become deadly they got it out of their system


And it was either forgotten or they went separate ways now every misunderstanding turns into a riot or a gunfight over stupid crap.


Everything is a felony, except child molesting if your rich and foreigners can rob your account blind and steal your intellectual property


And our lame system lets it happen.


More laws more restrictions on our rights and more taxes and more paperwork for us to prove we are due to what we paid for while


Interlopers are given interpreters and free assistance to file are given 10 year deferment on taxation or given asylum status and granted


Free money and help to bring over family, then they scam the system by selling out as the tax deferral expires and sells their business to


A family member and the free tax cycle to start again.


And these are only the few I am mentioning if you or I were to allow the loss of our employers money we would be fired or arrested for fraud


Or at the very least aiding and abetting a felony  the recent millionaires on a yacht getting free money as well as foreigners in enemy countries


Getting SSI and disability.


If anyone wonders why we have less each year it is because the people we elect give more away and classify us as the problem


For fear of profiling and political incorrectness, but it does not bother them to virtually molest old women and children and grope your wife.


we are learning more about Boston and since the Malaysian jet loss we see what many of us know already that millions of passports


Are used by others sold, stolen or forged.


It is like a tidal wave of stupid and corrupt, lying stealing and worse.


We are supporting the whole damn world on our back half our food comes from elsewhere and what we produce a good portion is given away


as well as the cost to store load and transport and off load it and then the U.N. gets all the glory as it is labeled UNICEF LMAO....


I bet the don't pay 7 bucks a box of 50 in Russia for 22


All our copper mines were closed when south American debt forced them to pay us off in copper dropping the price to crap so pour mines could not


Support wages.


Your vehicle costs 3 times as much because China is dumping American dollars like a game of musical chairs they do not want to be stuck with them


When the music stops, but instead while they can easily turn it into recyclable and sellable or tadeable materials like lead copper brass steel


And every other metal on the planet.


What should cost you 300 bucks a month costs 600 to 900 + higher insurance as your dollar shrinks like a cheap shirt.


And I still hear it will never happen here or it has always been that way well I have some good news and some bad news


\the good news we have not long to wait the bad news like the doctors always say you might  feel  a pinch just before you scream like a little girl


And pass out.


I am not joining or against anything or anyone I don't want to lead, follow or be in the way I have and am doing all I intend to NOTHING !


Voting has been a waste of time sending money has not gained me anything I did not already have I have no control over my taxes


Like in Chicago, where they arbitrarily raise them like other places as high as the politicians please all the while they are being investigated


and do not pay their land or business  taxes and get jailed for open corruption.


all the while they tell us we are not paying enough after they have stolen everything that is in sight now I see where they are setting up a monarchies


Now I see the grandchildren of old senators and congress-people running for office, I guess it is our form of royalty how funny.


Term limits OK BOB you take it for 2 terms then your brother, then your cousin and then you and your sister have a child and they will


be the next honorable b@stard from sh*tville to go to the state house or D.C. I am waiting on money to come on a roll like toilet paper


It already looks like monopoly money they need to leave more black space after the number do when it falls they can just use a rubber stamp


And add  as many zeros as it takes to buy toilet paper or just use it as toilet paper.


Some prices are coming down because the high price will not sell but that is the false bottom companies then have a choice of being forced


to raise the price or close the business right now I know of a dozen businesses that are running on a skeleton crew of part time workers


I am wondering just how long before it will crater and then the area stores start closing one at a time by virtue of volume of sales.


It is a matter of time not if.


All I can say if you can try to get what you need NOW later may not be an option.


And more important Pray every chance you get for your family and friends for our nation and that we dodge this freight train about to run us down.


Of course, this is only one opinion and opinions are like azzholes everyone has one and they all stink.

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With the cost of ammo going up & harder to find these days, I've noticed in the past couple of months now, that more & more people are just shooting rimfire ammo & pellet guns.

Keeping the bulk of their ammo saved up for a rainy day.

thats what i've been doing to save ammo and keep my shooting skills up...

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Did a barter/trade with a guy I know today.

He wanted 3 dozen bullet key chains. 12 pcs in 9mm, 12 pcs in 223 & 12 pcs in 308 .

In trade I got 6 new throwing knives made by perfect point, 10 CO2 air canisters & 12 pcs 1500 count of BB's.

It took about 15 minutes of my time & less than $10 in materials to make the key chains.

I think I got the better deal out of the trade. :D But we both got something we needed or use out of the trade/barter deal. Win Win !

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decided to off load some excess and traded for some primers needed 1K of 209's and I got 1K of LR both CCI brand recent Mfg.


only cause I figure you never have enough.


got some sh*t in the road ought to be here next week traded for that also hell shipping alone is a killer if you can't get it at a right trade or price.

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Today Harbor freight had a 25% off for one item sale I got another buffer / grinder


and got some extra hand reloading widgets never know when these bad boys will get misplaced and that ends up as lost time.


I keep extra decapping pins for both LEE & RCBS as well as chamfer tools case length gauges expander balls etc.


Even if I never use them or need them I have conversion / case / brass foming trim dies for calibers I have, if there is a shortage


It allows me to convert calibers to my needs look up the parent cartridge for your caliber and look up how much difficulty to form


if it is a few step procedure go for it and try a few I convert 30-06 to 8MM or 8X57 Mauser.


270 can be converted to 25-06 or vice versa RCBS and wilson and sinclair have many special tools for the reloader.


there are special adaptions for many TEOTWAWKI you can use a small rifle primer in a large primer case using fitted copper tubing as a


Ferrule you can remove the trivet from a boxer primer and use it to prime a berdan case if you can conceive it can be done


the only thing you need is the basic knowledge if you have a sizer die you can take a proper size drill bit and make a simple mold from scrap wood


is it perfect HELL NO but I am not going to stand 50 yards in front of you and be a test dummy.


shotgun shells can be reloaded down to mini shells you loose a bit of velocity and shot weight, but still have a useable small game load at close




you can turn wood bullets in a drill press as I have previously posted wax bullets powered with only a primer can take birds at close range


I suspect a head shot would drop a squirrel or similar size game.


I would not do it unless survival was paramount I do not like to not take game in a manner not quick & clean but in survival you should not count on


skills that diminish with dehydration lack of food or racking hunger pains I keep hearing about bows well if your cold hungry and tired


try shooting a worthy score on a stationary target in survival we need to take every advantage one trap is for squirrels really for monkeys


but it will adapt well using a trailer or small car flat spring and bolt a nail board on one end and a hole to mount it to a tree under the nail board


is where you place feed to attract your quarry a stick with a rope / pull trigger I have heard them called a slap trap hung upside down they can


be pig traps set off by you using a rope or the animal if he is large enough to trip it themselves.


your mind is your most powerful ally and motivator with some guidance from the book and applied knowledge, giving up is a sign that your mind


has run out of options or choices the more resources from memory or books on hand.

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Today. I got voted in, to teach bullet casting by club members next month.

I was surprise to hear no one knows how to do it at my shooting club.

One third of the club members signed in to learn.

Happy to see that theirs interest in this to better their preps.

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P210SIG perfect time to introduce paper patching and bumping.


in a straight wall case like 357 a plug of tight fitting cardboard is as good as a gas check as the bullet exits it falls away and does not

interfere with flight or travel of the bullet.


I got into making molds from blocks of wood using a drill bit the size I needed and drilled for depth / weight and got some good



I used to shoot a swaged bullet and it used a knurling to hold the lubricant I have found that grease grooves act like an in flight stabilizer

Shooting slick sided bullets I found that at distance keyholing and yaw was more prevalent.


When I was young I heard that during battles if you were using a shot & ball rifle if you were in the middle of loading and were charged

People had fired the ramrod and a bullet got me to thinking about all that I understood about just what a projectile is and understanding

That both Japanese and German military had used for different reasons wood bullets that peaked my interest more.


Now we have plastic short range, practice rounds where an indention at the joint of the bullet and case {one piece of plastic hollow molded}

Literally pops off under pressure of a primer and is good enough to show accuracy potential.


also a great time to do some hollow pointing and BB expansion tests in pure lead cast bullets at subsonic.


my favorite is pour pure lead by 1/3 and cast off the rest in wheel weight lead now you have a soft nose expanding


or cast buck shot and do buck & ball linked with fishing wire


Well have fun with it.


Now that I do not smoke, I use cigarette paper to patch with most people do not use the free papers in the tobacco they use tubes

so I get the rolling papers I got a can full of them.

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Went shopping for garden seeds today. OMG price shock. Last year I paid $1 per pkg of seeds, not so this time. At 300% increase in price at $4 average per pkg, price gouge. I wanted to have my 3rd set of cache seeds for future use. I'm going to wait in the following months to see if their is any sales. Got some CCI pistol primers today from a gun shop, got the last 2 thousand that they had. They got a shipment of 30 thousand primers Friday & now zipo, nada, none.

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AHHHaaa the good old days when primers were abundant and seeds were cheap I think those days are over.


That is one reason I use heirloom seeds keep a few pieces of fruit and dry the seeds and you have more than what you get in a package


Each fruit of vegetable has a different amount of seeds, tomato has anywhere from 15 to 50 depends on the variety.


I also keep them in the freezer keeps them dormant and only a very small percentage fail to propagate of course over time the rate will


Dwindle but that takes a while


it is also best to buy seeds after season on sale and use the previous seeds you have think rotation I buy seed I have no reason or want to


use but in case TSHTF I figure a dollar bad of seed is going to be worth more than 1000 sheets to a roll money like toilet paper.


Hell, it is already poking its head out I think many are seeing how out of control it is in the area has water sewer and trash is $500 bucks a month


when will basic utilities swamp the home budget?


My thought is that no matter if you do have seeds and all the where with all to can and store how friggin' much will it cost to water and cook


with electric or propane or natural gas? not to mention all the expendable stuff like lids cleaners pectin sugar as each goes up the price of


pint of product explodes it is like we are being punished for trying to take control of our diet instead of eating the sewage that they can now.


Doctors and health nutritionists agree non GMO and few or no pesticide foods are best but look at the price it is more like a new wave of


Money grabbing if they do not use all the chemicals then where is the increased cost come from? Like unleaded gas {there has never been lead in gas


It was added to it} but they said they took it out and charged us more for the same damn gallon of gas we pay taxes and trucks pay road taxes


But now they say we need higher fuel taxes to pay for infrastructure WHAT A BUCH OF SH*T if voters do not become more sophisticated


They are going to get ripped off  I am now changing internet services because mine was bought out and now the speed is 1/4 what it was


and today they said for an extra 20% more I could get 4 times what I have REALLY so I am getting screwed by 3/4 NOW!


get ready for the pain beef and other meat prices are going to go up from here the NEW NEW NORMAL is moving out of your league.

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Last night I went to a few dollar stores in my area & found some seeds at 33 cents per pkg. These are not heirloom seeds but the price was cheap. Most of my cache seeds are heirloom seeds that I've collected over the years. Happy that I did get some seeds, better than nothing.

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Went to another dollar store today. Talked to the owner & got a super deal on garden seeds.

Picked up 100 pkgs of seeds for $10

That's 10 cents per pkg. Some of it will be used for bartering in the future. Oh happy day. :D

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Today I completed inventoring my food preps. I designed an Excel spreadsheet in which I entered all of my items. Each item has a size, quantity, and most importantly a "use by" date. Now I can easily sort the database by the use date and see what needs to be replaced or used soon. When you have a larder that can sustain you and your family for many, many months it is quite possible to loose track of everything.

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