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14 minutes ago, juzcallmesnake said:

you need to save your milk jugs cut out the bottom and set them on your seedlings it will prevent frost bite until the plant is hardened enough to survive. and they stack well with the bottom out.

if you have a lot of plants a visqueen tent works as well.

I use 2 Litre pop bottles.

The issue this year was the high winds in my area knocked them over at night, that killed most of the plants.

Will work on a wind barrier to build, that's if I still plan on staying in the city.

Plans are in the works to move to northern Ontario Canada & out of daily grind of city riff rafts.

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We have had wicked winds and storms as well sorry for your loss thats a lot of effort and people that do not garden do not realize a seed gives back a hundred to one 50 to one and 20 to one plant and any time lost for plant die off  shortens the grow season and crop.

The drums are working out I have a 5 gallon bucket of soap from the leavings in the barrels so far and I place them fill with a half cup of bleach seal and use them as  a base for shelves with plywood keep a couple in each coupe / pen so if water goes off or gets short I have a source there going to build a few siphon pumps just need some PVC, marbles, fittings and "O" rings

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Yesterday I did a barter trade.

I traded 1,000 pcs once fired Winchester 45 acp brass for 800 pcs of 308 once fired brass.

i think I got a better deal out of it, since 1/3 was Lapua brass & the rest was Remington & Federal brass.

In my books the top tier quality rifle brass are Lapua, Norma, & Hornady.

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I was looking for a screw that fell and rolled under the couch and found 1,000 winchester once fired cases in a box and 300 winchester AA hulls Once fired. if I recall I have a 6 gallon bucket full of new 3" high brass Fiochi hulls primed with enough cork wads gas seals overshot cards grex and powder to get er done.


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Well this year was way better for my blackberries figs and looks like grapes are only a few weeks off.

I only got a half dozen tomatoes due to the damn squirrels but I have been getting lima beans and yard log beans as well as yellow squash.

I have gallons of all kind of dried beans put back and weight to finished product is amazing beans biscuits pancakes gravy hoe cakes salt water corn bread greens of all kinds kept our forefathers together wild game as could be found fish and birds that is where simple traps come in passive and you just need to check them once a day.

my potatoes greens have died so I need to dig them up ought to get about 5 pounds from this raised box bed then I will have taters & white pepper gravy those yard long green beans and some sliced  tomatoes with mayo and fried yellow squash hummm good love living in the south  :D

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Another day chained to the oar called MICROSH*T, my  hard drive bailed on one of the laptops and I had to go to best buy and get another if I would be putting a version of Linux on it in an hour would have been doing other things but microsh*t is always a b@stard find all the new drivers look for other drivers then restart every time you install some software and it comes with SH*T where are PEACHOSI or LinuxLite comes fairly loaded.

the drive I got was a 500 gig cheapest WD and its great except Microshaft cant allocate memory release memory and is fidgety about older hardware were as Linux ran a scanner I had for years until it bit the bullet most any HP printer will work with Linux but once Microshaft decide not to support one if it's many failures hardware companies forget they even made the model and you have to replace all your TV cards video scanner printer etc etc because drivers are outdated.

Anymore anything you buy does not come with software unless preconfigured so hunting down drivers is a pain this ASUS laptop I had to use a magnifying glass to read the model under the battery LMAO had 12 screws and I still had to use a can opener to pry it apart.

many technological doodads are throw away or until the latest and greatest NEW model comes out ....... think I crank up a John Wayne movie but every time I look away Windows ask do you wan to restart or update or do not shut down till updates complete and that has taken hours.

My father told me if I always kept my word was honest and finished the job I would go far in life --- bet bill gates dad never told him that line of crap ! because he never has IMHO.

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