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Happy Easter

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go outside and smell the dog poop and rotten easter eggs


I'm smelling fertilizer outside that my dog & rabbits produce daily. LOL.

Happy Easter to all.












If your not " Physically Fit ", then your just Food for the Zombies.LOL.

In GOD I Trust, Everyone else keep your hands where I can see them!

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I'm through with the chores and yes it's nice outside today. Playing on ebay, just had to have one of those cheap knives for ripping the seat belts off and popping the

Happy Easter peeps

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I want to publicly Praise


God the Father, "Yahweh" and His son my lord and Savior Jesus or Yeshua Ha-Mashiach who allowed himself to be crucified


and die in our place he preached the gospel to those who died resurrected and came back with the keys to death hell and


the grave.



Out of 12 disciples the 11 left saw him the proof 10 of those were martyred only 1 died of old age and none died


rich if Christ did not return what were they dying for? they were changed permanently why did Judas hang himself?


Christians who saw him while he was teaching healing and astounding every manner of person rich young old leaders of state


soldiers priests madmen he laid hands on lepers raised the dead and still even today people in the mid east are dying for HIM.



In the time after Christ's death Romans were perplexed why Christians would rather die horrible deaths than deny Christ.


Notice it is a full moon this is part of passover if people would look at all the intimate parts of the crucifixion there would be no


atheists the number of incidents that occurred Judas being paid part of the blood sacrifice system people bought a LAMB


to sacrifice for their sins it had to be kept with the family for so many days to check that is was without blemish Jesus


was kept in jail and questioned by the Jewish priests and found without guilt of any charges {without blemish}


he had to die without the breaking of any bones {he was speared through the side} like a LAMB he owned no place


the tomb he was put in he did not own, and he had to be buried before nightfall {He was}


Roman guards were placed there under penalty of death roman guards did not sleep at their posts yet a many ton stone


was rolled away and his body was not found the first witnesses were women { in biblical times women were not considered


important enough to accept as a witness}



Christ was seen numerous times and upon his ascension it was witnessed by over 500 persons other sources NON Christians


wrote about Christ and how Christians would rather die than denounce Christ this is before the bible was written.




Christ rode an Ass in that day it was the sign of royalty palms were waved and he rode over them also a sign of royalty


He was crucified as King of the Jews Pontious Pilot washed his hands and said himself that he could find no fault with




Christ prophesied that Jerusalem would be torn down {not one stone upon another would remain} 70 AD it was destroyed.


there are so many facts and writings from both biblical authors and secular historians like Josephus that make the biblical event


without question a pivotal moment in human history the sun was darkened at mid day reported by many sources.


even the Jewish priests recorded the curtain in the temple was ripped in half I am not a historian but it was 40 foot tall


at least.




If I were a gambling man and I was this is very much like walking up to a crap table and shooting 7's 100 times in a row.


In the last days knowledge will increase {every 18 months knowledge doubles} not to mention we find more and more


information from astronomy, Christian, bioscience secular sources that only make the biblical version more fact than every day






I do not care what anyone states you will not live forever I do not care who you are or who you look up too they all will die.


the world may not end for everyone just you and when it does where are you going after, if the recent Ghost hunters and


numerous other shows do not let you in on one fact that this is not all there is.


You are eternal and you will be somewhere WHERE is up to you and you have to make the decision before death


overtakes you seeing how no one I know is filthy rich and happy by a plan made in jr. high on the back of their loose


leaf note book so my advice it to do it now.


Forget all the crap about which Christian religion is right or wrong none of them are completely right they all have a sliver or


a log that blinding them just get on your knees and ask Jesus to come in guide you and keep you and save you and HE will.


and then get ready every demonic force from sweet like honey to cursing and threatening will come up the devil is not


going to let you go without a fight he is the father of all lies he can come as an angle of light if you read a paper watch


the news you see him at work he has billions of demons and many living people at his beck and call.




Pick a side your biggest failure brought on by satan is that you have a choice, you don't your either a Christian or NOT.


either with Christ or against him there is and never will be any middle ground.


I wish I were more able to explain my understanding of why I believe and all those annoying little factoids that drive


atheists crazy as they cannot answer why the Bible can and does make the case for Christ being the son of God.




Got a problem with ancient history DON"T the bible speaks of men of old they were the product of angles and human women


they had powers were of great size or knowledge or strength BUT if you read carefully when they reigned they were


very much into human sacrifice war and destruction they were and are the visitors / extraterrestrials many shows speak of


man is way older than science knows and there have been many earth ages have come and gone and this age is


coming to a close as we able to destroy our world many times over with weapons man made diseases and stupidity.


It does not help that we have numerous Hitler wannabes, and they are not trying to change Easter but KILL Christ


and that will never happen.



I pray that each one of you has the time and opportunity to make your choice and may the Grace Love and Peace of God


all the days of your life.

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