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A friend of mine who is Thai told me that a lot of the problems that Americans have with chop sticks is that they try to use American manners while also trying to eat oriental foods with oriental utensils. You don't sit up straight and bring the food up and to the mouth, you meet it at least half way and get even closer for soups and such. They usually don't leave the bowl sitting on the table.


However you eat it though it tastes reallllly good! I CAN manage things like Crab Rangoon, Sashimi and such with chop sticks but chasing rice or slick vegies around just doesn't get it.

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Here is a survival exercise for y'all. Next time you go fishing take one of your filets and with a razor sharp knife make your own redneck sashimi. I've done Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Flathead Catfish, Blue Catfish, Crappie and White Bass. The White bass is actually real good and makes me think of White fish sushi. I will usually put it in a goblet with cocktail sauce. The flathead was pretty nice too. The only one that I didn't care for was the crappie. The flesh is delicate and just didn't do a lot for me. It was food and I would have no problem with it in a survival situation but it isn't cocktail material. I've heard that pike is good but I suspect that the trout family would be sort of like the Crappie and too delicate.


I eat this sort of thing pretty pften as well as drinking out of puddles and eating root plants and such without washing them first. My garden is organic and I want my system to be well prepared if modern ways ever become not possible. I am in general a very healthy person and have never had a problem from this. Eat a little dirt too. Clay especially is a good source of iron.

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in cold weather I am not against making your own sashimi in hot weather I would avoid it I have caught fish with flukes or


worms in the meat now that is not a negative as once you cook them there is no problem but certain flukes have a life cycle


requires the ingestion by a reptile or a mammal I am not a biologist.


but as I was once told you cannot get worms from ashes he was being fececious as he was making a point about cooking food.


in a normal world with access to doctors not too much of a problem although if you inhale enough smoke with poison ivy


oak or sumac you will have a good chance of dying as your membranes will become inflamed, swell and become blistered


the weeping of these blisters will drown a person or put them into a coughing wheezing fit and if they cannot call out or


get medical aid with steroidal medications and oxygen I doubt the could survive.


flukes worms and their kin can be deadly beaver fever and other diseases from fecal matter in the water can turn deadly


and it may not strike all the members of a team / group but if one becomes sick it takes 2 to support that one ill person.


forcing others to stop and wait for them to recover or die from their disease fever can cause problems with the other organs


in one person and not others.


children are especially susceptible to fever and intestinal problems, I have eaten my share of raw fish and am not adverse to


doing so if medical help is not available or medicine in short supply cook it well IMO.


you can also cook fish in vinegar or citrus juice as the acid kills many of the things that can make us ill even brine is a good


alternative a lot of fish are thin sliced and coated in sauces that have a natural acidity, salt or alcohol content this kills


off some or most of these problems and that is only a guess on my part as the people that eat like this have few cases of


illness as far as I have seen but the Japanese have a higher than normal instance of intestinal and stomach cancers.


When your hungry you will eat things and do things not in your normal routine if it will cause you any problem is


an unknown factor but under cooked meat of all kinds as well as some beans even fruit that has not been washed


can cause problems.


Great post Damn I like the cocktail sauce as it is my favorite.

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To a certain extent your body can adjust to almost any poison if it is introduced a little at a time. Junkies do it all the time and eventually get almost imune to their poison. I knew a lady that was a Vicodin and other prescription pill junkie and she was so used to this stuff that when she had a heart problem it nearly killed her because they couldn't get the anesthesia to work on her!


People lived for centuries without a clear understanding of sanitation. Many died but MOST lived pretty well. I loved tuna-fish sandwiches and egg sandwiches and my Mom made them, put them in a paper sack that I then took to school sat on a shelf in 100 degree heat and ate for lunch. The butcher cut meat on a WOODEN butcher block that was probably a virtual HIVE of nasty bacteria.


I eat radishes as are straight out of the dirt. Fresh clear water that is in a puddle from a rain that morning will have nothing it is that I'm not used to. This might make SOME sick but it never has been an issue for me because I've always done it. Raw corn and peas don't bother me and I will nibble as I harvest. What my point is, is that you need to get your system in shape just in case you HAVE to eat some questionable things in the future. Montezuma's revenge is nothing more that Americans going to Mexico and having to adapt to things that locals never notice in a meaningful way. They have the same problems when they come here too by the way.


If you are lost in the woods and eat berries you will get the high stepping trots that can KILL you unless you regularly add fresh picked berries to your diet every year. I eat them all the time in the spring when I go fishing and hiking. My body knows how to deal with them. The fish that I eat raw come from water that I KNOW. I eat the "sashimi" within less than an hour of their death. THAT is fresh fish. I've also been known to eat stir fried crickets and grasshoppers. Tried worms...didn't like them but would eat them again if I had to. I HAVE skinned a squirrel with my teeth but hate having hair in my mouth. I am a lot more careful about mammal meats and cook it unless it were a matter of starvation.


People actually don't need a lot to keep them going on a day to day basis. A few hundred calories will get it done and then like a bear you would need to "fatten" up during the times of plenty like when the nuts and fruits are plentiful. I KNOW that I could live on under 500 calories a day for months if I just had too. The grasses and other easy things you eat more for bulk and minerals than the calories though there are several very high protean green veggies out there. K nuff said....sorry for high jacking this thread...

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well I guess I am "adjusted" i guess that is way better than maladjusted I eat fresh stuff out of the garden all the time myself


in fact I eat all the berries figs loquats and grapes as well as carrots and onions with a little salt tomatoes radishes.


ground cherries limes and this will be my first year I should get a bumper crop of lemons.


as far as fish a magnifying glass on a small camp pot it will cook it in minutes fish is very easy and quick but the Japanese


have used sauces that in their own way make the fish "safe" from acidity or salt it works and is tasty.


Damn you right about mammal meat they can be either cut in strips or cut down close to where they need more cooking time


and the piece you cut if it needs some more time you can do the hibachi thing with the strip over the coals.


people need to be reminded that only certain woods can be used to cook with as skewers or as fire wood for direct cooking.


some wood has poison some have irritant blistering oils some people are not susceptible to one or another but not usually


all of the ones in an area each area has it's own deadly or injurious plant life not to mention insects or reptiles.


and your not hijacking if your transferring information many people gain serious information totally by accident.


As far as the thread goes this opens up the styles of blades that are needed to harvest a hawk bill blade is better to


cut stalk type vegetables hooks to pull and cut fruit the oriental culture has made some of the most interesting blade


designs with a specificity toward agriculture and carving as the Germanic regions this is a science unto itself the angle


of the handle length curvature of the blade or thickness or bevel people have taken these long and hard learned lessons


making a blade is hard and hot work even if you have a blank it takes a long time to shape it and sharpen it properly


and that does not mean it will work worth a damn to harvest if it does not hold an edge is the wrong shape or handle size or


length as harvest is very time oriented speed and comfort of the user helps to increase the speed of the harvest.


here is the CRAZY part most all vegetables and fruits come in at a similar time and you cannot spend all the time in the world


on one and you need to have garnered meat and have it in a smoke house or canned so you will have food to sustain you


while you harvest.


meat requires a number of blades to do a good job a set of Old Hickory knives does a great job from skinning to boning


cutting steaks some of the new stainless sausage making hand equipment turns making sausage into a much quicker


session than in times past grinding was either done by pounding into pieces or dicing either or both are labor intensive.


then there is the spices if you could find them to grind them into the proper mesh to enhance flavor or the get them to


mix thoroughly these internal parts of a coffee grinder are blades / gears also as is a grinder disk the mating of the parts


or plates will give you a good product or work you like a dog with little or no results the round holes in a grinder plate


are sharp the pressure and rotating motion of the screw combine to cut into pieces more than grind the word grind is not accurate


if you do not believe me take a new grinder plate and press your finger into one of the holes and twist it back and forth


it will cut a circle in your finger if it has a clean edge.


in some designs of choppers they used a cam shaft setup with a number knife blades as the cam rotated each blade would


move up and down and the cutting board moved back and forth until the granulation was correct for their purpose.


grinding for sharpening or grinding is as much of blade tech as the blade itself stones are measured by grit from 100 to


many thousands per square inch the more the finer the edge a finer edge is not always better and the angle is just as important


as the grit a razor has a hollow ground blade a fighting knife can be a combination of types I like the EK design.


any way you go a set of stones strop of leather and grinding paste and a few steels like a diamond or common type


is a great asset to any kitchen or butcher shop / smoke house sausage making operation the learning curve is easy now


so use this time to "sharpen your skills"

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