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Rudy Giuliani:


last night stated it quite well that Arafat was a mass murder of 27 Americans Who knows how wany


of his own people and the father of present day terrorism that took a lot of guts for him to do that,


if you knew the personal danger that his views place him in because he speaks the truth and it undermines


the Left and the terrorists of which there are many groups a lot in colleges throughout America.


Before you grab your ankles and accept information without verification let me pass on some history.


Mark Twain a beloved American writer famous the world over was a Christian {still is} he wanted to go and


see personally his Redeemers Jesus Christ's home land.


He was completely surprised at the emptiness of the land even Jerusalem was a very small enclave of a


few Jews and Arabs YES ARABS, he described his experiences in detail the land was desert and had sparse


to no life and a rare sighting of a goat herder {no disrespect a herder is a guardian of a flock it is dangerous


and talent to help birth animals and a lonely existence } I use this as a reference as to no population.


There was no water and fruit olives or flowers no irrigation for such things it was a desert as seen by


Mark Twain,Samuel better known by his pen name Samuel Langhorne Clemens who died April 21, 1910


born November 30, 1835 had no reason to lie as there was no interest in Palestine or an Israel at the time.


fast forward 1000 years and there are umpteen millions of them this is more horse crap than can be believed


and it has gotten into News papers and history books public information systems like the internet.


The old adage if you say a lie often enough and loud enough people will believe it comes to mind.


THERE ARE NO TO DARN FEW REAL PALESTINIANS the people fled there during the 2nd world war to avoid


the Nazi's or being forced into the military to fight from any side technically they were draft dodgers.


after the 1st world war the whole area was redrawn by the British and countries that never were POOF


were created like magic in order to maintain control they set up monarchies by accident to control


the population and centralize their power and government.


At the end of WWII the British did their best to undermine the Jews coming into Palestine and help the Arabs


kick out the many that were already there or have the Arabs kill them off as they confiscated their guns


DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR WELL IT DID NOT WORK the Jews started like anyone buying land homes and


businesses fast forward 20 years the lad is thriving and the many Arabs are convincing the few original


Palestinians they have been robbed that all this new beautiful creation was actually theirs stolen by the Jews


A HUGE LOAD OF CRAP most of these Arabs were nothing but thieves and running from their home countries


for crimes or to avoid there tyrannical Kalif's / rulers in the region.


I know this is a long monolog BUT stay with me.


These human filth proclaiming they are Palestinians 2/3rds of which are not and the other 1/3rd are


true Palestinians BUT MOST NOT ALL have sold off their lands and are renters and have buyers remorse from




their anger is overblown as they sold their legacy for pennies but when they had the land they did not


work together hated each other and had family feuds.


The Israelis worked and fought together against all odds and brought in irrigation and new techniques


of farming and are the most creative people on the face of the earth they hold more pattens than any


I mean any other ethnic group on earth even in this country many strides in science math and others


have been attributed to Jewish people if I recall 2,500 pattens last year.


They were the ones we can thank for 2 years grace from Iran having enough to make a bomb they


burned up their centrifuges with a computer virus that over clocked the system and burned them out.


they have intel from all areas they have been feeding information on bad guys for years preventing


many problems for us.


So do not believe the media they have not looked at history and if the lie sells then print the lie


giving them land is like taking yours and giving it back to the Indians if you feel like the Palestinians


have a claim then clean up your side of the street first give your land back and those street urchins own


the street pay them to pass pay them to not damage your car if where you roam you consider personal


property then consider well who owns what and when it is not complicated if you bought it and built


clean and maintain it it is yours .


Europe needs to shut up about the Israeli situation after WWII no records whole families and towns killed


off Nazi's moving thousands away from their land all the countries invaded and their documents destroyed


LMAO all of them are just as guilty of stealing land and or claiming what was never theirs during the


confusion after the war.


Wake up all this is new age garbage the Jews own Israel they bought it and many have been displaced


to make security borders and give land to the Palestinians who sold it and then stole back using the


world sentiment to twist arms to get what they want it is a wave of money for the Palestinians


Yassir Arafat was the face of Palestine for years he stole hundreds of millions and sent suicide


bombers out to die and whipped up the {SO CALLED PALESTINIANS} TO GET THEIR LAND BACK}


Arafat wallowed in money while the people he led starved his wife lives in France with hundreds of


millions Arafat stole while head of the PLO {Palestinian liberation organization} this lie of Palestine


has been rewritten and rehashed and given legs for many reasons some for political reasons here


DO NOT BE FOOLED this is the beginning of the Muslim brotherhood they are all members of some


terrorist organization hamas, PLO, etc. you take any part of this and this leopard will tear you apart


I use the leopard as it is the symbol for Persia what is now Iran one of the bankers for many of these


organizations. Americans need to learn or burn anyone who sides with the Palestinians is siding


with a group that hates America Americans and has said numerous times they want to destroy America.


That is the facts as I have and many others have found researching all this mess many years ago


I thought the split israel was an answer but I noticed that land bordering had no one living there and


they could inhabit that but none of the countries surrounding Israel will give the Palestinians sh*t


why because they are liars murders thieves and terrorists in other words the trouble makers from their




Lebanon was the Paris of the middle east after they gave asylum to the Palestinians it is now rubble


the areas that Israel gave them had homes and multifamily apartments what did they do burned them


down and destroy what was left because they did not want to touch what Jews had even though they


had no homes and widows and orphans were living under tarps that is how ignorant and full of hate


they are and why no other country wants anything to do with them PERIOD.

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isreal is for jews if your not jewish get out...


I can be cheap at times, does that mean i'm Jewish?:rolleyes:













If your not " Physically Fit ", then your just Food for the Zombies.LOL.

In GOD I Trust, Everyone else keep your hands where I can see them!

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I posted this for the other side of the argument that you rarely hear in our politically correct society children


are growing up and youngsters in college are being fed a bunch of horse crap as fact that is not it bugs the hell


out of me that they would endanger a whole croup of peoples lives for a false opinion contorted lie even many


Reporters co not know this they only parrot the previous line It is a reflection of how powerful that repeating a


lie gives it legs and it becomes defacto historical evidence not to mention that the muslim religion started in 460 AD


427 years after Christ but yet the Jewish / Christian roots are 4 thousand years previous.


It is not a matter of my God is older than yours but how repressive or much of a threat to it's neighbors IMO.

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Might be a slightly off of topic, but palestinian problem kind of reminds me a similar problem we have in Europe, in Czech Republic (where I come from) with minority called gypsie's, locally called cikani. For past 20 some years, since the communist lost, these minority had a free run. Local laws don't apply to them, practically entire population doesn't work, doesn't pay taxes, living off gov't monthly benefits, that most of them immediately spent in local casino's and bars, they multiply like roache's, on average family has 6-10 and more kids, parents don't even know their names, anywhere they live is total destruction, crime is at the highest level's thats ever been, kids gangs on streets and in schools, attacking, robbing practically on daily bases, the situation is totally out of control and what the gov't does? nothing, they are scared off them, you say a word, you are racist, you lose your job, can't pay your bills, you will get an executor knocking on your door and get thrown out out of your house, cikan destroys and burn down his place, what he gets? new apartment and apology. This minority never created or mounted for anything, they got a free ride on a back of locals, who hassle every f.. single day to provide for their families, to pay and to contribute to society and nothing is getting done about it. People are fed up, angry and if they take it to streets, cops are there in hundreds beating the shit out of them. On top of that, we have new wave of migrants from middle east getting asylum, another free ride for those who don't respect local laws and traditions, while building their mosque's and creating conflicts with locals. Whats the future? Who knows, but if this problems doesn't get solved really fast, there will be no future.


Fot those who is interested to see, how local gypsie's live , check this's in local language, but you will get the point...


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it has happened before certain groups get protected it happens here too they eventually self destruct and pendulum


swings back and people fall on them and cut them down t size and law returns {i hope for the common peoples sake}


Snake, I surely do hope so, but time is running out........

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The Roots of Violence


Wealth without work,

Pleasure without conscience,

Knowledge without character,

Commerce without morality,

Science without humanity,

Worship without sacrifice,

Politics without principles.


Writen by Mahtma Gandhi true today as it was then.

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many many teachers femvet59


I guess what always confused me was people telling me I needed an education and then those same educated people


were ignorant of the most basic facts many words made them nervous like especially in conjunction with common words


like plantation chicken it is a chicken wrapped in banana leaves and pit cooked very fine eating I was looked at like I insulted


someone and the host was a native and asked if I was familiar with the dish I said It is one of my favorites the college educated


person who seemed irked by PLANTATION word was relived. how kookie is that.


I was stationed in an area that I mentioned in a conversation with some officials and most of whom knew the region one got


flustered and said that is rude we looked at them and were perplexed, that is racist we were really confused now then I asked


what in the hell do you think I meant?


the reply was that I was denigrating a religious group I had to explain that that was the name of the valley not the indigenous


people who lived there.


Recently I was at an art festival some lady was trying to sell me some current native Indian art more like dust collectors


some how she kept bugging me and I told her don't like Indian art and she tried to tell me she was part sh*tintween twolegs


Indian she looked white to me, I told her so what so am I and I still don't like that sh*t art and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.



I cannot say that I am self taught but I have found that if you want real answers you need to look for yourself some answers only


leaves you with more questions or are the product of winners history the losers never seem to get an even break.




A man I can say that I might not have always agreed with but had my respect was William F. Buckley Jr he was eloquent


precise and had a knowledge of history and politics as well as numerous other interests.


If I was able I loved to watch him on the "firing line" and would read the national review my parents collected my mail when I


was off and while decompression I would spend a few days drinking crown royal or Cuba libra's and catching up on my reading.


some of the few people that I listen to now are Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter Allen West and recently Dr. Ben Carson


Allen Keys is a great spokesman and It is sad how the right seems to have dumped him and the left hates him with a passion


Sean Hannity, John Stossel, and of course Ben Stein.


Bill O'riely is a stuffed shirt he has gotten so full of himself he even interrupts guests and the


people that agree with him and are making a point his recent Easter crap on how he thought the old testament was


allegorical left me with only one conclusion he is a buffoon especially after his diatribe about incest.


all Allegorical stories are begun with the statement "I give you a parable" you are warned, told, explained to that what follows


is a story to exemplify a situation.


this below was not a story


Genesis 7:13

“In the selfsame day entered Noah, and Shem, and Ham, and Japheth, the sons of Noah, and Noah’s wife,

and the three wives of his sons with them, into the ark.”


given science touts that there are only 6 degrees of separation between all of humanity I would say the numbers are correct.


there are 80,000 flood stories that in itself should show a blind man there was a flood and there was an asteroid hit


and all manner of disasters that wiped out 99.99% of all things, we have about 4 stones that show man was alive with


the dinosaurs prints side by side, not a missing link but man bipedal foot just like ours walking just like we do.




The Bible is concerned with one group gods chosen people and the genealogy of them not every cousin nephew and NON Jew


was mentioned there were others on the earth as after Cain killed Able he said don't put me out "THEY WILL KILL ME"


who were THEY I figure other peoples races not Jewish after all we know that there are other races now so there were then.


God is a / the Creator It makes me wonder how people can figure that all the flora and fauna came from a pool of green slime


and became viruses to sperm whales with birds that fly and not and lizards fish snakes and mammals of numerous kinds


and we are still finding species all the time and we know for a fact that some have gone extinct.


bacteria has been found to live in above boiling temps in volcanic vents and even in old faithful geyser and living


36,000 feet below in the Mariana trench.


Birds fly south and build nests in a certain fashion weather they were born to it or hatched from an egg with no parents


Evolution OF COURSE everything evolves but not out of certain parameters and within our atmosphere they do not


exist in spite of it but with it.


Theory is like a skin disease with the proper application of truth it goes away my one big problem is with all the galaxies and


trillions of miles of space we have yet to find minerals alien to this planet our Periodic table has not changed even though


we have charted asteroids and found them here no new elements the further out we go the further we find no edge to


the universe in fact we know nothing that makes us stop death or make life we do not know how high is high or how far is far.


we don't even know how hot is there a limit? they said nothing can go faster than light now a new tachyon has proved that


WRONG now we are told of numerous dimensions coinciding with this reality well then which one is real will the real reality


please stand up will it cant because of a small problem called dimensions supposedly in the 5th dimension you could eat


an orange from the inside out. well if that is true what can you do in the 11th?


For all those who cannot find God just ask yourself what have you found? even if you could cure cancer you


cannot cure old age even if you could cure every disease and yet you cannot cure TIME no one and I mean no one has beaten the


120 year barrier oh I know some stories of a monk in Tibet who eats nothing but unicorn turds has lived 150 years and never


had a pimple. well if you make it that far and look like a pitted prune and smell like a yaks ass whats the point.


Last I heard high speed internet is not available in that part of Tibet so a 3 year old with a smart phone and a tablet thinks


he is a freaky looking moron.


If you want proof well here it is if the government actually though that a group of us had a chance in hell of making it to


125 then social security would not kick in till a person was 99 years old.


It is funny how they tell you to exercise your brain and they even have a smart phone APP for that but they do not want you to


learn anything of value or any truth that flies in the face of their beliefs right now there is a concerted effort to remove all


countries we would be all one under a one world government because governments cause war and no differing religions as it


causes wars one world one ideal religion has to die one party no right or left I can't wait for the new outfits unisex unitards


all grey no fat people no sugar no drinks over 16 ounces no smoking everyone has to be bisexual no running no laughing


someone may think your laughing at them.


no pregnancy it may make barren women feel bad no natural birth test tube babies no race everyone will have to have


children that have brown hair brown eyes brown skin not too dark not too light if you cannot see all this coming


your only fooling yourself no cash so no robbery yes a perfect utopian hell and with it comes a chip in the right hand or forehead


read about digital angle and other I.D. systems due to come online 2017 contracts already signed some areas are in


testing phase now so get ready.

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Snake, I do not think you are far off the mark at all. Unfortunately, many people, devoid of conscience and any semblance of divinity, cannot accept any "higher power" greater than themselves or their "sheepskin" proclaiming their faux intellectualism.

I have found that many if not most people, simply do not know HOW to "think" for themselves, instead opting to be "popular". Such idiocy is emphasized by their false moral piety in proclaiming that "we can all get along", when in truth, that has never happened in the history of the world.

I do try to treat people like I like to be treated, for MY sake. Treat me terribly or in a rude manner, that's reflective of the true lack of character of the person reacting viscerally.

I view the vast majority of people, as merely unwitting or unwilling dupes in their own self-destruction. They can choose to be pawns, my family and I will never subject ourselves

to such intellectual and physical slavery.

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I agree I only post some of these to tweak the spirit of those I may can reach or hope to leave a nagging question with them


that may lead them to an understanding of why I believe and the many reasons and facts that crop up from recent research


and archeological evidence, some need a more tactile trigger to get them to reexamine the biblical scriptures.


What I have noticed is anytime there has been a move away from biblical principles something very horrible happens.


many think that the gay thing is NEW well in the roaring 20's / 1920's it in the public sex was open and


divorce was not considered bad people were acting out and discussing all these issues it was called being cosmopolitan.


There is nothing new under the sun is all I want to relay to the younger folks who happen upon these posts.


but neither is certain destruction as if your not moral you cannot make decent and moral decisions thus making things worse.


causing us to be trapped by our own worldly intelligence.


Gay marriage may seem fair and inclusive but what about the many other groups that will demand equality also how about


polygamy transvestites wanting equal rights I have actually heard gays calling tranny's freaks with my own ears.


what if someone wants to get married to their poodle? I know this sounds strange but I have run into many diverse folks


cross dressers etc. our norm will be very abnormal if anyone has seen the gay pride parade imagine that every day


as if there are no social norms what would stop it used to you would not get a job if you had exposed tattoos now


the freak at burger king has a hundred piercings tattoos on their neck and face that would make a cannibal blush


the world shamed us and told us freak shows were taking advantage of those less fortunate now it looks like the whole


world is a freak show women with tattooed chests and backs of their hands and they have no rhyme or theme.


some look like they were naked in the back of a delivery truck full of comics and got bounced around ink transferring


on to them in the oddest combinations and even sexual positions and demonic symbols and mixed with cartoons it is weird.


I am not a prude but then again a lot of this is an assault on my senses without my permission they don't want


a manger scene or a cross during the holidays even a American flag is being banned in some neighborhoods,


but they want to have the tattoo of a rat humping a chicken and wear a half shirt forcing me to see it with enough


cottage cheese thighs to make you barf and their cheeks hanging out of their daisy duke shorts.


In my mind it is not so much about modesty as COVER THAT UGLY SH*T UP.


this is not only not the country I was born into but it looks like I landed in a circus during the clown car bit.

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