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Thanks awake. That one looks good. I've also been looking at the Goal Zero brand.


They have larger kits where you can store the energy you save. My things I want to buy after Christams list keeps getting longer and longer.

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DC Matt:

AG Russell has a backpacking solar panel in his Men's Catalog. It'll charge multiple devices and looks like a good set up. I plan on checking it out the next time I get by their shop.


Edit to add:


Thanks, that was the one I was thinking about for BOB. Here's a pretty good looking one for a Bug-in or BOV situation.

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Don't you read my threads



I have touched on most of these

Imodium, for bowel problems

aspirin, for heart problems chest pain people of all ages have heart problems and die have it

Tylenol,for inflammation and pain

antacid, acid stomach

antibiotic ointment, for any cuts or sores that redden

small bottle provoiodine, great for deeper cuts

salt, use as gargle for sore throat and mouth sores

clove oil toothache relief

eucalyptus oil stuffy nose and for athletes foot and bug bites chiggers and sand fleas

benadryl for allergies swelling eyes runny nose

loratidine or clairitin for swollen sinus membranes

a epipen for anaphylactic shock from insects or food allergies

paper tape, athletic tape for taping all wounds

roll of gauze and some cotton balls to keep area clean and dab

couple of bandannas for slings and face cover for dust and wind

assortment of bandages cloth types hold best in wet conditions

unwaxed dental floss stuck items in teeth and sewing cuts when coated with antibiotic ointment

or use fly fishing leader line fine and is good for stitches too

water proof match bottle needles matches and a pair of extra Swiss army tweezers

deet bug repellent to prevent next problem

mosquito head net insect bites are major cause of viruses and infected bites stings

leather gloves for hand protection climbing cleaning game etc.

bleach for water purification also can use on poison ivy sumac and oak dab on let dry and hand sanitizer peroxide good for cleaning wounds

alcohol vodka for antiseptic also stimulant

chapped lip balm

eye drops


look in the makeup isle at wally world and look for travel bottle kit and you can break this down

get a few they are cheap and have screw top and flip top bottles and round containers leak resistant

some of these come in travel size look like chap stick tubes of pills or pen oiler for other items


gun cleaning a multi tip screw driver a bore snake for your caliber and a tooth brush and a dental pic

a small bottle of break free oil as it is round and small

packed carefully it should fit in the stock under the kick pad an extra extractor pin and spring maybe


straws are not as good as shamwow material it will soak up and hold more water than a towel

and hold it and can use as a strainer to remove dirt and debris orange color good for a flag

also can be used as insulation under shirt in cold weather


safety glasses and a floppy hat have been listed as well as leather gloves

these are for protection from wind burn snow blindness and sun the head net will also protect form sun

as well as bugs bandannas can shield face from wind burn and dust and debris as well as use for

camouflaging noxious odors with a drop of eucalyptus oil


leather gloves are for cleaning game using knifes and hatchet to hack bone a nick can cause a serious

infection I have said to buy elk skin it is the most durable and tough for climbing and work

these new "survival" hatchets are junk a true hatchet is also a hammer or dead blow instrument


safety glasses polarized to see into water & tinted to protect eyes from airborne dirt and dust

as well as glare use some medical tape and prevents snow blindness.


in a clear plastic snap top tackle box I have a straight razor injector blade type keep some of the

above in this a steptic pencil and extra blades for razor dental pic and match bottle

red cross toothache medicine some bandaids and a small Swiss army knife and a few Q tips also a

few hair pins these are good for raking out pimples or such in the ear flicking out shotgun shot.

unpleasant but when in the scrub for long periods of time these are the hazards pimples boils or

infected bites they need to be dealt with as they can be staff related.

sometimes one kind of disinfectant may not be effective that is why these may seem redundant

it is actually alternate ways to treat and kill infection


nurse amy and Dr. bones spoke of honey for antiseptic

you should have a squeeze bottle of honey with peanut butter and crackers as well as other camp food

pvc pipe will protect crackers from breakage and has alternate uses


A back pack should have pockets or gusset pouches so you can arrange your pack for quick finding

of items or else just get a duffle bag and dump it all in and look all day for an item.

I use cigar tubes plastic and tackle box plastic snap boxes as well as fishing worm binders with

clear pouches and pvc pipe tubes with rubber pressure test caps and hose clamps to seal

a regular glued cap for bottom this is also flotation if you go in the water

also plastic snap cigarette boxes to organize and protect from things getting tangled or mixed up

on every zipper pull i use a key ring and a carabiners and hang my stainless steel water bottles off of

a pocket hammock and a 6x8 tarp and a walmart folding nylon camp chair can be hung in air

or in wet weather keeps your ass off the ground the tarp can be used as a hammock or tent

ground sheet or litter used with poles or shade lean too


clothing fist set denim long pants tee shirt long tube socks and a lined wind breaker jacket w/hood

floppy hat and leather gloves a milspec belt boxer shorts ankle high sneakers or lace up boots

2nd set thin cargo pants with zip off legs a long sleeve flannel shirt long tube socks hood /cap

extra tee shirt long sleeve and another milspec belt and leather gloves and a pair of kung fu slippers

which can be used as knee pads as well as alternate shoes and a poncho and boxer shorts

in desert and winter all this can be worn at once to keep warm and a space blanket tucked between

or worn as weather changes hot in day and cool at night

first I do not care for boxer shorts but they can be worn like shorts or all of this above can be worn

at once in cold and or wet weather


I like to have a waist belt with 2 triple AR mag pouches a holster and knife with hard sheath and a butt

pack with redundant medical and fire starting gear and some packets of peanut butter and honey

and some cheese crackers and peppermint candies in clear drill /cutting tube with caps can be cut

to length extra head net and emergency blanket and bandanna and billfold items signal mirror credit

card tool w/ compass magnifier and some snare wire paracord and anything else I can cram in it

and a military canteen with cup cooker ring and water tabs small amount of fishing tackle

if separated from my bag at least I have a pistol ammo food fire starter and first aid and leather gloves

a large knife and a Swiss army champ and 600 rounds of 22lr and a couple of extra mags.


I also like a Chinese chest pouch holds lots of items and is not in the way of belt or back pack.


even in the desert fishing gear can be used as a snare I carry only a couple sizes of treble hooks and

long shank perch hooks some swivels and split shot weights in a medicine bottle a can of cheese spam

is OK to eat but a better fish bait and a small spool of 20 pound test line and some fly line leader

about 6 pound I also like to have a three prong frog gig and a couple of duke long spring traps.


this arrangement takes into account "do not keep all your eggs in one basket"

weather is a temperamental mistress

comfort is not alien to survival and double duty and double up improve survival

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It sounds a bit silly at first blush, but I think it's worth the tiny amount of weight/space. A stamped envelope! What *else* are we supposed to do with our waterproof paper and spacey pens?!?


If phones don't work, and I don't expect them to, how else am I going to get word to my mom in another state?!?


It works for me anyway :)



edit: I'm skeptical of the solar panels. I've read a bunch of reviews on them and the cheap ones don't have a good reputation.


edit: good call on the hat. I was going to put one in my BOB but didn't think about my get home bag. . I'm going to clip one on there right now, just in case.


funny y'all mention water. my friend was talking to an army guy about what to do if your canteen is sloshing water. he said drink it. my friend said what about rationing your water? he said he'd seen a guy do that and collapse, with water in his canteen.


I don't have any answers, except to say that water is a priority in my bob stuff.


Anybody else bring superglue for cuts?


collapsable bucket for showers, dishes, filtering, anything. It's impossible to fill up a water bottle with a small opening from a puddle or stream


I'm surprised nobody much else has a radio. How are you gonna know what's going on and where to avoid?!? I got shortwave, too, just in case. I just got this super compact grundig anybody has space for


a very small bivy(aka tinfoil sleeping bag) so you can look like a baked potato at night :) expensive, but supposedly infinitely better than a space blanket. they've got lots of variations, and they strech unlike $2 spacey blankets.


I can't remember how to tie knots, so I'm including these knot cards,

kinda flashcards for knots!


I thought everybody had quickclot but evidentally not. It's supposed to stop bleeding f a s t .


I'm using a safety pin to attach a non metallic handcuff key to the back waist of my pants, with this ceramic razor for cutting plastic cuffs. Plus the safety pin might just do the trick. I'll have to put a straight pin back there to to try to undo the flex cuffs I anticipate being used.


paper towels, just add water


emergency bath towl hockey puck size


bug repellant in a lotion


water and sand proof dry bags military approved ziplock bags, basically, ultra heavy duty


keychain leatherman for $25


personal paranoia, weighs 1.3 pds, klein fencing tool for when you have to get somewhere in a hurry.


I'll probably regret hving these in the pack, but then I've been in areas of LA that I'd really want to have these, in a riot type situation of course.


last but not least , pepper spray! this is a 'fog' style that gives you more dispertion at the expense of distance. I think it's well worth it. I believe in CA or LA you can only have a max size of 2.5 oz, check your local laws. this is 2.0 oz


I think it's absolutely a must have for many situations. it gets molle'd to my pack for quick acccess!


Oh and I got good wool blend hiking socks and scissors. They're just handy, alright, don't ask me why I need them! ;-)

Edited by socalocalypse

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on your pepper spray get a sheet of vinyl and print a copy of hand / disposable fire extinguisher label and stick it on

no one will even bother with it kinda like a beer with a coke wrapper on it wake up before you hit the

wall LOL


a good radio is a Kaito look them up have numerous ways to power and 5 bands a led light

I have 1 and it works great have had it 3 years now want the newest one get it later.


one of these 26,5MM flare pistols with a ALUMINUM 12 gauge insert I used a break cylinder hone to

bore it out to 12 all the way through as the new flares are stepped.

but do not use a 12 gauge shotgun shell it will break your wrist BUT you can make other very low

velocity pepper and colored powder and flash shells also you can get other caliber inserts but

this makes it a gun and must be registered or its a major felony not worth it.

but is perfectly legal to own as a signaling or pepper defense tool


I abide by the laws and I do not and will not break a law which so far I can live with them

unless TEOTWAWKI occurs I see no need to make the world a more dangerous or stupid place

and even if it happens I would rather try to the voice of reason and I advise all who read these

threads do do the same there is no worse advertisement than a nut making dangerous items

or joining fringe groups or extreme religious or hate groups.


I am not God and no one has a choice what color or country they are from or original religious group

and as long as they act as civil reasonable human beings then its live and let live.


and everyone has the right to make an ass out of themselves we do not have to make a

federal case out of it, and if they are apologetic we need to forget and move on..

and if I want a nativity in my yard and they want nothing I am fine with it I have a few friends of all

religious groups and colors and ethnic backgrounds I Avoid any who hate.

hate is a wasted emotion and leads to your own destruction hell I do not like fighting or war

I don't like it and go to the limit to not harm anyone although I am very capable and extremely

experienced I would just as soon go to my grave without any more violence in my life

all that being said if I have no other choice I will defend myself and my community and country.

but like when I hunt and fish I take what I need and my friends thinks its funny how i will try like hell

not to run over any animal but if they are killing my animals it's on, I do not know why myself

I just figure that's the way it ought to be.

I like the rules GOD gave us" love one another as yourself "and "do unto others as you would have them

do unto you" and the ten commandments are fine as gold

and just to let you who are unfamiliar thou shalt not kill {kill means murder} it does not mean you

cannot defend yourself or nation but our leaders need to temper their reaction to the situation better..

common sense is a good thing.

I am still learning and try to be a better person each day some times I fall flat on my face I have

still got that old guy in there I try to overcome it daily, and hope all of us try to do the same.

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P 38..on my key chain..never leave home with out it,and a small multi tool..

Ok I got one.....TOOTH Picks. its a fork,start fire,use in booby trap(sorry)and get something stuck in your tooth and you wish you had one..just saying ...

I have a bag of cotton balls, roll in vasoline makes great tinder,duct tape. i have quick clot, a kit to stitch someone, some antibiotics, plenty of salt, collidal silver, and a small copy of the BIBLE,and many items mentioned in previous posts. Edited by Old man Tucker
Wanted to add a few things. Thanks"

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Not that they take up any space any how, but for cotton balls I have my pill bottles jammed with the suckers so they don't rattle around. I've got a small vaseline jar with my toiletries to put on cuts and use with the cotton balls.


One of my other methods of fire is to break open a .22 cartridge and use the powder. I've never tried before but I reckon it'll do something.

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Socalocalypse reminded me I forgot to mention this. I use old pill bottles to store tons of items in ky BOB, various size nails, fishing equipment, matches, and lint. I put lint from my dryer lint trap into pill bottles every time I empty it. A magnesium fire starter and lint is perfect for starting a fire. It catches quickly and it only takes a very small amount.

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I have never had one of those chain saw because everytime I have ever seen one used it always fails. I'm sure there is one out there that is probably a very good one but I don't think I want to wast my time or money on one. I don't feel there is anything one of those things can do that I can't do with a hatchet

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the best saw IMHO is a machete with back saw


here is a link


or United Edge® Colombian Sawback Survival Machete


also a Swiss army champ look for them on ebay save you some money.


a good belt knife is a marine corps type

here is a link




the champ list of features as follows

every piece is mandatory for survival tweezers are almost as important as medical kit as a impaled

object can turn septic and endanger life and limb the sooner to extract and treat the better off

you are



Large Blade

Small Blade

Can Opener with Small Screwdriver

Bottle Opener with Large Screwdriver and Wire Stripper


Pliers with Wire Cutter

Wood Saw

Fish Scaler with Hook Disgorger and Ruler

Metal Saw with Metal File and Nail File

Magnifying Glass

Reamer with Sewing Eye

Phillips Screwdriver



Wood Chisel

Fine Screwdriver

Mini Screwdriver

Ball Point Pen

Straight Pin



Key Ring

Length (Closed): 3.5 inches


knifes are the most useful of all survival tools and I have stated at length

a belt BAT belt with assortment of gear so if you have to dump or loose your BOB

you can still survive a stainless water bottle a carabiner to attach it and a butt pack

and a m16 mag pouch will hold enough gear to keep going add a pistol and your

your so far ahead.


here is a good belt pack BAT belt

large marine corps knife

Swiss army champ

200 rounds of 22

pistiol ruger single six or a MKIII or s&w 22a

medications travel size and water treatment tabs

small first aid kit w/ antibiotic ointment

head net

leather gloves

a SOS or similar emergency food bar

a couple of carabiners

stainless steel water bottle filled


poncho wind or small tarp one of these tied to butt pack tee shirt and socks in individual zip lock bags

emergency blanket or sleeping bag

metalmatch or magnesium fire starter & tinder



some fishing acc line and snare wire

Edited by juzcallmesnake

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Another option to think about... Instead of toilet paper would be a sponge in a heavy zip-lock freezer bag. The sponge could be used over and over again after being rinsed and wrung out. A second sponge in a diffrent color could be used to pickup water from shallow puddles to refill a water bottle.


Man with some of the messes I make I would need a whole lotta sponges. lol

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I have been contemplating bobby pins (not for picking locks ala Fallout) but rather as binders, or improvised fish hooks, or trap triggers. They are small, and can come in handy. I used them once inlew of pins to hold some cloth together for sewing, and if you are forced to grow your hair out (because unlike me you dont have hand clippers) then you can use them to control your hair. Hygiene is pretty damned important (I should have remembered my hygiene kit for my BOB, I cant remember off hand if I included it) and I definitely agree with the straight razor. I have one, and it takes up almost ZERO space. The strop is another matter altogether, but even that isn't much. I was also thinking trip wire of some sort (maybe black steel wire, or high strength fishing line) for traps and snares for small game. Spare parts for weapons is clutch as well (I did mention the ones in the pistol grip of my rifle in my BOB listing). If you have never seen one, the small plastic tubes that military pop ups come in are awesome for carrying weapons cleaning gear, spare bulbs, batteries, etc, as they have a screw top with a rubber gasket. But with weapons maintenance, maybe laminated dis/ass cards for your weapon, that show how to take it down to just parts. i can't do major things like barrel swaps in the field, but with a punch set, and a small hammer (like a rock hammer for instance) i could change out trigger groups, and gas tubes. Tools for weapons maintenance as well? But with all that, where do you store the parts, and what parts do you prioritize? I would think smaller parts that are more prone to breaking like mentioned earlier. But what about other less thought of parts (rear take down pin detent pin, I lost one, and my rifle was breaking open on its own. You never felt so stupid as when you were keeping your rifle together with electrical tape, but i definitely learned my lesson on messin with AR's;)) Maybe a flat head screw driver, for things like clearing the top of your canteen of ice when it is starting to freeze, or prying open that can of whateveritisyouwantthatisinthere. I like this thread alot, I now have a file of little things i should include in the BOB from it. keep it coming, sorry for using so much page space. ;)

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clothes pins = they make a great timer switch too, oops might have let a cat out of the bag


your nuts roasting on an napalm fire la la lala la la la....


sponges well they are not as good as a euro high absorbency towels and it can be used as a towel as

insulation for inside your shirt filter dirt out of air or drinking water, head cover signaling flag ect.

here is where tech does more than just one thing and does it well when considering any item it has to pack

well or roll tight.


sponges weather natural or man made harbor bacteria inert material only takes a few drops of bleach

in some water rinse and it is clean use no soap on these high absorbency towels.


I use thin wall PVC and pressure test caps this makes what is inside water proof / resistant

also organizes everything so you are not digging all night for one item.

also if you are to fall into a body of water or need to ford a body of water your BOB is technically a

flotation device if you are caught in a down pour your not carrying water soaked gear and nothing

dry to wear in desert conditions you can use them for extra water containers and using your whistle

in one as a megaphone push sound father and many other uses.

depending on your back pack design the PVC can be stacked or upright and sized to your needs


Food, freeze dried SOS bars candy and peanut butter in one crackers and tube chips

First aid, kit medications bandages cold packs heat packs ace bandage duct tape

clothing, socks pants tee shirt cap scarf shoes KUNG FU slip on's opposite of weight of what

your wearing or an enhancement to if weather is up and down clothing for this scenario

if hot and cool consider 2nd set of clothing or extreme cold match for this

protection, a poncho a tarp 6mil clear mild to warm weather or black for cold weather heavy plastic sheet

paracord and mosquito netting.

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I haven't seen chapstick on here and I always keep a few sticks in my bag. For one they way nothing, two they are petroleum based so absolutely excellent fire starter I know this for a fact burns for a decent time. (smoosh a little bit into your tinder ball). Keep a bow string waxed with it, grease things down with it. And it keeps your pucker pleasant. Lol but if you had to go a few days in the searing heat or blistering cold it's worth it's weight in gold.

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I haven't seen chapstick on here and I always keep a few sticks in my bag. For one they way nothing, two they are petroleum based so absolutely excellent fire starter I know this for a fact burns for a decent time. (smoosh a little bit into your tinder ball). Keep a bow string waxed with it, grease things down with it. And it keeps your pucker pleasant. Lol but if you had to go a few days in the searing heat or blistering cold it's worth it's weight in gold.


Yup. First thing i thought of.

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Well what about a slingshot. I have one in my bag w/ an extra rubber sling. They don't weight enough to make or break you. I have alot of emphasis on the gathering providing food in my bag. But when the ammo runs out unless you can run faster than your prey your gonna get hungry quick. If you can find a rock you got ammunition. Plus generally the rubber straps are hollow so you have a make shift straw. Which was a good idea by another poster. By the way all you guys have great ideas. Merry Christmas preppers.

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I have a BOB or GHB either or same to me in all my vehicles

my cleaning kit is a bore snake, toothbrush and dental pic screwdrivers tips are in my multitool

rifles have them in the butt stock or a butt stock pouch with the gun all my unused side arms are on belts

in holsters with mag pouches cleaning equipment and drop bags and a butt pack.

hard kits make noise so i minimize them.


sleeping gear is a small tarp and space blanket net is mosquito net and a head net.


I do not carry string only 100 foot of paracord it can be stripped into strands

and my knifes ave some and compass and it is also used as tie downs

I do not have room for twine etc


no pen use a carpenters pencil can be used to the nub and graphite as a lube


no nails I can scavenge them and there is enough barbed wire in Texas to reach the moon


gloves elk skin and they can be cleaned and our tough as nails.


I keep a puck of pool bleach I can chip from and use for cleaning and water treatment etc

when my water tabs run out.


food well I always keep ketchup and peanut butter honey and crackers in the glove box and a bag of

hard candy and in my BOB I have a 3600 calorie mainstay bar or SOS depends on the vehicle

a gallon of water and some bottled water as well as my quart stainless steel bottles I have 2 for

each BOB and a canteen with SS cup, cooker stand and cover. hangs on my BAT BELT.


I have come to the conclusion that an incident at the house may mean I have to go an opposite being

direction and loose what ever at home that is what survival is all about being ready to do what is needed

to keep going.


I change the water every time I shop the one from the week before goes in the fridge and next week

change another vehicle.


if you do not own a euro sealer get one try it it seals lots of things , bags

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Lou, I advocate a slingshot as well. I even took mine to Iraq.


Rick, I guess I don't think about the tent over the 2 ponchos I carry. I do have the bivy tube tent. I think it weighs 2 pounds and I got it from cheaperthandirt or sportsmanguide. I wouldn't trust it to be long lasting with constant use tho. I've thought about getting a good back packing dome tent since I have the family.

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