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What have you done today to better your Prep? III

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Today I brought in a 3.75 litre of naptha fuel container from my shead into the house.

Got my peak 3 fuel stove toped up & ready. Just in case if the electricity goes out today.

Stored some extra fire wood by the fire place.  It's minus 20 C  outside where I live.

Even my GSD did not want to go for her walk, she made a quick dump & dashed to the front door to get inside.

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Purchased a Kershaw camp 18 . It was a good buy for $50 taxes in. Boxing week special.

Amazed how well balanced the blade is. Size of a Wakizashi .

are you looking for zombies or do you just have alot of bushes? LOL

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Spent part of the day removing snow & ice from the roof of my house.

Houses are known to collapse on the roof top with the weight of the ice & snow.

It's an extra step of safety I take to make sure that the dwelling I live in is safe & sound.

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Now all you need is a LEE LOAD ALL for 12 ga. and a set of dippers and your off to the races


The rest of this is for readers you probably already know it.


209 primers or buy primed hulls,  shotgun hulls can be primed on a flat clean table wear gloves and eye protection


well of course some gas seals the BPGS12 I think are  the ones a set of gasket punches and you could make your own out of


virtually any thing that has girth like leather cloroplast {plastic cardboard} felt common cardboard


cork wads in different thicknesses like 1/4 and 1/8th inch thick would be my choice


and a BPI  has a slug manual and a buck shot manual


The important part is the amount of powder and the weight of shot buck or pellets last time I heard 1 ounce 7/8 or whatever is still that weight.


for a option I think a roll crimper and a drill press can be done with a drill, shell holder and hull cutter BPI has these also


and overshot cards these can also be used to build the column {fill the hull}


if anyone has been looking for a good inexpensive electronic scale look at BPI's it is under 30 bucks


to my mind a roll crimp is much better as it allows the pressure to build more so than a fold crimp so it is more efficient.


most of the powders can also load pistol try to use powders that have a dual purpose are they perfect maybe not but most people


cannot shoot expert or shoot one hole at pistol distances IMHO. so all this blather about how wonderful X powder is is to sell powde.


Blue Dot Is probably the most versatile some powders you need older manuals as the new manuals try to sell newer powders.


are new powders better well in some cases yes but remember old powders are still just as lethal maybe a bit dirtier but hell your 


suppose to clean that bad boy.


I have the .690 round ball and the one ounce slug I have considered getting the 7/8th ounce and I am a real fan of #4 buck


LEE has all of these molds and with prices the way they are I would have what I need for loading my smooth bore IMO.

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Yesterday my group of prepping buddies & my self, invited a new member to our fold.

He was in the military in Serbia for 16 years. Good guy with Christian values.

We kept him on probation for 18 months, just to make sure that he would be a blessing to our group or not.

Our group is growing one member at a time. B)

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I am the only one in my group and I am still on the fence about being a member.


I don't want to lead I damn sure ani't going to follow and people need to stay out of my way.


A group seems a fine thing until a viral outbreak and or normal human interaction becomes like in the real world


a problem IE. mating habits bathing and anything else you see on the police blotter.


The girl in Pennsylvania who claims she has killed over 22 people looks normal {in handcuffs} all you need is one conniving


sociopath and you have problems in downtown city.


she is in her 20's so how much other crap has she flung?


Sorry boys and girls I do not see where it is beneficial What every time a trade happens it is going to be a Mexican standoff


or more like when all the women at a table,  go to powder their nose at the same time ?


and all it takes is one in a group to run their head and the sh*t's on like donkey kong.

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Wally, we are 35 members strong, that's including spouses & children plus 3 dogs. 4 of our members I've known since grade 5 .

We started our group back in 1997. Requirements were at least 3 members needed to know you for 5 or more years first.

Second, you needed to be physically fit & able to think in a logic manner. Third, you can not be lazy. Forth, you must have a few skills, like hunting, gardening, trapping, mechanical, reloading ammo, medical  & some sort of trade. Fifth you can not be addicted to drugs of any sort, that includes drinking. Sixth you need to come train as a group when called to do so every time. Seventh, be willing to share all your resources  with other members in the group. Eight, you must be a Christian. Nine, live within 10 blocks from the group. Ten, have no financial issues with who ever.  Last, willing & able to start a community later after the SHTF has passed.

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Hell, you have more than 2 rules ----- too complicated for me.


The mafia had small groups also funny how they had snitches in those groups and they knew what would happen if they got caught ratting them out


Cement shoes or overcoat,  wire necktie,   hammer practice or drill bit tester,  fire & safety test dummy or can they stand a torch to their head for 5 minutes.


And even with those penalties they were rolling over like hot dogs on a rotisserie and last but not least the, before the cock crowed three times ---


no matter how extensive the rules or how long you have known anyone it is a moot point.


I also remember, "Et to Brute' you know beware the ides of march and all that stuff.

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Well you know what to expect in a  government supplied and supported with trained medics and evacuation.


What we will be facing will be more like the civil war No pain medications amputations LONG recovery if at all.


slow miserable death from infections insanity and psychosis / battle fatigue {not PTSD}


no inoculations, IV solutions  or drugs for common illnesses like typhoid diphtheria malaria meningitis rabies tularemia botulism


Tetanus etc. etc about 4,000 different diseases and quite a few are contagious and then there are al the children have they been inoculated?


by the time you see it appear it is too late your all infected and MUMPS measles yep the first person to die from what people consider NOTHING


today and or you cannot explain why they died with any certainty your status will start to dry up and animosity hatred etc. and you say I need


sleep with one eye open LMAO.


with No resupply NO replacements NO air Cav and all that will end up with NO getting along and a lot of bit@chin'


and problems from those that have not been in combat and if they don't complain LOOK OUT nothing more fun


than a mutiny.


Our system only works because we have enough food and basics it has worked overseas, even without the basics


because there is an enemy that they know will kill them when in conflict with your own the dynamics totally changes.


First, they speak your language, have your same understanding and vices and a big problem is the us VS, them


When they are no different than us


then the psychological,  how will the enemy / them distract your element with bribes friendship the list is endless


There's  no end to the horrors or manipulations in history and the more members exponentially the more possibilities.


I like the bunny IS the trap the Trojan Horse the midnight Sower funky fog the list is endless I am certain you do not have a


Stone walls and a moat with catapults they had all that at the Alamo well, no moat but they had walls and cannon.


The more key people in your case it would be the veterans and medically trained I would guess as these are injured or worse


The armatures would as they do PANIC!


I think it has been stated and is perfect in its analogy that there are no winners or losers, only survivors and some of them don't look so good.


I have never been more alone as with many others then on my own and the opposite has been true.


Mind set that is a explanation or a descriptive term someone who had no idea how to explain a theory.


You only have a mind if you learn something thinking you can do something and doing it are not the same


Even doing something many times does not mean you can or are willing to do it again I know only ONE thing


that I do not know anything for certain.


Life in it's essence is risk at no point can you not die from natural causes or external  life span is only the longest


time between your first breath and your last and that person in a wheel chair and drooling on themselves how far are


any of us from them ?


They have dinners and speak eloquent over hero's but those MILLIONS of  poor b@stards that never were throw


them in a hole and throw dirt on them.


I read about  ALEXANDER THE GREAT 356-323 BC  he did not live long and how many of his people died for him to be so great


Tojo himler hitler now just how many millions died on their watch or quest to win survive conquer ?


Sheeple need leaders, confused & scared people need guidance, lost people need direction all I need is a partner for card games :P

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flea markets and garage sales OH YEA my favorite found 2 KRU 82 vodka bottles they are stainless at 2 different garage sales


picked them up for a buck or 2 each and always seem to find Carabiners Chain, rope, cord fishing tackle in fact many of my 


BOB items are from Sales one of my Swiss army knifes was only 10 bucks for an Explorer plus and a couple for a couple of Classics


that are 10 + bucks people need to double check that they are not Chinese knock offs.


Flea bay is a good source of many items although you have to read the fine print and be careful of the shipping costs


I have gotten many surgical tools clamps hemostats etc. for pennies on the dollar I look for free shipping and then I am not surprised.


Bought 100 -  P-38 military can openers I may get some P-51 {larger version} later a recent trip to a dollar store I found boxes I think it 36


butane lighters although NOT BIC'S they may work for trade goods as well as the openers.


the one thing many people overlook is SALT there are only so many mines and so much in stock once all the stores of it are gone ?


just where is anyone going to find this commodity ? even if there is a source people who are savvy will protect and trade it.


NOTHING replaces salt it is medicinal as well as a flavor enhancer preservative it even restrains yeast activity }if that is a correct term}


in baking when a electrical charge {DC} is sufficient a pinch in purified water turns into the most powerful water treatment ever


called sodium chlorite a few drops to 8 purifies the most filthy of water this is the one time Nalgene plastic is useful to hold MMS solution


for later use in treating water.


It is so powerful an oxidizer and used by many water treatment plants and  it even destroys many poisons / toxins


it takes quite a bit of reading to strain out the formula of 28% solution is the working


Concentration but still while people can, they need to read about MMS solution and NOT be carried away with some of the hype


Surrounding it I do not know if it has an effect on diseases if your screwed what is the difference, try it but until I have no other choice


I will stick to standard medical advice and treatments.


Jim Humble was one that first tried rhis as a remedy you can download his paper on it for free on the web.


Certain groups in our point of the spear use a MIOX system that makes this it requires 2 - CR 123  batteries witch is fine for


those that also use these in optics and such but for those of us that don't it is an additional burden so .... it is up to the user


they used to be somewhat inexpensive but now they take a chunk out of your azz.


another thing to have is wood w/ metal spring clothes pins NOT the antique solid wood these are very useful in setting snares and traps


trip alarms as well as OtHeR ThiNgS.


And strangely enough they are not that easy to find an alternative for a half dozen in plastic copies are good for electrical use in wet weather.


sewing pins as well as needles rare earth magnets and I scrounge ceramic  magnets from inside old computer hard drives.


surgical rubber tubing is unrivaled as a flex vice to hold wood together until it bonds and try to find powdered wood glue it is fantastic.


For your enjoyment look up HIDE GLUE recipe I am sure in combination with powdered  rosin it can repair many wood items.


most glues today will freeze up or harden quickly like gorilla glue it is the best BUT you have to keep it closed and turned upside down


or next time you go to use it it is hard as rock.


super glue is great BUT again in a metal tube you cannot tell when it has gone bad I also like epoxy 2 part putty add iron filings and it is


a very good metal repair


Next to nails glue is one of the wonders of the world try to consider what it would be like not to have it also forget screws of longer than a couple


of inches as most people do not have enough strength or the screws are not durable enough to use without predrilling the holes


I have a set of Gimlets {basicaly a simple hand drill } because if there's no power your limited to punches and gimlets or burning holes with a hot


bar through wood or heavy leather tire tread etc.


If your one of those people that teach cub scouts and girl scouts teach them how to make a pair of flip flops from tire tread polished tin snips


and a large nail and hammer and your in the shoe business.


In fact I have seen sadles a tree pony for kids  and numerous other fun articles and road block / tire buster sticks made with the tread as well as


home made knee and elbow pads as well as body armor for stick fighting and such, use cut nails for rivets a chunk of railroad track for an anvil.


also a 2 foot chunk of track with holes in the side and large bolts and boards makes a good homemade vice


old tires stacked like bricks and filled with dirt are defensive barriers as well as great ankle breakers for  denial strategy as in controlled entry


Funneling denial of retreat when coupled with other methods make for a very effective perimeter defense.


I have picked up old pipe track bolts for pennies rail road spikes make a neat Knife or shackles


I use old welding rods to make spring clips and other fun projects like a trash spike / poker or home made crossbow bolt


in a pinch a wire coat hangar and some flux makes  a welding rod.


I forgot one I have seen a bias ply tire tread kick pad it was not to protect the shooter, but to protect the butt stock from being chipped or broken.


seen side wall cut into figure 8's using sharpened split pipe and a hammer, then linked together make belts and rifle slings


Poor people have poor ways, but I learned a lot from indigenous Crazy MF'ers.

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Picked up a 16 book volume set of McGraw-Hill Encyclopedias today from the neighbors down the street.

They were tossing them out for garbage day pick up.

For some these books are trash, to others they are a treasure & a wealth of information.

Getting them for FREE is always good. :D

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Their are 3 things one can use as toilet paper if you run out of it in a pinch.


1/ As stated by another member. Telephone  books, news paper.


2/ Cloth rags. Back in the day before disposable dippers were around, cotton cloth was used as dippers.

When it got soiled, they were washed & reused over & over again.


3/ Leaves from plants were used. If your not sure if the plant is poisonous or not, rub it on your skin first. 

Wait a minute, if you get a skin reaction don't use it. If not your good to go.


In some third world countries people used their hand to wipe off their poop, then they would clean their hand with water.

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      Скачайте презентацю Нацонально-патротичне виховання в ДНЗ у формат Power Point або PDF. Принципи та завдання патротичного виховання дошкльникв. Патрот — це людина, яка любить свою Батьквщину, прагне бути вдданоюнароду, готова вдстоювати чесноти, характерн укранськй ментальност: товариськсть, повагу до традицй, високодуховнсть тощо Виходячи з семи основних принципв перед педагогом постають завдання нацонально-патротичного виховання дтей дошкльного вку: створювати уявлення про соцальну взамодю людей. виховувати любов до сво родини, крани, та людства в цлому. формувати цннсне ставлення до стор Украни,культури, традицй, символв та мови. виховувати почуття гдност.
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