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we are not being told the truth about the economic problems that can and will effect our markets.


after doing an internet search on confiscation of personal accounts and money I found very little


fear is a powerful thing and the lame stream media is not digging deep into this story.


this same thing has happened in America and could again gold was confiscated banks closed and you could

not get your money out.


The generational curse is that a previous generation has died off taking with it it's knowledge and experience


As there are not any of them in the media and too old to work they have no voice in our nations direction


or we would not be going over the monetary cliff things are worse than we are being told and all these


stories about we are coming back and that people need to buy homes and cars are only attempting to


keep the money flowing.


I think even if we took drastic measures our economy is so connected to the rest of the world we could still have dire consequences here IMHO.

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Another stunning news piece


Detroit is broke on it's azz lost much of it's population as people are leaving like rats off a sinking ship BUT they do have


400 liquor stores no top name grocery stores and almost 18% unemployment I guess the only way to get them out of trouble


is to double the price of MD20-20 MAD DOG to the rescue.


Sad but this is one of many shrinking cities who's days of glory is long past here is a list on a web site


Syria has decided to use PESTicide on the pests that irk them now it may seem a world away but if it costs more than a dime


we cannot afford it but look for U.S. to do something.hell we lost more than that in ford pinto's and it took years to get anything


for the victims and it took a room full of lawyers and years more of litigation.


I guess citizens are the last on the list when it comes to help so I wonder why would anyone from Mexico & south America would


want citizenship I mean after all now they get out of jail free and pay nothing for healthcare and social security and food stamp


programs while we foot the bill I think we might be better off making them citizens and then forcing them under the rules me and


you live under every day.

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i feel so much better now......although if they want to seize or tax my savings

account,they can, i have exactly 28 cents in it...not much more in checking either,,,,



Right there with ya rayz

Ever since the mortgage crash in 07 I haven't worked at a company that hasn't gone under or got all messed up with bean counters and mergers.

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well I learned long ago I could sell certain personal property any time day or night so I invest in that and keep my money


in cash and not in the bank as much as possible.


t2940 rayz the rest is posted for non preppers.


and it has been beautiful out lately and I do get out in fact got a guided fishing trip coming up looking forward to it


so I relax and live my life like nothing is happening but I stay and try to be aware of local state and national as well as world


events and anomalies like Cumbre Vieja Volcano in the Canary islands it is a wild card but it is in play.


I have my own ideas of what may cause a severe sh*tuation only to consider my options.


We do not live on a flat earth any more and I feel as long as each person is prepared aware and ready we can sail through


any difficulty.


As in a unit of trained individuals the weakest link looses sometimes taking others with them in other situations


they are a drag on unit cohesion and effectiveness we can all be a strong link and it is a personal choice to do it or not.


but like red cross life saving the classes used to be small thought that if you have children you should take this class.


I took it and other classes as well I doubt I will ever need them but I did it anyway and made some new friends along the way.


so I see no negatives associated with these type classes they are neither right left or center they empower you to save and help


your family co workers friends what could be better than that.

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Great thoughts snake, boy, don't ya wish you could hand pick a crew from this site if SHTF?

Being prepared does give one a bit of satisfaction and security.

Did you say FISHING???? have a great time buddy

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Great thoughts snake, boy, don't ya wish you could hand pick a crew from this site if SHTF?

Being prepared does give one a bit of satisfaction and security.

Did you say FISHING???? have a great time buddy

yup being prepared is the way to go...which is why I have no money in bank ..i try and think of things I will need to survive,defend and repair stuff--all funds after obligatory bills-are used to purchase things --since december it has been ammo/reloading supplies,,this month is house repair,,,fencing, tools ,,nails,pipe fittings ect..also starting to put another food list together...goal is to not need a bank, utility company ,,and some day pay off my mortgage- car has 1 year left..

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t2940 yea there are lot of special people in here:


I would feel privileged to have in a group if only for their companionship and like mind some for there independent views.




great goals I have 6 months on my newest vehicle I can pay it off now but I would rather keep my money and use theirs


and next effort is have enough solar panels to maintain a comfortable way of life without power and if nothing happens


lessen my electric bill it is only 100 bucks now if I get LED house bulbs I think I can even bring that down


another 20 bucks or so as I keep 3 exterior lights on 24/7 and 20% is business and goofing around I love having projects.


the system I have been looking at has no batteries but can be converted it is a grid tie system


I have a few solar panels for charging batteries running some small fans and lights some 120 volt stuff as needed


a small generator if fuel is available it can run everything separately and a small ac unit as needed for 1 room.


many don know how much it takes to get off the grid even then most of the appliances are not as sturdy {12 volt}


and the best ones {propane} are long lasting but propane storage for at least one year depending on your needs


can cost 500 to 1,000 but that is for a year or more solar could run an AC unit part of the day fans for the other


unless you have deep pockets.


One thing I thought about if our government was so concerned with our economy instead of a trillion stimulus they could


have given us full tax credit on grid tie systems {saved the solar companies that recently went broke} a tax holiday


on vehicles new businesses a tax free for 10 years [LIKE FOREIGN START UP COMPANIES}


In fact if we got all the perks that non citizens get we could all be independent BUT they must not want us to be out of debt


and off the grid if they did things would be much different they talk green but really they are all about GREEN MONEY


I think I can prove my point have you seen any alternative or 12 volt natural gas / propane powered as either can be converted


AC units in the mainstream market place when you see these in home depot like the point of use water heaters with


passive solar heating system then you can say we are going green right now the status quo of utility companies


and hard line power and communications are tying us permanently to bills I can understand apartments businesses and


condos but if all that owned property had a choice {a real choice to go green / 75% off the grid} they would.


we can never escape every utility but should there be a ISSUE we would be in great shape for surviving natural


disasters and monetary swings inflation even unemployment for extended periods but I don't think the powers


that be want that our system is predicated on the 30 day cycle of bills money flows like blood or we die and I don't


want our system to die but I think we could slow it down and keep it more sustainable longer life cycle on cars


trucks and appliances they use to last 10 + years now if you noticed they expire like avocado dip in the sun.


this is the real problem to savings and having enough for health care is having to rebuy every vehicle and appliance


every 5 forkin' years IMHO.

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