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What have you done today to better your Prep? III

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It is kind of a clue when you see a can with a bar of soap in it I like the way they incorporate all the facilities if they had a power washer


they could the whole sh*tery in one shot.


yeppers many a day standing outside with nothing but a smile with the gals dumping water over each other we were lucky we had a


cement minnow  tank for a clothes wash basin, still had a problem with getting the buttons beat off my shirts.


other places we had to stake out a barrier in the river and line it with rocks as we ware boots walking in mud after a bath /shower


we needed an area to air dry and do foot patrol this is where I like Kung Fu shoes light lets you feet breath while you let your boots


air / dry out and time to wash your worn socks.


An army marches on its stomach is true but if it's feet & legs are blistered cut or scratched your not going to get far it all goes hand in hand


heat rash otherways known as crotch rot and burning rashes in every crease will ruin your day and if let run  amok can be a lifetime issue.


medicated powder like Gold Bond are a beautiful feeling corn starch or rice flour with an antifungal will work as well.


If you have an aversion to nasty nails on one hand then the local news papers works well.


just remember to step off the trail take care of business bury the evidence & police the area, this is also a good time to plant your trash as well.


Normal world just pack out your trash.


Scat is a finger print just looking at it you can know ,many things the overall  diet, health and time frame unless you're in an area with 300 inches


of rain a year or the Dr. pepper clock 10, 2, and 4 its gonna rain like a cow pissin' on a flat rock then again and again.

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Rural king $1.39 a piece straight run only with full RK rebate minimum 6 limit 10


Can't get the pic to post!


------visualize ten fluff chicks here in a large Tupperware bin with feeder and waterer------

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bought another Pak lite 9 volt LED light these babies run forever on a lithium battery I also have some Snap lights these are a single LED


9 volt battery lite snap right on top and have a slide switch in pitch dark they give off a tremendous amount of light and last many many hours.


I have the streamlight NANO it uses button cell batteries but as I have a button cell solar charger I don't worry about them also I have a


hearing aid that uses the same battery this is great for sleeping any noise will wake the dead a twig snapping sounds like a tree falling.


I had considered a parabolic microphone but this works even better and it is SMALL I am in the process of exchanging or having a option of powering


my few other items I love this radio and all its features it has a battery pack but it can also use a separate 3 AA's


If your trying to consolidate this one uses AAA batteries and is very nice


there are USB radio / music players look like a thumb drive some can hold a 16 gig micro SD card now thats a lot of music.


and some use a AAA battery.


Enloop are considered the best longest lasting and most rechargeable battery from 1800 to 2400 times and have a higher


rating than a NEW battery of any size so your camera won't poop out so quick.


Enloop aslo makes a battery conversion you can use 3 AA batteries in place of a D cell etc etc. I have a vapor and water proof light


the strange b/@stard takes 2 C cells so I am getting a conversion so I only have to have a few battery sizes .


I have a 3 LED head lamp that has an option of red lights.


as technology moves forward I see exciting advances in the capacity and power options some come with solar chargers.


I think I may have mentioned it but I was considering getting a UV light as it makes oil and liquids like tonic water glow at night 


I think it is a nice way of marking your trail and and traps and be able to retrace your steps and yet not give others the ability.


So now night running of a trap line without a blaring white light is possible.

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Keeping up with my prep notebook today I reprinted numerous formulas here are a few 


how to make concrete


ratios for mixing mortar for brick and refract mortar for building ovens,


a few chemical formulas


Ratio / mixing instruction for water treatment


Metric to english standard conversion


Melt point of specific metals


Mix ratio of specific metals like bronze etc.


Your list can and should include radio frequencies for all important local means of information.


Bullet drop charts for your brand of ammo


Reloading data


Homeopathic treatments


Your favorite beer  wine and food recipes


The lyrics to the muppet song mana nana na-na na & the bird song { you know you can't remember }

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Sent some 30-30 brass to a friend and he is sending me some bullets and once fired processed 308 brass LC head stamp.


All I like are 165 or 168 grain boat tail when shooting short range for bigger game I like 180 and 200 grain round nose SP


Since all I am considering getting is some powder I can wait until one of my buds goes to the show and have them pick it up.


I load for accuracy depending on weapon what that might be some are near max and the heavier bullets seems to be the lowest.


I have enough to load all the brass I have the maximum number of times, I would suggest people do the same.


Without bullets any arm is an expensive tomato stake.


I am considering getting another Burris scope probably a C4 Plus in a 3 X 9 X 40


I go through my tackle in the spring this year I am replacing any plain steel hooks with stainless steel ones humidity turns them into a ball of rust.


Also picking up a couple of spools of braided line, I might pick up a new FUN rod and reel like a zebco as I like to fish a few rods I like to use a


baitcast and have 2 Zebco's hung out for blue cat.

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Made & installed a whole bunch of warning systems for my dwelling today.

This way I don't get any suprises during the day or night.

I will implement different one's when SHTF comes with the Zombie walking dead.

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Got HALF of the garden prepped for planting, which won't take place until AFTER Mother's Day, because of our local climate. Seedlings have already been started and the peppers are on the seedling heating pad already and sprouting!

Have a strong feeling given the drought in my native state of California, we will be needing ALL of the produce we can grow in our own garden this year.

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Made & installed a whole bunch of warning systems for my dwelling today.

This way I don't get any suprises during the day or night.

I will implement different one's when SHTF comes with the Zombie walking dead.

Screaming is a good warning and fire mix them up and you have a more than adequate warning.

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This evening went to a whole sellers that was going out of business & picked up a pkg of 50 Bic Lighters for $6.25 taxes in. Likely buy a few more pkgs tomorrow. Perfect item to barter with. Retail price at dollar stores Bic lighter sell for $1 each plus tax.

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checkedon one  my stored BOB's / gear all in good shape


short list of what is on this one


med kit soft pouch Stainless steel flask 6 ounce of japanese Plum Gekkeikan great for croup


If your not alergic some codine / hydroco---- for most pain or a cough supressant liquids take too much space and leak

in 24 hours temps swing up to 50 degrees w/ humidity you can end up with a hack from hell and a raw throat causes more problems.


also ask your doctor for a couple of Zpac's as well as plenty of benydryl tylenol aspirin immodium antibiotic ointment and tums we take

all this for granted working and living in nature is dangerous tyoe in any search engine that phrase and see how many people die from a bug bite,


2 quart stainless bottles and a 1 quart stainless bottle treatment tabs


100 foot Hank of 8MM climbing rope w/ block & tackle hank of 550 para cord and a hank of 220


2 clevises 4 carabiners  2 welded rings.


hatchet.  81 piece multitool / kit vice grips / crecent wrench / set of gimlets and some hack saw blades w/ handle 4 inch side cutters /needle nose.


Marine bowie and a 30 inch machete Swiss army explorer plus and a Classic  SS Scaple and a box of single edge razor blabes puck sharpener.


5 LED light with siren radio hand cranked charged small shake light, and a 9 volt LED w 2 batteries


a condiment pack has coffe tea replaced the lafe savers sugar pepper honey spice mix packs and bullion


stainless cup / stainless bowl with lid / hot pan gripper


2 boxes of esbit fire starters


18 in X 6 foot scarf


Head net and emergency blanket


2 compasses oil filler ball and a lensatic


Ronco pocket fisherman and a tackle kit w/ spool of braided line.


and all the sundry crap wood clothes pins paper clips hair pins sewing kit unwaxed dental floss etc etc.


and my bed roll


souds like a lot but I still have some FD food MRE condiment packs vitamins and gator aid


as soon as I get motivated I am refitting this hatchet with a pipe handle I can store mors sawall blades in it


one trick is to slip your blades into card board so them rattling in a tool box or handle they won't get dull or keep them in the


original package if you can but I carry an assortment metal bimetal and a long stainless wood a couple of each.


And remember to zip lock bag liquids etc. like honey vasiline peanut butter because just ehrn you think everything it all good IT AIN'T.


Old medication bottles are great for anything that will fit in them in one I carry a eyeglasss clip on eye loop wrapped in a micro fiber cloth.


the glasses are 2.5 mag readers in a hard case and they have a micro fiber cleaning cloth wrap if you want you can make a hard case with PVC


and caps and always have tampax these are sanitary bandages and cheap and rolls of tape stashed in corners in sip bags.


my MTM hard case is my water tight bandaid and gauze medication container I carry travell size also old plastic peanut butter jars are great for


keeping a few pair of socks dry and all these bottles keep you from sinking if you hit water as well if you need organization short pieces of


para cord like 3 inches with a knot on each end and tape them to the bottles as an eye and you can string them together.


have short rolled lengths of wire cord and cable for snares tucked in anywhere you can if you want a great bait or lure


get a tube of anchovy paste or 2 and put it in a plastic bottle enough to make a slight mark on wire well attract everything it is powerful stuff


and if you use it sparingly it will last a loooong time.


Duke long spring traps a couple will do like a number #0 single long spring and a #5 double long spring I get real tired of all the survival


shows pumping up snares there is nothing so simple and yet so hard as to snare a critter get a book on trapping and figure it out


you have to funnel traffic into the snare and the loop size matters a lot as well as the stiffness of the loop / material ....


Duke traps are just that a well made trap if your not a traper leave the others alone coil spring traps break more so than flat spring


body traps are knuckle busrters and break fingers and mash finger nails and when your not experienced or cold tired the flat spring safest.

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Those that handle lead or cast bullets, even visiting the shooting range.

Get a yearly check up by your doctor for lead levels in your body system.

People are known to have died from lead poisoning due to the fact they had high levels of lead in their body.

The fix is, drink lots of apple juice, apple sider to clean the nasty's out of your body.

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Cranberry juice is outstanding for cleaning me out. Really flushes your kidneys.

I reload for handgun calibers a LOT, but rarely use lead bullets, used the last of mine some years back, prefer JHPs, pick them up in bulk wherever I can, just works better for me.

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LMAO what are you folks doing licking the shooting bench?


I was checked 2 years ago and had no more trace of any heavy metals than people who have never been exposed.


And I have worked at indoor ranges and outdoor loaded both for personal and commercial and for some years fired a minimum


Of 200 to 500 rounds a day YES A DAY bought, sold, traded tons of brass and lead from the ranges.


Now include in that all the pre 1955 ammo with mercuric priming and cordite I have fired in pistol, rifle sub and full with people on either side


Doing the same thing.


I think I can safely say it is a load of crap and fear mongering attempting to use the dreaded fear card to scare the sh*t out of people NOT


to have use fire or reload.


All copper pipe has lead in it if you drink water unless you charcoal filter, your getting lead, zinc and other trace heavy metals including mercury


As MOST All copper is reformed from scrap and mixed newly  mined metal.


Having repaired back stops both steel and rubber as well as mined dirt berms and even worse, I have eaten lead shot in birds


And spit buck shot from deer and hog if anyone should have lead in their pencil I would be the one BUT NO I my test was negative


Just remembered I also used to drink sodas on the range and shoot rapid fire pistols {shorter barrel more chance of lead vapor}


I have neither seen met or heard of anyone except iron workers, miners some radiological people  and artists who have had a problem


Micronized particles in paint  and certain mining operations and storage canisters for testing and X-ray and pipe sheathing


Are handled and in direct contact with people or breathing RED LEAD over spray.


LIFE is deadly no one lives forever.


Do people die from lead poisoning, YES and saying that 99.9 people out of a hundred will never fire or handle as much as I have


Especially with prices the way they are.


I know without question I have fired at least 5 cases of 22LR that is 25,000 rounds of lead bullets in my life not including specialty


Shot shorts longs and magnums and 5MM.


OH now I can't forget when I was a kid we could shoot pump 22's at arcades Pac man came later what a wimp game.


I would cannot fathom how much 5.56 and 7.62 30-06 8X57 9MM 38spl 357mag 38 super 45 ACP 44 mag 41 mag


And at a bare minimum a few hundred of every other caliber except the largest H&H and new short mags.


I have an RCBS pro-melt and 2 lee production pots and only have been loading almost 40 years 


And compare to a few I consider myself at the lower end as compared to those folks in fact a couple of women I know


Have bought, sold and processed more than I ever did one used to get my goat, she would grab a handful of shells jiggle them


And throw them on a scale once in a while she would pick through and toss one out she could hear that one was cracked or split.


LOL she could process a barrel of brass { sort cull and stock} in 2 days and not be working hard {to her}.with 99.9 %+ accuracy.


She was tested and found to be within normal range of a person who had no contact,


Some rules USE A FAN at your back / good ventilation, Wash your hands well, never eat while shooting or working with lead


Use disposable gloves they are cheaper than a doctor. wear safety glasses and change clothes and shower


When you got home from working in a shop before doing anything if your clothes are toxic leave them in a separate hamper


Wash separately and wipe out the washer with a damp disposable rag or paper towel.


Any shop I had  there was a washer and dryer for rags aprons and towels No carpet tile or concrete and was kept clean


Not to mention normal precautions of powder and primers.


Stupid is not refundable, death is permanent  and burn scars do not go away. And this lead thing is dubious or stems from rare occurrences.


Many areas you look to your local maps and search for any mining old or new gold silver lead zink tin copper even manufacturing old car planrs 


rail road sites have considerable amounts of mercury lead and other dangerous elements and of course people are going to say because you


Smoked one cigarette or shot a box of 22's is the reason IF you think the new owners of the plants and mines or railroads are going to accept


Responsibility for your sickness ? or the doctors ? NEVER,   lead is formed from another metal LOL and where they mine that there is lead


it is very dangerous if your exposed to it for long periods and direct contact many people in the military have been exposed.


and these people either forgot or have no idea and if they are not familiar they can be told it was something they did.


If you fire in a well ventilated area and take hand cleanliness precautions I would not even think about it IMO,

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Picked up some moose & deer meat from one of my friends today.

Meat had some freezer burn, but still good for dog food.

Will cook some of it this week for my dog.

It's better than caned or bone meal dog food in those bags.

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Finished prepping the last half of the garden, it's ready-to-go for planting. I am pleased that the soil is full of earthworms, and is rich and dark. Should be a decent crop this year for such a small garden. (50'X45') Freuit trees have weathered this winter(a mild one for sure) rather well and we had little to no deer damage on them. (that's why my wife plants her tulips-for the deer to it their blossoms and leave the garden alone.)

The seedlings are doing well in their kitchen hot place so those hard-to-start from seed peppers are now going strong-and a great source of Vitamin C.

Have a batch of brass cleaning every day now. Still going through the used handgun brass. There is plenty there for myself to use through the end of my lifetime, and that of our adult kids and our grandchildren. Will need a FEW more components for reloading is all to match the brass hoard.

Mounted my RCBS single stage reloader for the rifles yesterday after church. Looking forward to experimenting with the rifle handloads in .30-06, 7.62X54R and .223

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