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I think it may be time

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now don't sell the farm but I think this may be the time to buy silver if you have considered it


I have been watching and it does not look like it will get much better price versus inflation as there is no inflation.


I am sure there is some group waiting to dump their silver as soon as it pushes past their position


but still it seems this price is hanging in there just an observation like I said don't go out of your way


and don't over spend it is bling and shiny metal if you do not have all the other necessities like food water


water treatment medical supplies and enough personal medications in tough times IMHO.

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puttin my faith into beans an bullets..silver tastes like ..well metal..kinda hard to chew...


Rayz, I have to agree with you as I'm investing in Beans, Bullets, and Bandages. Precious metals are good, but Im thinking short term. I will get my hands on gold and silver jewelry in due time.

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