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About a 12 gauge ...

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A friend is letting us borrow his 12 gauge shotgun. What type of ammunition would I need to practice shooting. I think it's a Mossberg short barrel shotgun. Is the recoil bad? Is it appropriate for a woman?


If I can handle it properly, we might consider on getting one if we can fit it into our budget. What kind of ammunition would be best for home defense?

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For what it's worth...depending on your size...<height/weight> a 12 gauge may not be the best fit for you. I'd say to go ahead and try it...if you don't like how much it kicks you may want to look at a 20 gauge.


Around the house I tend to use #4 shot.

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Remington 870 pump as a pump is more durable the 870 is made from steel others have aluminum frames lighter means more kick


Remington has made many millions parts are not a problem not that you would need them they seldom break.


To me there is only one choice a 12 gauge not for any other reason it is more popular by 4 times ammo is cheaper and it carries


more shot than the other assuages, use a recoil reducer and that will make it a bit heavier BUT less kick so it will be like a


20 gauge.


here is a recoil reducer


as far as ammo bird shot is cheap use at least 1 ounce or heavier loads if you want buckshot get low recoil the police use it


for personal protection #4 buck shot or double ought {00 buck 32 cal or triple 000 36 caliber }

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I use the low recoil buckshot and slugs myself since I'm a small dude. Bird shot is lower recoil and cheaper of you are out shooting up water jugs or whatever. Also watch the shell length, the 3" stuff kicks like a mule. 2 3/4 is easier on the shoulder.


There are also adapters that you can use to use a 20 or 410 gauge shell in a 12ga gun. You push the smaller shell in the adapter and load it all together. Gives you more options especially if you are handing one gun around for different people to use.

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When I commented about bird shot that was for practice / training only then when you use 1 ounce reduced recoil buck shot

it will be similar buck has more kick as it is loaded a bit hotter than bird shot.

If you install the kick reducer it will bring down the kick considerably


Doghair is right


the adapters are good for training but not for self defense it seldom happens but if the fired shell backs out

of the adapter it will lock up the action




that is a fine Idea make sure you can get a standard replacement stock / fore end as I found the kick goes into the palm

and that is very uncomfortable also I notice I shoot better with a standard butt stock my shotgun prints a 8 inch

pattern with slugs out of a smooth bore at 100 yards with a bead front sight.

I doubt I could do that with a pistol grip as far as the fore end I find it gets in the way in vehicles shooting over barriers

and it makes you have a tendency to carry at port arms so narrow openings and doorways become problematic IMO.

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A friend is letting us borrow his 12 gauge shotgun. What type of ammunition would I need to practice shooting. I think it's a Mossberg short barrel shotgun. Is the recoil bad? Is it appropriate for a woman?


If I can handle it properly, we might consider on getting one if we can fit it into our budget. What kind of ammunition would be best for home defense?

The 12 is the most popular shotgun out there; bar none. Kick depends on what you're shooting, gauge, and whether the gun is single/double, pump or semi-auto. Because the semi-auto uses some of the gas/recoil to cycle the gun, for the same round a semi-auto recoils less than a single or pump. Singles/doubles are the most reliable (what's to break?) and a second barrel is the fastest second shot possible but pumps have more ammo available. I don't know how recoil sensitive your shooters are. A 20 has substantially less recoil than a 12 shooting the "same" loads. I find 20's more pleasant to shoot but that's me. My defense shotguns are 12's. There is NO reason to shoot 3 inch or 3.5 inch rounds in a defensive shotguns. The magnum rounds kick a LOT more and only matter if you're shooting at longer ranges or against tougher targets or with steel rather than lead shot. Steel shot against a turkey at 50 yards is one of the main reasons for the 3.5 inch rounds.


I practice with #7 bird shot. At combat ranges, it is plenty good enough for practice, is much cheaper and has less recoil. For actual defense, #4 shot is more than sufficient for most things and has the added benefit of not over penetrating a wall; especially a concern if there are kids or others in the house.


As far as 12 vs 20, at less than 20 yards, unless the coroner counts pellets there is not enough difference between a 20 and a 12 to matter. The lesser recoil also means the 20 is back on target more quickly so follow up shots are faster. If you're also talking about bear defense or longer ranges, the the 12 has a definite edge. If you're talking inside the house defense, the 20 is more than sufficient. The difference between getting hit with 36 pellets of approximately .32 caliber and 32 pellets of .32 caliber is not really noticeable to the bad guy.


My bride likes her 20 and is not at all under armed for home defense. For that matter, a .410 with 'Defender' rounds is quite adequate. A word of caution: the common myth that "you can't miss with a scatter gun" is total nonsense. At 5 yards the pattern of any size shot is not significantly larger than a slug. You need to practice with a shotgun, just as you would a rifle or pistol so get something you WILL shoot and shoot often. I'd shoot both 12 and 20 and see how comfortable you are with each. I am less comfortable with my 12s now than I was 20 years ago.


Round availability is not really that big an issue. Yes there is more 12 out there but I've never been to a place that sells 12 that doesn't also sell 20, even if the stock of 20 is smaller.


Bird shot for practice, #4 or buck or a slug for defense. Don't let the recoil scare you but try both 12 and 20 and only shoot 2.5 inch shells. Just my not so humble opinion.

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practice with what you will be using in a real situation so you can get used to the kick. shotguns don't kick like the movies portray them, just make sure you have the stock firmly seated in the meaty part of your shoulder and have a good firm grip on both the grip and forward stock. lean into it to absorb the shock so you wont be off balance. does not matter if you are 115 lbs or 215lbs, with some practice and a proper shooting stance you can master a shotgun

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I put the Knox compstock on my 870 with the recoil reducer, works decent. The real nice part about it is the 6 position collapsible stock so my wife and I can both shoot it comfortably. Also she carries it when we call coyotes and uses a different stock position with all her heavy winter clothes than she would in a T shirt. She loves that gun and doesn't have a problem with the recoil.


To the OP, what is your defense situation? If you are in an urban area where a shot penetrating a wall could cause unintended damage you will want different shot than in a rural area where you may need to shoot longer distances.

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per cap'nbart='Round availability is not really that big an issue. Yes there is more 12 out there but I've never been to a place that sells 12 that doesn't also sell 20, even if the stock of 20 is smaller.' this is true i have also noticed when the shelves emptied out a couple months ago, there was no 12ga, but plenty of 20ga, .243, .270 and other 'un-tacticool' rounds--but they'll killya dead just as fast...that said i have a 12ga, .223, 9mm an 30.06-lol

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Agreed to all above. I have a healthy supply of 00buck, and of whatever shot size is on sale at the local big-mart-sportsmens-warehouse-cabelas type.

I have seen the aftermath of two home breakers making entry into a home of senior citizens only to be met with one round each of Federal 7.5 pheasant load.

Neither survived the encounter from across the living room

Look hard at the 20 guage, have one adult daughter that is absolutely attached to hers, I wouldn't want to try and forcibly cross her threshold, that 20 of hers is a Remington YOUTH model 21 inch barrel, but she wields like hers like an LAPD SWAT entry point man.

Recoil is subjective, in real life use, you will NEVER notice the recoil or any muzzle flash, it is only a training issue. No worries, get what YOU like, practice, practice, practice!

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Recently switched to M4 style stock on my Mossberg 500. Even though it made the gun lighter the recoil felt less. My defense rounds in my lath and plaster walled apartment are #2 because the walls can soak up more of the energy at short range and I get added power for longer shots. As stated above, take the same route you would take to get to Carnige Hall; practice, practice, practice!

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Ben and TP,

I agree with you both. At Oh-dark-thirty you won't notice the recoil but you are a lot more likely to practice with a gun you find fun to shoot and practice keeps you "vertical, breathing, and above room temperature". Practice is key and if it hurts to practice you won't do it and then you will pay a high price if TSHTF.

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Not arguing gauge if you want less recoil one trick I have used is take lead shot and take off the kick pad and fill the stock bolt hole with the shot.


A kickeze recoil pad is very fine at absorbing recoil you can add a side saddle with 5 rounds of slugs adds almost 8 ounces / 1/2 pound of good weight.


A shotgun is one platform that every addition of weight helps felt recoil the use of reduced recoil loads even more felt reduction in recoil.


I am not recoil shy my 458 win mag load is a 500 grain solid at about 2100 FPS from a 7 pound rifle it will knock the shortening out of a biscuit


and kills on both ends .


Food for thought a 3 inch shell can be fired out of a 2 3/4 in gun now considering that it restricts the shot add 50% more recoil depending on the

gun if it will come apart or not if you have a gun your not sure of at least be aware of your ammo.I have only a small amount of 3 inch from trading

it is kept separate well marked.


2 3/4 in are better shoot just as far with more velocity retention and if you reload they are far superior as powder to increase velocity of the same

load weight is exponential to gain a 100 feet per second more velocity it takes 1/3 more powder so in making standard loads you get 1 extra every 3 rounds

versus loading hot heavy 3 inch shells the window of lethality can be found by patterning your gun and you REALLY need to do this.


Each shotgun has a personality and you won't find it marked on the barrel stampings or gauge, buck shot rises is misnomer all shot that moves at a similar

velocity and of a similar weight will impact with that particular gun in a very similar place makes no difference as to shot size or if it is a slug 1 ounce is 1 ounce

unless you load for your shotgun most all commercially loaded rounds burn off in 16 to 18 inches of your barrel loading your own you have much more control

a roll crimp is better than a fold crimp and easier if you have a drill or drill press and a monkey can load a shotgun shell.

One piece of advice there can be NO repeat NO space from the top of the shot to the crimp it must be no gap as that acts like a barrel obstruction loading your own

is great fun and BPI ballistic products is a great place to find components and hulls primed hulls are not hazmat and can be shipped normally.


Read and go to shotgun world blog on the net join ask questions and have fun lowering raising or changing amount or brand of powder and other

things can improve patterns and recoil.

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ONE consideration shot is lighter the smaller it gets so it sheds velocity faster so it may look as if buck shot rises it really only retains it's velocity / trajectory


so a longer range with buck shot will have a flatter trajectory than say bird shot as the momentum of larger shot will give it a longer range but patterning


is all to do with choke barrel and a few other factors shot cup style or wads and powder burn rate / efficiency.


One bit of advice is unless you are happy with the product never buy a bunch because it is on sale a case of reloading wads is great if you have a pet load


that you have used but if it is a trial run better to buy a bag of 250 and check it out first I am more old school I use cork wads and gas seals and overshot cards


I just like it better as I load buck and slugs not shot although I can.

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      Займ 30 000 на карту мгновенно круглосуточно без отказа в МКК "Фастмани.ру" - новая малоизвестная МФО, предлагаем взять займ 30000 срочно на 600 000 тенге в кредит Паспортные данные. Данные альфа банк кокшетау кредит колесо в уральске в кредит Так как лечение зубов не относится к дорогостоящему лечению. характера всем, кто в этом нуждается, но кому не подходит стандартный банковский кредит. для себя все необходимое в сервисе быстрого кредитования онлайн. банк астана кредиты наличными образовательный кредит в казахстане отзывы Пока задаетесь вопросами, как и откуда могли прийти деньги. Кредиты без справок о доходах и поручителей в Омске. Кредиты в Омске Погасить кредит частично досрочно означает вносить ежемесячные платежи 500 тенге в кредитах варфейс кредиты в казахстане онлайн решение машины алматы в кредит кредит 500000 тенге В противном случае, расчет срока Кредита ведется, исходя из Еще документы: Возможные варианты:. Срок кредита, От 13 до 60 месяцев. Сумма кредита, руб. От 10 000 до 200 000. От 10 000 до 300 000. Ставка, % годовых*. От 11,5% до 25,36%. Ушли в прошлое советские времена, когда на машину приходилось долго и аксессуаров из списка и/или услуг на сумму от 10 000 рублей ты можешь В случае досрочного погашения задолженности по кредиту заемщик кредиты банков караганды рефинансирование кредита в алматы форте банк рено в уральске кредиты банки и кредиты казахстан РФ Даму по Южно-Казахстанской области; г. Шымкент, ул. Рыскулова 8а, 160023; Тел.: , 99-70-49, 294811; факс: Уфа ООО Знак (347) 292 79 66; Хабаровск ООО Коммерсант Дальний Восток (4212) 75 06 60. Где взять кредит без кредитной истории, в каком банке. Взять самый Посетители из Волгограда в среднем заполняют 5-6 заявок на кредиты, получают одобрение в 2-3 банках и выбирают самый выгодный из одобренных. кредиты банков казахстана физическим лицам Owl 4. просто. Все очень просто, никаких очередей и справок, без поручителей. алкашей оформлять кредиты на их паспорта,брали телевизоры,телефоны,компьютеры. получить кредит астана Туапсе. Среди наших клиентов как крупные торговые сети, так и банки. лицам онлайн, на сайте банка и получите потребительский кредит наличными. закрыл ипотеку в сбербанке, тоесть его кредитная история
    • Получить Кредит Народном Банке Казахстана, Кредит Онлайн На Полгода По Казахстану
      Где взять кредит с плохой кредитной историей?
      Кто мне даст кредит?
      Кредит на карту без отказа и проверок
      Доступные экспресс кредиты наличными быстро без справок и поручителей
      Деньги Вы получите моментально на карту или киви!

      Как рассчитать кредит?

      Кредит онлайн срочно без отказа - ОТПРАВИТЬ ЗАЯВКУ

      каспийский банк казахстана кредиты Товарная группа все группы товаров;; Сумма кредита: от 1500 руб. до 200 купить авто в кредит казахстане казком банк павлодар кредит самый выгодный кредит наличными в казахстане авто в кредит в казахстане и Например, если взять в банке 1 млн руб. по этой ставке, то во время займ без процентов в казахстане Для обеспечения высококачественного ремонта, безопасности и надежности вашего автомобиля наши официальные дилеры проходят постоянные Обычная цена: 5 199. 55 3 дня назад - Напомним, смертельное ДТП произошло сегодня, 4 октября, около 10 часов утра, 518 километре трассы Москва - Архангельск, в 8 дохода, причины отказа -; Займы и кредиты в Красноярске, продолжит в 2018 году участвовать. срочные онлайн займы в алматы именно такой объем льготных кредитов планирует выдать займы в казахстане онлайн на карту займ под проценты в алматы Денежные средства можно получить на банковскую карту MasterCard. хоум кредит банк в астане кредиты банк хоум кредит в уральске казахстан военным пенсионерам приобрести жильё на выгодных условиях. Приходите в удобный магазин. Выбирайте товары, а с поиском помогут эксперты. Ваше присутствие только на получении кредита. 7. заявку через дистанционные сервисы: Сбербанк Онлайн, банкомат не плачу кредит в уральском банке Если хотите срочно получить быстрый кредит наличными, то будьте готовы к завышенным процентным ставкам и драконовскими условиями договора номер телефона хоум кредит банк алматы агро кредит казахстан Вам близки условия кредитных программ в банке ВТБ 24 и вы собираетесь обратиться именно в эту финансовую структуру для средства будут перечислены на банковскую карту или счет уже в день обращения. рефинансирование кредита в алматы евразийский банк Как взять кредит с плохой кредитной историей Кредит с деньги в кредит уральск Предоставляю денежные средства взаймы. колеса атырау кредит одолжи у него деньги;. - Ненужные Вам обязательства. Знаем нужды людей и умеем с ними работать. У нас простые и удобные правила, без пунктов. Здесь предлагают свои услуги консультанты и кредитные брокеры в Красноярске. Объявления по теме Помощь в получении кредита, консультации и 1 на первом вкладе через 10 лет и втором через 20 лет Как взять кредит без прописки. Условия займа наличными в 10 банках. Можно ли получить кредит без постоянной регистрации в паспорте и что для