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Snake, my answers to your questions.

Wakazashi = short sword.

Have 2  buddies that have a business that retrofit Humvees for the United States Military is all I’m going to say, no more.

I get cutoffs pieces of AR 500 & AR650 for FREE! They are left over scrap.

The swords I’ve made are about 3 times heavier than your average Wakazashi sword.

The one’s I’ve made are used for personal training. Think how much faster one can be with a regular Wakazashi without the extra weight, when the time comes slashing etc in a real fight.

I’ve chopped/split fire wood like an axe with the ones I’ve made. Try that with a  regular Wakazashi, won’t cut it, from my tests.

Can mine be used for battle, yes with training & the added weight, no problem.

The biggest issue is that the ones I’ve made, tends to attract surface rust quite easy. They need to be oiled more than usual.

I like the ones I’ve made, they can be used as a wood chopper & as a fighting tool.

Can mine defeat Kevlar body armour? Heck Ya.  Been tested many times.

Tested as a pry bar as well, works like a champ.

I’ve made many AR500 knives as well, a few I’ve given to certain buddies as gifts.

Look up ( HardOx & ArmOx ).

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Excellent  P210Sig I was wondering how the 2 were connected, and it is always good to have "friends" that is how I end up lots of great stuff and I reciprocate.

I think training with a heavier blade wold be like strength training but since these are tougher I would go with the better steel.


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Recieved my Silky sugoi through the mail on Friday, that I ordered from EBay. An exceptional tool to have for cutting trees for fire wood & bush craft projects.


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Used the Silky Sugoi today, took down a plum tree today & sawed off the trunk & branches to 12-14 inches in length.. Stacked the fire wood, will let season for a year, for next years fire wood.

2 1/2 hours was needed to get it all done.

No fuel needed like a chain saw, & super quiet to operate.

A good tool to have, I will likely get a Silky Katana Boy 650 or 1000 next.

I have 100% faith on Silky saws, that I will end up selling my 3 sthil chain saws later this year.

Canadian prepper has a good video on Silky saws.  Have a look see.


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Not my greatest feat of engineering but I had to fix my can crusher Chinese POS popped a rivet.  I had to drill out the rivet as it was stuck in the armature and knocking it out with a hammer and punch would have damaged the thin metal arm.  I had to search out my stock of bolts and nuts for a proper size placed it and used LOCK-TITE to keep the nut from coming loose. I bench tested it and it appears to work fine of course once one rivet fails another probably could.  but that is one problem I can afford to wait for as this is not mission critical equipment.

I recycle not because I give a sh*t about the planet I just hate to throw away money, recycling has paid for a lot of my hobbies and repairs. I use scrap iron a lot for fencing and building I have buckets of bolts screws and material garnered from scrapping that I have done or others I have bucket of hinges from garage doors and other hardware complements of my neighbor.

A chop saw or a Sawsall and drill you can stock up on really expensive channel, angle, unistrut and steel rod, bolts nuts etc for almost free galvanized metal is very costly the money I save  has been incalculable 600 foot of pipe in one building cost me the gas to go get it. what I saved I bought sheet metal   today the screws alone cost almost 200 bucks for a garage size building.

years ago on an old property I built a garage out of garage door panels after it was trimmed and painted no one could tell what it was except that it had fancy recessed panels some panels have insulation just right for a well house or critter barn. Of course that is dependent on your building ability some people should not breed build or own a firearm this should be obvious if it is not refer back to the previous statement.

I have about  hundred pounds of crushed cans @ 53 cents a pound it doesn't eat, cost nothing to store in barrels and if I want something I cash out of aluminum brass and other metals and buy what I want.  without tapping my funds, it's like Christmas !  If the world comes to worse I have a solar smelting system :)

This is NOT me but I like his videos.



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Got a very good deal yesterday from a gun smith that I know .

He had 5,000 pieces of CIL 20 gauge felt wads that he just didn’t want or needed. Purchased it all for one whole loonie/ 1 dollar.  Made my day.

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Finally got a Glock 19 Canadian edition/ Canadian version today.

Only 3,000 guns were made for the Canadian market & from what I was told they were all sold out.

The original Glock 19’s are prohibitive in Canada, to the civilian market.

Do to the fact the barrel is too short for it to be legal in Canada.

Yes BS Canadian by-laws indeed.

So Glock USA introduced a Canadian edition Glock 19, which is 106 mm in barrel length & not 102 mm which is the standard barrel length for G19’s .

Will know if it’s a keeper in the next few weeks or sold off to somebody else.

Me thinking these will be a collectors item, if only 3,000 units were made for the Canadian market, I could be wrong though.

Oh it does have a Canadian Maple Leaf ingraved on the right side of the slide to make it a Canadian model, & the added 4 mm of barrel length to make it Canadian legal by 1 mm. 

Any firearm that is 105 mm or less in barrel length is considered prohibited, in Canada.

Yes a head scratcher indeed.



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    • did you get the ruger or the cz for the trip?
    • Thanks Wally! I should have added, that no matter how hard I try,I continue being a poop magnet in life. Im going to get myself, some nice T shirts that read, “ Go ahead! poke the bear!” Or, “Of course, I’m an (insert favorite expletive here), I’ve been married longer than 40 years, my wife already let’s me know that!” I do think she would beat me severely were I to wear one of those!
    • what an adventure i am glad you made it back TP safe and sound...
    • So, we went out to the Midwest to see the son and his family. Trip out was uneventful, trip back was “interesting”.Hurricane Force north winds, driving snow and ice, and several idiots with vehicle keys that had no business operating any motor vehicle. Gangs of fun! No, seriously, it was the pits. Learned a lot, about our winter driving preps that we put into the vehicle for “just in case”scenarios like the trip coming home. No, we didn’t get stuck, or have to be rescued, we were merely inconvenienced as opposed to caught with our knickers down and twisted in knots. So, we are fanatical about never getting below half a tank, and that saved our bacon. We managed to get one of the last hotel rooms, in a nice small town, in a decent hotel, because we gassed up, upon arrival in town, before we did anything. We learned I-70 was closed and would remain so for about two nights. Well, in the a.m., it was opened for a very short window, and while others were in line at the gas (petrol for the Canuck) station, we and five FedEx tractor-trailer rigs hit the road. About 90minutes later, we were back down to 60mph sustained winds, with gusts going higher, and the folks behind us, got stuck for another night.  Of course, we had plenty  of TP, wet wipes, bags, water and food just in case, SUVs come in handy for hauling. If we had to be out in that crap we would have perished. Glad it wasn’t a century or longer ago!  So, while visiting with the family, we went out to dinner in the adjacent large metro area they live close to. I of course was legally carrying concealed, as was my bride, as we were leaving dinner, a few BLM knuckle-Haids, were trying to intimidate folks as a prelude to their strong arm robbery main goals. One of them, looked at me and said, accusing me of Oedipal relations with my mother, “why don’ you give me yer money?” My reply was 8ndeed polite. “Because, I don’t have to give you anything at all.” I calmly replied. His response was “interesting”, “ I’m goin’ to f*** you up!” My response was still polite, “No, you aren’t, and we’ve got nothing worth you and your associates dying for.” I looked him 8n the eye, and was prepared to draw and shoot him, until one of his associates said, “Dude! He be strapped. He be lookin’ to shoot a brutha! “ After be8ng called a few more invectives, which were neither original nor hurtful, nor threatening, (my wife WAS laughing), they jogged off.  Made me realize that my Glock 26 NEEDS a BUG buddy in my off side pocket, so I can still be “old man”polite and have my hand wrapped around a nice J frame equivalent. It dawned on me, that as I am getting older, still early 60’s and not feeling “old”, some jackass might think I’m an easy target. I would like to be grey man, and still be ready to go all Ninja-Pops on some Richard-head if needed. So, I’m now shopping for a new “friend” in earnest. I never “thought” I could be construed as an easy mark, even now. Huh! Learned something.  Oh, I did have my hickory cane with me, so, that item might have chummed him in, since he wasn’t an obvious intellectual standout. That was unintentional on my part.(really)  Have to have better wits about me from now on.
    • the barrel is longer by a bit....but the slide and frame aren't? So you can just install the "evil" original barrel?